Saturday, July 14, 2018

So when you lock yourself out of the house ...

And didn't even take your cell phone with you, the dog is inside in her crate, and your Hubby won't be home for 6+ hours you think but you live in a 55+ community, you walk over to a neighbors and call security as a first step.

They bring a set of master keys which you never got around to having checked against the locks on your doors even though you have lived here over a year. Nope, none of them work - add changing locks to the to do list.

He asks if any windows might be unlocked. Yup, perhaps one but you weren't able to get the screen off and there is a glass topped desk right under the window.

Under 30 years old & physically fit security guy easily pops off the screen, opens the window, assesses how to avoid breaking the desk and then stops and sighs saying "I'm not as young as I used to be!" before pulling himself up and over the window. He easily steps over the desk onto the chair, unlocks the door and problem solved.

We always had a hidden key in Atlanta but hadn't gotten around to it here now. Short term solution before changing locks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Raptor program last night

The 2 cutest guests!

July Shopping Plans

Its a bit late to pull my thoughts together on this but now that I have found a dress and wrap for my son's September wedding I am thinking about what else I want to buy in July.

It always comes back to shoes that are comfortable and now that we have had a heat wave I'm also taking a look at hot weather clothing. I am waiting hopefully for a dress I ordered and need to see if there are any shorts still in the stores.

I've ordered and returned sandals. Shoes/sandals that might work for the wedding and other times are on order right now.

Has anyone utilized the fitting skills of The Walking Company staff? After getting some diagnoses from the podiatrist I am going to embark on further shoe research.

Wish me luck and tell me what you are planning to shop for this month!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The search is over - for the Mother of the Groom dress that is

So when your 47 year old son is marrying his sweetie of 20 years by throwing a big outdoor party (an "I Do BBQ") in hot weather what do you wear? I have been on the hunt and finally found this at Macy's 4th of July sale and I'm done! Well except for shoes and a tiny bag lol.

I think I could even toddler granddaughter wrangle in this if they bring her and certainly wear it on other occasions.

Edited to add that then I found the perfect pashmina at the local consignment store!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

And June was ... better than I remembered offhand!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about what happened in June is that all of us here were sick including my FIL and dog!

Of course I visited my granddaughter, son & DIL for a weekend (19 month olds are so fun!), read a lot and tried 4 new things plus saw a friend's new home.

I had lunch with a new friend, did a thrift shop tour and lunch with 2 other new ones, started attending a book discussion group associated with the women's club I just joined, and went to an evening program on state legislation in the pipeline directly affecting women put on by the same club. The book discussion group is one where we each talk about what we have read since the last meeting but no assigned reading. We also had lunch at a friend's new house although they haven't moved in yet they wanted my FIL to see it and his health is keeping him from getting out and about at times now. He was able to go and enjoyed himself.

In June I read A Murder of Magpies by Judith Flanders (a good beach read), Murder in July by Barbara Hambly which was a good historical recreation of 1830 Paris and later 1830's New Orleans but not so great plot wise. I loved Larie King's latest Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes book (Island of the Mad) and decided to reread the entire series in order.

I also read Edison and the Rise of Innovation by Leonard DeGraaf which came from Bill Gates recommended reading list for summer and was interesting but not gripping! Quite different was Everything Happens for a Reason by Kate Bowler who talks about how "prosperity gospel" believers approach health and death issues as she deals with her own illness and rejects that approach. It took me back to my Mom's anger and distress over some of the things people said to her when she battled cancer 30 years ago.

There were other books started and not finished, a couple of not worth mentioning cozy mysteries and lots stacked on the table waiting to be read.

I'm back to joining in on Sentence a Day in July but this is my June summary instead.

Monday, July 2, 2018


Well, we know its not optional in most situations and ever for many of us but I do wonder why so much advertising, media time and my own thought process gets devoted to it? And I know for sure its not just a woman thing although perhaps more of us think about it and our appearance then do men. There are men who do though and I truly think that wanting to be perceived positively on first glance is not a gender thing although the willingness to spend time on it may be primarily a one gender thing due to all of the societal and parental conditioning women face from toddler hood forward to look "nice". Not going to spend time searching for data to support this opinion so take it for what it is - my opinion right now.

