Saturday, September 7, 2019

Flu Shot? Done!

My annual reminder to get your flu shot!

Even if you aren't too concerned about getting the flu yourself, we need "herd immunity" to protect those who are too young to have one or have a health problem that makes getting a flu shot dangerous.

And remember it takes 2 weeks for your immunity to build up so please don't wait until flu season is in full bloom.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Filling in the Birthday activities

Made it! Start of a new decade. I'm looking forward to my 70's.

B - Birthday cake (chocolate of course!) made by DILs, birthday hats and balloons 

I Irish pub lunch

R - Rousing fun with the family at miniature golf

T - Taco Tuesday at the Ventura pier with a walk on the pier and boardwalk

H - Hummingbird garden art

D - Dining outside at Food Truck Thursday at Camarillo Ranch

 A - Art museum visit in Santa Paula


Y - Yes - to yoga classes regularly again and trying for 2 to 3 times a week for 3 months then evaluate

Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Miscellany: Lots of eating out

We started our weekend with dinner at a Cuban restaurant with a friend from grad school and her husband. As Hubby pointed out, she is his longest term friend that he still is in touch with. Not my oldest friend as I still am occasionally in touch with my best friend from high school and consider one of my cousins a dear friend from childhood.

Then Sunday we headed back to the same area to pick up Hubby's 91 year old aunt to go to the cemetery for the 1 year anniversary service for his uncle. The day got of to a rough start with hurt feelings that someone wasn't going to come, the graveside gathering had tears and smiles, and then our small group headed to lunch and that was a good time for her. Big announcement that she has decided to move north several states to be near her son, DIL and granddaughter. Quite an undertaking at 91 but she is spunky. Glad she can envision a new chapter in her life is still a possibility.

Monday - Crafting at women's club for sale to raise money for scholarships, lunch with a friend and then organizing of part of the club's building space. Home hot, sweaty, gritty and happy to have spent time with friends doing something useful . A good day.

We had dinner al fresco at the Camarillo Ranch's Food Truck Thursday complete with a Neil Young tribute band. I was fun to see a lot of children running around and such a wide variety of people enjoying a late summer evening on the lawn. Not to mention the food! Out of 13 food trucks we chose Middle Eastern plus a glass of wine. I really enjoyed a lamb gyro pita and Greek salad. Then we drove to Old Town Camarillo to have cones at Mr. Softy.

The photo below shows the dairy barn operations of the Camarillo Ranch which was on the site where the community where I live is now situated. From cows to the 55+ Leisure Village! The mountains behind are what burned last fall in our wildfire.

I learned Tuesday that all my family will be here for my birthday. My heart is full and I am really looking forward to being with both sons, both DILs and our granddaughter! They all get along so well and are so fun to be with. We are really fortunate. Can't wait. The dog would be excited too if she knew LOL.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Miscellany: Beach, Board Meeting & Bath Reno

A week mostly routine with dog walks, grocery runs and other chores.

We did go for tacos on the Ventura pier on Tuesday and it was a glorious day to walk by the beach and out on the pier. Poor surfing but the water was sparkling because of the wind. The tacos were great as usual and we decided it is the best taco restaurant yet in our experience. Hubby is at the window ordering for us while I am saving the seat with the best ocean view.

I went to my favorite club's board meeting and as always enjoyed the company of these interesting and kind women. One of my goals for year 70 is to find more activities such as this club that bring me companionship and joy and to reduce to the absolute minimum the things I do only out of a sense of obligation.

I started serving as an online peer facilitator for a group that I truly enjoy. While it has led to me feeling like I have friends around the world it isn't a substitute for real life friends so I am eager to find one more local group.

My little hummingbird garden art birthday gift to myself arrived and I like it.

A new toilet paper holder arrived and will work well. We are waiting on the new light fixtures for both baths so don't know yet how they will work out but one of the ones in the master bath died earlier in the week so this change is just in time. And last but certainly not least, our partial guest bathroom renovation work is now scheduled to begin October 1st!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Chugging towards my 70th

Wonder if I can come up with some activity to represent each letter in birthday - So far I only have two.

