Sunday, February 5, 2012

Art and golf

 Yesterday we went to an art exhibit at the High Museum of Art called "The Art of Golf" which was way more interesting than the title might lead you to believe.  The exhibit started with paintings from the 1600s that showed people playing Kolf - a Dutch game played on ice skates with a club and ball that looked about the size of a tennis ball!  Lot of works related to Scotland and especially St. Andrews including the photo above and this painting of the early course.  We visited St. Andrews once which made seeing these art pieces even more interesting.
Then there was Andy Warhol's work of Jack Nicklaus  and a variety of cartoons some of which were laugh out loud funny.  I didn't expect to enjoy the exhibit so much but it was great.

Now I doubt I'll say the same thing about the Super Bowl.  Every year I think about having a party for Super Bowl Sunday but I don't even like watching professional football.  So I'll probably wander off and do something else like the free Bach Bowl! at Emory just a couple of miles away.

How are you spending this day?

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