Saturday, January 22, 2022

A satisfying windy Saturday

 In my ongoing effort to get my life and days reset to what is was  before a 2 year pandemic and two foot surgeries plus the usual small blips in any life, I tried the 3 item priority to do list plus 3 priority routine items list today. Other than making the mistake of listing pruning as a to do when it is so windy that my sinuses and eyes would scream at me if I spent the time outside, it was a productive day and it is only 1:20.

My 2 reasonable priority to dos were to exercise and to do some long neglected occasional cleaning tasks in the kitchen (clean oven door and drawer, stove fan filters, and microwave and oil the cutting board). DONE ✅ 

Routine priorities were laundry and remake bed, dog ear cleaning and make oat muffins. DONE ✅ 

Now to sit and watch some YouTube videos and/or read while trying an oat muffin with my DILs homemade jam and a cup of coffee 😊

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thankful Thursday week 3 - beach before the tsunami

 As usual we are having weird winter weather here if weird can be usual. Highs in the 70s, days of wind and the accompanying sinus headaches, but Saturday was the first time I ever saw a tsunami warning posted due to a large volcanic eruption in Tonga. It is for the West coast states Saturday morning but I read one specifically for the Ventura county coast and adjoining  areas. Which leads me to my first thing I am thankful for which is living near the ocean but not that near!

1. I’m very thankful to have the Pacific coast just a 20 minute drive away. 

Friday morning I said “how about going to the Ventura pier?” and hubby, who knew I meant for lunch and a walk, said sure. We headed out right before lunch and had delicious tacos at the take out restaurant on the pier before taking a short walk. My foot was bothering me and it was pretty windy so we didn’t go far out the pier which is very uneven walking.

 I saw a sign indicating the first pier was built 150 years ago when it was a shipping location for farmers. The main crop “exported” up the California coast is reported to have been Lima beans. Go figure.

What we did do is walk down to where various types of bicycles are rented to use on the paved  coastal path and saw one called the surrey that will hold two adults and a child. Perfect for this summer’s granddaughter visit. Good swings and of course sand and ocean plus tacos for a beach visit one day.

2. Comfort food made for dinner Saturday night as I had a day of not feeling well. 

3. Make do and mend Sunday just sort of happened. Made veggie stock out of frozen veggie peels and bits. Added the last of a carton of chicken stock and froze the whole for soup later. Figured out what I didn’t like about a tunic T-shirt that was too good to toss and too worn to donate and then fixed it. Thankful for these skills learned as a child at home and in 4-H.

4. Finally waking up with enough energy to want to expend some. Started Monday by mopping my office floor at 6:30 in the morning lol.

5. I had to cancel the next treatment on my right eye because of a nagging occasional cough. You have to hold really still with your head strapped to the machine as a micro pulse laser hits the target cells. I’ll wait a week or so and reschedule. Very thankful to have this state of the art treatment available.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Monday Musings Week 3 - Something to look forward to

 I remember those days of trying to ensure childcare during the summer and school breaks. It seems that the date for having to lock things in has moved up to January with the shortage of childcare. 

Lucky us though. We were asked if we would like our granddaughter to spend a week or perhaps more with us this coming summer. I’m all in for that! Right now it seems we are booked in for early August.

We are starting to think of things that we might be able to do with her and how to stock up on at home activities too. No age appropriate toy closet here as they haven’t been able to visit for at least two years although we have gone there.

Something to look forward to is one of the critical elements of happiness and now we have a big one.

On a less cheery note, I reconnected with an old friend this week via phone instead of just email and learned the details of the challenges she is facing. Her husband is starting to have signs of dementia due to an inoperable brain tumor and she is faced with the clear need for more back surgery. Her sister has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and a brain tumor. Yet she is still making plans for hoped for travel and preparing to move to a continuing care campus. Something to look forward to can brighten even quite challenging times in our lives.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thankful Thursday week 2 of 2022

This past week I was thankful for -

- The fact that although the grocery story shopped at by Hubby had no chicken breasts they did have chicken thighs. I typically don't like them but I tried making chicken cacciatore with them and it was delicious. Thankful for food to buy and the ease of finding recipes to try.

