Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Smiles recently

I have been thinking about what has made me smile these past few days -

- The dog stopping suddenly and staring in a bit of confusion as a rabbit sitting in a driveway. "It's not a squirrel or cat. Could it be a weird looking dog. I've seen one with giant ears. Oh, it is hopping away. Let's chase it!" Or so I imagined going through her head lol.

- Our clever (to us at least) puns and plays on words this week. We both are pretty into words.

- Finding a new olive green top to replace a fall one that isn't the best shape.

- Hubby saying how much he enjoyed our time together out to dinner Saturday night.

- Clear sky letting me see the Big Dipper and lots of other stars right from my front yard.

What is giving you smiles recently?

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Late Summer Outfit Winners

 I really like both outfits. Why? Flowers in my colors plus necklaces.

Coral is a signature color for me and it makes me happy. Completely new outfit on the left was bought with my son's September S. California wedding weekend in mind - night before pub crawl or day after brunch anyone? The dress and wrap I bought for the outdoor wedding "I Do BBQ". Gratuitous poodle photo bomb.

I don't usually go as plain as the ivory but like the print and necklace. I also really like the gifted scarf.

All of these will keep appearing until the weather cools to much and then come back out next spring.

Friday, September 7, 2018

What makes you smile?

I really like this post that Patti wrote (Midlife happiness) and she asks what makes us smile no matter where we are on the happiness curve or stage of life.

I'd like to hear what makes you smile!

Here are some of mine.

- Unexpected art - colors, style, location and more
- Hearing my toddler granddaughter talk and playing with her
- My dog's antics
- Being at the library
- Silly jokes and plays on words
- Seeing the ocean
- Hearing from friends and family
- Eating something delicious (or chocolate!)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

August in a Sentence a Day

Feeling good about how July turned out, but I started August off with a whimper. Thank goodness it got significantly better as the month proceeded!

AUGUST - the almost photo-less edition

1st - Woke up feeling yukky after being up in the middle of the night only to find out Hubby didn't feel great either and then called in sick to swim lesson and read a lot the rest of the day.

2nd - Went to swim lesson to find out I have no muscle or cognitive memory of how to coordinate arms and legs for breaststroke.

3rd - Thank goodness poodle-girl woke up feeling pretty good after having 4 teeth extracted (!) during her dental cleaning and I spent part of the morning with my women's club book discussion group followed by lunch which was great fun.

4th - Had lunch and a good long chat with my older son - just the 2 of us.

5th - Laundry, grocery shopping and dog ear cleaning done - again.

6th - Swimming lesson proved I remember how to do the side and back strokes pretty well.

7th - What a wonderful service the city provides with Dial-a -Ride ($1.50 one way for seniors) which I used to get home from swimming since Hubby had the car to take his Dad to the Dr. - like a private taxi and much less costly than Lyftt although you have to schedule 24 hours in advance.

8th - Cancelled swim lesson due to being very tired, mailed a check to son to become investors in his side business, got a haircut and went out to dinner with friends.

9th - Finished my swim lessons with a much improved ability to swim laps so now I need to get a lot of practice in to consolidate the learning and build endurance.

10th - We took lunch over to friends to check out their new home and to visit.

11th - Cleaned out the linen closet and put an old sheet set and a blanket in the donate pile but probably should donate more!

12th - Enjoyed the strawberry oat muffins made yesterday, baked a batch of soft ginger cookies to freeze for son's wedding dessert potluck (bride's request), did clothing laundry and gave dog a bath while Hubby went to Trader Joe's to buy groceries.

13th - Went lap swimming first thing in the morning, mended the tiny holes that develop in t-shirts right where they hit the belt buckle, turned a cardigan into a top by sewing the front shut so now I have a way to wear an "orphan" pair of shorts, and later wore it to the Pet Club Health Fair .

14th - A walk by the ocean and on the pier, a fish taco lunch on the pier and then strawberry balsamic gelato for dessert at a new place nearer home - perfect!

15th - Lunch with a new friend which ended up lasting 2 hours as we got to know each other better.

16th - Tried on 3 items of clothing that I ordered and none fit although I own other items by the same brand in the same size bought this same season!

17th - Lunch with the President of the Women's Club as I told her about myself so she could write a profile for the newsletter and asked her a lot of questions to get to know her better too.

18th - We planned a movie and dinner date only to find the movie sold out so settled for dinner only at a new to us Mexican restaurant.

