Friday, July 1, 2022

And June is done

Let’s start with all the good stuff -

1. Our son made the train reservation for our granddaughter and he to come to visit. A pick up in Santa Barbara but that is easy. Our other son and DIL are driving north at the right time to take him home and visit for a couple of days. Hubby will fly granddaughter home and stay a bit for a visit. Just need to make that plane reservation.

2. Pup is learning our routines and house rules pretty well and we are learning his. All good. We left him in his crate for almost an hour and went out for ice cream. He was relaxed when we got home which bodes well for our future!

3. We are eating well at home, the weather has been lovely if way too little rain, the window and screen cleaning is done, etc.

4. My summer outfits capsule is fine tuned and working well while being quite simple to manage.

5. I started back on my Pilates exercises once pup had settled in a bit.

6. have enjoyed many books.

7. I feel confident in our new dentist which is good as I am in the process of getting two crowns done.

8 I think our other son and DIL will be staying with us a bit in July and/ or August. Always a true pleasure.

9. Blood test with my recent physical showed my cholesterol level improved and everything else fine. I have also finally dropped a couple of my Covid extra pounds.

10. Signed up pup for "Basic Skills & Manners" group class starting July 30th.

And then there are the things that haven’t gotten done -

1. Get info to set date for Hubby to start social security which will not cause a gap in his Medicare coverage. He has been paying quarterly.

2. Get another credit card with my name primary.

3. Find a source of replacement dishwasher racks or another way to repair deterioration of tines.

4. Need a to do list and an intense bout of working on club business and motivating some others to do the same.

5. Get permanent crowns on both teeth once they are finally the right color.

6. Have more fun!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

A dog named Coco and Covid in the family


Its been quite a week here at the new puppy ruled home. He ended up with the name Coco courtesy of our granddaughter's suggestion and it works well. Now to see him realized he needs to respond to it! 

Housebreaking right now consists of us being on schedule and on alert but he'll get there. We also got gates so we can keep him in the kitchen with us when cooking which is helping. Still to lean is staying calmly in a crate during the day so we can both leave although he is sleeping in it without complaint all night.  

He's discovered his tail and works hard to get it in his mouth and then lays down holding it. Very funny when he then tries to move and can't figure out the problem. Right now he's working hard on an indestructible chew toy while laying on my yoga mat. 

He's not afraid of much just the fire hydrant down the street so far and less so each day. He is barking at his reflection but that will pass. He does love people and is bringing entertainment and puppy greetings to our neighbors

We wanted more going on in our lives and so we have lined up in the next 10 days a private dog training session, a vet visit and going to the groomer for the first time. Hmmm - not quite the excitement I was dreaming of lol.

On a less happy note, my younger son and DIL both have finally caught Covid although so far our granddaughter hasn't got it for a second time. At least she is old enough to fix herself snacks and help with the pets. They all are vaccinated to the max so hopefully it won't become too terrible.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Look what we did! A puppy joins the family.


We brought home a 4 month old Cavapoo puppy!

He is a mini-poodle & Cavalier spaniel mix. We think we will call him JJ. We'll see if it suits him.

We are exhausted already lol. I'm anticipating a difficult night but he has been a very good boy so far and very friendly. Not freaked out about anything.

He has never been on a leash before but we have managed about 8 walks with him doing ok. And 2 accidents in the house but it is early days yet with lots of change today in his life.

He is so cute and funny and won't be a puppy forever. Anticipating he will be about 22 pounds when full grown. We are going to sign up for puppy school that starts July 9th and try to get some basic training in before then. 


Clarifying the dog availability situation

Thanks for the comments about the care our county provides stray/lost/surrendered animals. It is amazing and the animals diverse. In addition, when there are serious wildfires they set up a shelter at the county fairgrounds (right by the ocean) for all evacuated animals from horses and goats to chickens and more.

There are dogs available for adoption right now - they just don't fit us at this time although there is still one we would like if he recovers from parvo and is back to being available.

Our last lovely dog was a 1 1/2 year old mini-poodle who was traumatized from abuse when we got her. She turned into a happy, well adjusted dog but it was a lot of work. She developed Addison's disease at 3 1/2 and we were able to keep her healthy by managing that disease for the next 9 years until kidney disease did her in. We were happy to do all that, but not wanting to start that way again.

Secondly, we want a companion dog that is between 10 and 25 pounds full grown. We do not want a very elderly dog as our loss is too recent. The shelter has lots of little dogs available that don't fit what we want (chihuahuas and terriers) and lots of big or harder too manage dogs (pit bulls, shepherds, lab mixes, dobermans) plus a few elderly or chronically ill dogs. The types we want go very quickly and don't show up often.

I have found a close by business that focuses on cavapoo and goldendoodle puppies of various sizes and reached out to them yesterday. Hoping to hear back today. They presently have two 4 month old cavapoos of different sizes who didn't find homes quickly for a now fixed health problem in one case and an underbite in the other case. Four months is easier than 8 weeks for a puppy! If that doesn't work out we will look at the new puppies and find one to reserve.

Crossing fingers and hoping we are making a good decision!

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Summer is here - June 1-11

Historically June is a gloomy foggy month in coastal S. California, but we seem to have had that in much of May, otherwise known as May Gray. June started by feeling like summer and so far just a few June Gloom days interspersed so far.

New season, new beginnings.

1) We are trying to adopt a dog from the shelter and have struck out on 2 and based on discussion with the staff are waiting for 2 to become available. You have to sign up for them online and be the first person to do so once they are adoptable. I'm sure it will work out eventually and have come to really respect how the county has built and staffed the no kill shelter. The animals are really taken care of well and great effort made to place them in a good situation for their particular temperament and needs if they can't get back to their family. I knew they had dogs, cats and rabbits galore but they also have everything from birds to chinchillas to turtles and more.

2) I actually made a menu plan of sorts given all the food we were gifted including bits and bobs of things. Then our neighbors begged us to take some frozen dinners. They will be emergency back up as they aren't our preferred type of food, but serve that purpose well.

We finished the gifted crackers and made a big dent in the coffee beans. I might have finished the chocolate too! I did throw out a few things we decided we wouldn't eat.

These are recent meals using gifted or silent auction foods (underlined). I also made cranberry pumpkin pecan muffins.

* roast turkey slices, sweet potato, Waldorf salad

* beef tostados with avocado

* tilapia, coleslaw, garlic bread - twice

* pork chop, summer squash, beans

We also had -

* stir fry tofu and vegetables over rice

* green lentil, tomato and carrot soup with green salad (lots went into the freezer)

* "doctored up" frozen pizza

* turkey burgers, sauteed onions & mushrooms, coleslaw, cantaloupe

3) We finished cleaning more than half our windows, shutters & screens and all ceiling fans. Woo hoo!

4) I decided to take a different approach to my Summer capsule wardrobe after buying 2 dresses and . I don't mind wearing outfits on repeat so I imagined 18 outfits that suit my current lifestyle and expected weather variations over the summer months. I've worn 6 that I like so far - 5 that are suitable for being out & about; 1 for at home/taking a walk - and tried 3 that I won't repeat. It is getting warmer so others will come into play soon.

5) I resumed monthly donations to causes I want to support : this month it’s public radio/tv and the county food bank as well as our granddaughter’s college fund.

6) Working with 2 others the club office and storage rooms were vastly decluttering and rearranged after sitting idle for over two years. We ended up tossing lots of things and wondering why things were kept for decades or at all.

7) I began the work to get a crown with another one to go after this is done. Old teeth, old prior dental work - so it goes. My goal is to keep all my teeth all my life even if they have major work done lol.