Now that I have free time again (no job, no children to raise, no large yard to maintain lol) I feel like I have reverted back to my teen years in terms of my thinking about clothing and wardrobe issues. This time I am trying to have more fun with it though and treat it somewhat as a problem to be solved crossed with a "decorating" color challenge while still being environmentally and financially conscious. Whew!

I signed up for the Fashion Revolution "Who Made My Clothes? course by FutureLearn to remind myself about the issues with manufacturing, materials and consumption. Week 1 was interesting but not anything really new. I know myself well enough to realize that I'm not going to buy simply based on country of origin of materials and manufacturing, brand or other issues like those. I don't really buy that much and wear my clothing a long time so am not part of the fast fashion industry at least.

I went on a thrift shop scouting adventure in Ventura with 2 new friends and have 2 new shops to go to along with the consignment shop here in town. I also just learned of another one in Oxnard which I will check out. The benefits of thrift shopping for me is that I am not contributing to the churn and full price/sales price cycle of stores, I can try styles and colors with little investment, and if the garment has been washed I'm fairly certain it won't shrink.

I like the idea of upcycling and have taken on blouse I purchased from the consignment store and remade it into one I like wearing. I have discovered that I am not very interested in getting back into sewing what with the fitting and fabric issues but may take a sewing class at the Oxnard Adult School to learn more about working with knit fabrics so I can do alterations more easily.

Having just seen the lovely cocktail dress a friend in Ohio got from Rent the Runway (I have decided to use that service for a dress for my son's wedding in September. Interestingly they have you pick 2 sizes in the same dress and a 3rd back up dress to order. I'll also have something as back up from my own closet just in case. No more buy an expensive dress for a single occasion hopefully.

Project 333 still appeals to me in an expanded version that fits our long, similar weather situation as we really only have 2 seasons here with occasional forays into hotter or colder weather as we travel further inland or up to the Bay Area. I'm creating my June-October capsule by seeing what I wear rather than picking them out at the front end and then will try to decide about the items that are languishing unworn or rarely worn.

And last but not least, I am still actively involved in Imogen Lamport's 7 Steps to Style program through its active, international Facebook group which is full of lovely and supportive women. Groups have even met IRL in various parts of the globe including my having met some of the participants here in S. Cal. The value of her program for me started with knowing what colors now work to make me shine with my graying hair and softening skin but extend to fit, style, etc. It has turned into a fun hobby and I am much happy knowing I can pull together an outfit each day that is right for me and also spend my money on what suits me. The group give great inspiration and feedback too.

Not a hobby I thought I'd get into at 68!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Looking Forward - July on the Horizon

Whew, June is at an end and I'm hoping for a healthier July all around. Even the dog was sick yesterday but $200 later to the vet and she is feeling better today. Must have been something she ate outside but she was dehydrated and our carpet is worse for wear lol.

The best part of June was my trip to N. Cal to see granddaughter and her parents! Such a fun age. Then we got word that their offer on a great house in Berkeley was accepted so sometime in August we will drive up and help them settle into their new home.

So tomorrow, the last day of June, we are taking my FIL and Hubby's great aunt to the house of a friend of theirs for lunch. I made brownies to take and that is all the planning going into this. We have been getting some things on the calendar for July.

We are going to the HOA 4th of July luncheon and talking about exploring the lighthouse and some other things in Oxnard. I've got a book discussion group get together, massage & haircut booked. Also a birds of prey show as the monthly Pet Club meeting. We will get some more fun things and adventures penciled in hopefully.

I'm determined to use the pool in July and make some seasonal meals using farmer's market goodies. I ordered some sandals and a casual dress for hot days so fingers crossed!

What's on your schedule for July?