- Our city sponsored an e-waste recycling event that was free although a $5 donation was requested (happy to do so) which enabled me to finally get rid of our old cell phones.

-  Jazz playing in the early morning courtesy of my Christmas gift of a wireless speaker and KJazz streaming live from Long Beach.

- Watching the second season of All Things Great and Beautiful for free on PBS streaming and having the time to binge watch.

- Our electrician being understanding when I cancelled our appointment for optional work because of the pandemic infection numbers. I know they are vaccinated but I really don't want to take a change when it is so out of control. Will reschedule when the infection rate drops.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday Musings Week 2 - Where does all this stuff come from? More importantly, why is it still here?

Wow, I looked in the closet that I need declutter and clean out and wonder why after almost 5 years in this house are we holding on to all of this stuff! Part of the challenge is that Hubby can't let go of any hobby items even if they aren't used for 20+ years. Ya never know ...

So half the closet will be devoted to his hobby history and some to storing the suitcases and an air bed. I'll have to see what is left that I can remove.

This has led me to wonder if I can declutter 2000 non-consumable items from our home this year and personally bring in fewer than 22. Hmmm.

I also read last year about the idea of visual clutter bothering some people and for sure it does me. So I’ve been putting things behind closed doors to decide about later. It also makes cleaning a bit easier and there is always a lot of dust here probably due to the farming not very far away.

The concept of resetting your home also appeals to me but I am taking it slowly as I want to do one or two spaces at a time and clean thoroughly at the same time. To start that means my office with some time on the small bedroom closet too. One very visible space and one closed door storage space.

So far I’ve found 29 items to remove and am clearing my office of visual clutter and rethinking what I want to have in there yet again. A tiny start but a start.

Do you have any decluttering or limited acquisition goals for this year?

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thankful Thursday week 1 of 2022

So much to be thankful for this week and I’m sure all those to come! It has been a nice first week of 2022.

Last Friday I found an Ella Fitzgerald Christmas album on YouTube and wow was it ever wonderful to listen to.

We made ourselves a lovely Christmas dinner of pan fried trout with sautéed almonds, asparagus and mixed grains. 

We had more rain. Usually not on a thankful list but we are in a long term drought and every bit helps.

A very small thing but it finally dawned on me that a kitchen shelf I struggled to reach could be moved lower and now it is easily accessible. Same with changing the HVAC vent in my office that was pointing into the adjoining room to aim towards the cold outside wall instead.

I continue to find the packing list for our trips to visit family in Berkeley makes the process easier and us less likely to forget critical things.

On our drive north in the rain we drove under a rainbow that appeared to touch the ground near the road. Didn’t see the pot of gold though😁

We had great fun Watching the Nutcracker as an evening marionette show at Fairyland in Oakland with our granddaughter and then watching her ride the carousel and roll down a hill with such delight. It was at night and all outdoors so there were more Christmas lights and more small children than you can imagine all having a magical time.

I am very thankful my husband thought to check the car tire pressure a full day before we were to drive home. The tire that had occasional needed air added didn’t even have enough pressure to register. He found a repair shop that was not only open on Sunday January 2nd but was able to work on it immediately and found a small nail. Fixed and we drove home safely.

Our frig was almost completely empty on purpose when we got home making it easy to clean. Hubby did a big shop at Trader Joe’s and now there is a lot more than a few radishes and shelves of condiments!

My son called on his birthday and thanked me for having him. Very funny.

Monday, January 3, 2022

Monday Musings Week 1 - January 2022 Goals

Not relevant, but it’s my older son’s 51st birthday today and he is such a wonderful and kind man. Not that I’m biased or anything!

I found my goal / task list so useful in December that I am doing one again with a clear focus on what I hope for in 2022. This time it is a much shorter and more realistic list. I can always do more.

January 2022

Learn something. 

Start cooking thru a cookbook

Be out and about more doing fun things

Go to Ventura pier with Hubby

Become Physically Fit & Healthier – Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Balance, Posture, Eating

Stretch DVD and/or long walk every day starting Jan 4th

Build a "posture check in" habit 

Keep on top of tech and home to do’s including long term ones

Clean up & back up photos

Wipe and recycle old phones

Repair form to HOA

Clean and declutter front bedroom closet

GO bags updating plan and start doing