B -
I -
R -
T -
H - Hummingbird garden art
D -
A - Art museum visit
Y -

I just ordered this addition to our little patio garden as a birthday gift to myself. We see hummingbirds here a lot so it will be a fun piece to see everyday.

So let's brainstorm ideas for the rest of those letters!

B - Bistro 2088 for happy hour
I - ?
R - ?
T - Thursday Food Trucks and music at Camarillo Ranch
D - ?
Y - ?.

Got to get some more ideas that don't involve food except I just learned that there is a food and tasting tour you can go on in Ventura. I also want to go play miniature golf if the weather cooperates. Can't figure out how to make them fit!

So, as they say, enough about me and my birthday.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Best PreSchooler Magazine?

UPDATE:  I went to the library and they had a few of these. Decided Ranger Rick Jr was good for this birthday.

Still looking for ideas for future years.

Looking for ideas for a magazine subscription for my soon to be 3 year old granddaughter.

She is very interested in animals, insects, airplanes, science, and legos. Likes cooking, drawing, books, active outdoor play, going to the zoo or little farm, etc.

I've found these 3 so far:

- Ranger Rick Jr.
- National Geographic Little Kids
- High Five (Highlights preschool version)

Any experience with any of these? Other recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

Friday Miscellany - The First of my (Pre) 70th Birthday Adventures & Socializing More

I'm not sure this is a good habit - but each morning I have been checking to see if there has been an earthquake registered where I live! (Camarillo recent earthquakes). If you have never lived in an earthquake frequent area you may not know that the smaller ones aren't felt typically unless you live right where it is happening - basically right on top of it. That 7.1 in Ridgecrest earlier this year we definitely felt though! To put it all in context, Ridgecrest has had over 10,000 earthquakes this year.

Starting my Birthday adventures in advance

My birthday isn't until September 1st, but I decided I wanted to celebrate before, during and after LOL. So turning 70 is going to be celebrated by 7 adventures in our extended neighborhood!

First one was a trip to the Santa Paula art museum about 30 minutes away. It is housed in an old building that was the offices for a lemon ranch/sales operation. The docent at the art museum really chatted us up and tried to recruit us to be docents too! We followed an enjoyable time looking at art by current California artists with lunch at an Irish restaurant and pub in the same old town area. They have kept the old buildings probably dating from 1890-1900. No empty stores that we could see. We will be going back to see the Oil Museum and the county Ag Museum. We've already been to the Aviation Museum at the old airfield.

Then we drove home on a canyon road that took us through the mountains nearby. Back to the earthquake thoughts again as that is why we have mountains here!

Socializing and fun activities:

We took Hubby's 91 year old aunt out for lunch and had a wide ranging, interesting discussion. She is amazing and my older DIL and I both have said that we want to be like her when we "grow up"! She got a chuckle out of that when I told her and thought it was a great compliment. I continue to be amazed at the resilience of our over 90 family members.

Determined to put down deeper roots in our community, we invited the couple across the street over for drinks and hearty hor d'oeuvres which led to trying some new things to make for entertaining. It went well and everything we made was gobbled so now we have a potential menu for future gatherings. Since there were just the 4 of us it turned into dinner. Menu: bruschetta, sausage, melon & grapes, cheese, roasted asparagus, nuts & biscotti plus wine or pear martinis.

I went to my club's holiday crafting morning to help make items to sell at some upcoming events as part of our fundraising efforts. Had a lot of fun chatting with the other women who showed up.

The same day I helped run the Pet Club Health Fair which is always popular as the animal shelter gives free shots, microchips and licenses. Only 2 more Pet Club events and then at the end of the year my term as Treasurer is over and I'm glad!

Last but not least I am still checking off the To Do list:

- Signed up for one OLLI class for fall. I'm taking "What Should I Eat?" which looks at the evidence for different dietary choices.
- Ordered checks which will mean we finally have our current address on them LOL. Not many used these days with online payments.
- Scheduled an appointment to drop off old unusable paint although it is a month from now its on the calendar.
- Found a new dog groomer and scheduled an appointment - hope it goes well.