19th - Saw "Crazy Rich Asians" this afternoon; what a romp!

20th - A meet up with another new friend for coffee and a nice long get-to-know you chat.

21st - The high today is to be 79 and then the same for 7 more days so back to normal!

22nd - I was in the pool by 7:45 am and there were already 6 other women there doing water walking for exercise and another lap swimmer showed up at 8 am but we all shared nicely although I only managed 15 minutes but that was longer than before!

23rd - Went to a meeting and decided not to be involved further as my tolerance for meetings that accomplish little is less than ever LOL.

24th - Washing day for the 2 of us: laundry, dishes, car, dog.

25th - Cleaned house, hung out, walked - just an ordinary day.

26th - Older son and DIL-to-be brought over a fudgy chocolate cake for an early birthday celebration for me and we fixed a lovely dinner at home while the dogs hung out together.

27th - Nap day.

28th - Took the dog to the vet for her monthly shot and a follow up exam post dental cleaning and teeth extraction.

29th - Pet Club board meeting today and I stayed firm in my resolve to not become the next club President.

30th - Driving north all day to go see son, DIL and granddaughter - yeah.

31st - Day care is closed but the parents still have to work so we go a full day of being grandparents on duty which was a great way to end the month!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My 69th September - Goals

I've already blown my resolution for my 69th year of becoming more fit by not eating donuts/cookies at the library cafe or drinking wine. But a happy break of a resolution it was.

I do want to get more fit after finding it hard to keep up with the 30-somethings walking speed and the up and down stairs of taking public transportation in the Bay Area. This is wedding month for my older son and a visit from my brother and SIL too so it will be busy.

So to the goals:

1. Swim at least 6 times, stretch/yoga at least 8 times, gym at least 4 times

2. Be a cheerful, sociable participant in the 3 day wedding festivities.

3. Plan some fun activities for the post-wedding visit by brother and SIL. So great that they are coming across the country for the wedding.

4. Read 4 books.

5. Start a Fall wardrobe challenge.

6. Participate in Women's Club activities of book discussion and monthly meeting as well as Pet Club raffle ticket sales and monthly meeting.

7. Do something for each close family member to show my love for them. Start by sending granddaughter some mail!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Off for a long weekend of granddaughter time!

We are heading out early this morning with the dog to drive to Berkeley to visit our son and his family at their new house. On the agenda are helping them unpack and hang a tv over the fireplace as well as babysitting our 18 month old granddaughter tomorrow as day care is closed.

Our dog will have a grand time with theirs too and fortunately the granddaughter has learned to leave dogs alone unless told she can pet them. I can hear Lola sighing with relief LOL. Last time we visited them our dog could still get out of reach by getting on a chair in a specific spot. Poor grandbaby just wanted to pet but her pets were still turning into hair grabbing then. Her dog has really short smooth fur so a poodle was so delicious to touch. She does love dogs so much. I think we will have her help feed ours and have lots of planned opportunities for supervised petting this time which will help them both have a good time.

Other plans are celebrating my 69th birthday, checking out the town just north of Berkeley to see if it might be on our list for our next move and generally having a good dose of family time.

Hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend too!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Thinking and more thinking

Hmmm, I've been thinking about why I spend so much time checking out blogs and Facebook. And what is it about frugal living blogs that fascinates me when 1) we have enough resources to loosen up and 2) I already know most of this stuff?

Then there is the need to go to the library frequently. Could it be the chocolate donuts and chocolate chip cookies at the library cafe rather than the books that make several trips a week necessary?

Why didn't I socialize more in high school and now for that matter? I did just reconnect (track down really) my best friend from middle and high school and am glad I did. But I also connected with another classmate who would have probably been happy to be my friend in the day and I would have enjoyed her a lot. Hmmm.

Then there is my fascination with color but little art work going on now. I am determined to bring more color into my wardrobe at least going forward.

We celebrated my birthday a week early at the request on the local son and DIL-to-be once they remembered that we would be at the other son's home on my birthday. They brought over a death by chocolate gluten free cake. We made dinner and had a good chat. They asked about travel plans and guess who surprised me? Hubby said he would like to visit all of the international cities listed in the paper weather report with the exception of Baghdad which is wise thing. This is a surprise because for years I have tried to get him to go to Paris and/or Amsterdam. He wants to start with the Asian cities though and I have no interest. Hmmm.

Just a slight peek into what rattles around in my head these days!