Monday, April 12, 2021

Catch up Month Monday #1

 A little progress.

I left two of my drawings at Micheal’s to get new mats and put in frames we had. I also got clear on how to cut down the remaining two so they will fit into one frame with a double opening mat.

Updating our home inventory for insurance purposes moved along as I completed the sections for the small bedroom and both bathrooms. As a bonus I spring cleaned all three rooms. I’m determined to get the house deep cleaned before my next foot surgery.

Went through my 1 drawer of paper files that need an annual review and found a bunch to discard. Now to shred those needing it.

 What is still to get done?

1. Cut down other drawings and deliver to framer.

2. Finish updating home inventory.  About half done.

3. Finish computer file cleanup. I would guess I am about half done not counting club emails and photos. Sigh.

4. Wait for lavender plant to be purchased as part of club landscaping purchase. Then pot it.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Thankful Thursday #15

The declutter and make do edition LOL.

1. We had to remove boxes and packing material from the attic to enable the insulation workers to do their job. Gave most of the packing material to our cousin to reuse for his business. Glad it isn't being thrown away.

2. At the beginning of the week we decided to have chicken with the last 2 ears of corn in the frig. Hubby mentioned wishing we had BBQ sauce which we don’t buy due to my low sodium requirements. Dawned on me that I could make some which I did. Added coleslaw and biscuits and we both really enjoyed our BBQ menu as a great change of pace.

3. I decided to hang another existing framed picture. I put a silly cat I painted long ago in the laundry area. It makes me smile and brightens a dark corner.

4. I worked with the framing person to pick out nice mat colors and design the layout of the pictures I am framing using frames we already have. They can't cut art work though so I have to cut the drawings to the right size and go back to place the order. I think they will look great and our storage area will be a bit emptier.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Today I ...

 had a wonderful time spending an hour working with the framing consultant at Michaels picking out mat colors and sizes, deciding how to position my artwork in the mat and generally losing myself in visual and color fun.

So despite us both wearing masks it was a creative and right brain pleasure.

Now on to the left brain part as I have to cut the artwork to fit myself as they aren't allowed to do so.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Catch up Month - planning

I was going to move on to emergency prep this month but have a long list of catching up to do plus making a good start on Spring cleaning the house and  going to visit our son and his family for a long weekend. I don’t usually Spring clean but I am planning to have bunion surgery on my other foot at the end of June or July and the house does need all those rarely cleaned places cleaned before  I am out of commission again.

So what needs catching up on? Given that we will be gone for almost a week I'm keeping the list short!


1. Finish updating home inventory (for insurance purposes if claim has to be filed).

2. Go through paper files and remove items no longer needed.


1. Finish going through computer files to delete and reorganize.


1. Get 4 art pieces matted and framed using frames we already have. Hang them!

2. Obtain lavender plant and put in patio pot.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Thankful Thursday #14 - Change is good

It was a week of small changes in routine and scheduling bigger ones for the future. 
Being able to shake up the routine of this past stay at home year makes me very thankful.

1. We hung 2 pictures - yeah! The little one I bought from a street artist in San Francisco over 45 years  ago now it can make me smile each time I grab the dog's stuff to go outside. The bird print I made in about 3rd grade that my Mom and Dad framed and presented it to me as a memento is over our family photo display area. Another smile inducer.

2. We went to Ventura to walk on the boardwalk beside the ocean and out on the pier. I am so thankful to feel safe taking an outing and to go there for the first time in about 9 months (pandemic and foot surgery being the causes).

3. While in Ventura we actually had lunch inside a restaurant on the pier. There was plenty of outdoor seating but it was windy and quite chilly. The inside was set up and managed so as to seem quite safe. Delicious fish tacos while looking through the window at the Pacific Ocean. Wonderful change.

4. I was able to chat in person with two friends without masks on. The benefit of us all being vaccinated and in an open space.

5. We had a call from our Berkeley based son saying the dates we wanted to visit later in April were great. Makes me happy to look forward to this.

6. Our attic has now had all old insulation removed, the space cleaned and sealed, and new to code insulation added. I am expecting to be more comfortable in this house and to see our electric bill lower. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Getting things done today - a busy dozen

I've got a gripping headache this morning probably because of weather system changes. Best to put on some cheerful colors, take some Tylenol, drink more coffee and keep busy! 

Giving myself a big to do list. I'll update it later in the day to see how I did!

UPDATE: As usual housecleaning was the lowest priority and didn't get done - there is always tomorrow

1. Do laundry for the week including hand washing a sweater. DONE

2. Meet service project leaders at clubhouse, take photos of items collected and chat. DONE

3. Clean and update Little Free Library while there. DONE

4. Clean kitchen surfaces and inside of frig.

5. Make brown sugar almond muffins. DONE 

6. Take dog for a good longish walk - she is almost 12 so not too long. DONE 

7. Send out emails to club board and all members. DONE

8. Post photo of service project results on club Facebook page. DONE

9. Transfer funds to cover upcoming re-insulation of attic. We get a discount for paying cash (and for being old lol). DONE  

10. Write checks for first of month payments for estimated Fed and state taxes as well as granddaughter's 529 contribution. DONE 

11. Rotate mattress (Hubby did it) & make bed. DONE

12. Stirred up a new jar of peanut butter (hate this job)  DONE

Nap with the dog then pick up a bottle of wine!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thankful Thursday #13 -The mostly health edition

1. Although my reaction to my second Covid-19 shot wasn’t too bad it did last longer and was different than the reaction to the first. Got the shot on Thursday afternoon and felt pretty back to normal on Sunday morning. I did wake up very early but you can only sleep so much!

2. Poodle girl is finally eating a normal amount and seems happy and playful. We were pretty worried as she dropped from 18 to 14.6 pounds over several months and now we are trying to put some weight back on her. Her blood pressure meds seem to be doing the trick to make her feel like eating. Thankful this old dog feels better and we are focusing on her quality of life by doing what we can.

3. Our granddaughter informed us she had gotten two vaccinations (routine childhood ones) and her thigh was sore after the one delivered there. Thankful her parents aren’t letting anything routine slip by and that at 4 she is very matter of fact about it.

4. Slowly my friends and family are being able to be vaccinated. Thankful that is available to them.

5. We had our HVAC serviced and it needed no repairs thankfully since it is only 4 years old.