Thursday, February 22, 2024

Thriving Thursday Week 8


A bit of excitement 2 houses up the street as the wind took down a large tree. I was on the other side walking the pup when it made a loud crash. It pulled up the sidewalk but that was all that was hurt thankfully. The family that lives there is out of town.

Another morning I was walking the dog early and for a brief moment there was a full rainbow visible. That did make me smile. 

I had a good amount of time visiting with and helping my son with the baby while DIL and grandgirl went to a friend’s to play in the snow and have other adventures.

My older son and DIL arrive tomorrow to be here for the grandbaby’s first birthday party on Sunday. Always great to have them with us.

My local AAUW chapter meeting had two mystery writers as panelists and since I really love reading mysteries I enjoyed this program a lot.

We received a $2,371 property tax refund based on the assessment reduction for our previous home’s basis. Not sure if it includes the bill I just paid but either way I am happy. Our future property taxes will also be reduced accordingly. This is available to seniors who sell and buy in state. Filing all the paperwork pays off. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Thank you

Thank you to those who gave suggestions about how to support my friend. I left her a voicemail and she called back and I listened for quite some time while offering understanding and just being there. She is in shock as you can imagine. We will be on the phone regularly over the next months.

Monday, February 19, 2024

What a way to start the day

When I opened my emails this morning there was one from a dear friend saying her lovely husband died in his sleep Saturday night. I want to be with her to listen and help but can’t as she lives where we lived before. 

How would you support a friend going through this long distance?

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Thriving Thursday Week 7

Happiness, Comfort & Health

We hosted family dinner night on Thursday. The 7 year old had fun with the quiz I created for the pup’s 2nd birthday which included photos of him with her. The almost 1 year old was back to feeling well and happily joined us in the high chair and crawling around. The pup calmed down after greeting them and did well with the baby. He likes to lick her fingers and she likes it too but we don’t let it go on too long. She points at the dog and says “duhhh”. A good try lol.

Good weather for a few days in a row so I got out and took a long walk without the dog plus my usual 2 dog walks. I didn’t get to 10,000 steps but 7,741 plus however many steps indoors including stairs was pretty good for me. One ankle was tender the next day which is information for further exercise.

Minding our Money and the Environment 

Our combined gas & electric bill that arrived this week is over $320. Guess it is time to move on scheduling that energy efficiency audit.

Purchased and downloaded TurboTax. Now to slog though it.

I looked to see if I could repurpose one of our Christmas bins as an emergency supplies tote (yes!) and found I had packed Christmas wrapping supplies, cards and napkins in one of the bins. Since I didn’t decorate this past Christmas I had forgotten about them and bought things. They are now where I will find them next holiday season.

Making Home Upkeep Easier

I finally got a plant care document put together so hopefully we can keep all our lovely yard plantings thriving by doing what they need when they need it.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Thriving Thursday Week 6

Happiness, Comfort & Health

I think this award is so charming! Our first grade granddaughter received the Mensch of the Week award at her after school program. We got a photo of her holding the certificate and absolutely beaming! She is sooo proud of being a “role model for the community”. What a great way to teach positive behavior, care and compassion.

I was able to help out with babysitting when the almost 1 year old couldn’t go to daycare due to a slight fever. High energy but still taking naps 😉 As is the case with kids, although both parents were working virtually they had critical meetings they had to be present and focused on. They had breaks though and that gave me help. Started at 8 but our son’s meeting ended a bit after 3. I do need to build up my arm strength and speed of getting up off the floor lol.

Minding our Money and the Environment 

Collected all the documents and information required to do our taxes.

Paid 3 annual insurance bills (home, earthquake and excess liability) and property tax bill.

Fixed the hem of a glove after pup got hold of it.

Making Home Upkeep Easier

Hubby found something to use to block where we think the rain runoff came into the garage. Now to rearrange things so nothing that might get wet will be ruined and then wait for the next heavy rain to see if it worked.

Emergency Prep

We signed up for the county warning system for our phones. It is limited to life threatening situations and location specific. Next up is getting our Go Bags stocked and ready. Wildfires are the big evacuation risk here and you really need to leave in time. Potential chemical spills at the port or rail lines are another much lower risk.

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Atmospheric rivers, dog raincoats & water in the garage

I woke up this morning to rain runoff coming into the converted garage. Obviously our sand bag solution wasn’t sufficient to hold up to the amount of rain falling given the driveway slopes down to the garage and the conversion didn’t actually seal the door bottom. The door also seems to have some wood rot. Towels and moving things to the temporary rescue. 

Fixing this must be the next project and I see garage storage reorganization being a big part of the project. Off the floor shelving and hanging stuff. ☹️

It is also clear that we need to get the dog a different raincoat as his isn’t staying in place with the wind.

This atmospheric river storm is going to be short lived for us but hitting Central and Southern Cal coasts really hard.

We have been trying to only focus on emergency prep as a project but now we have garage water intrusion as another one plus we really do need to have an energy audit and improve energy efficiency. Will be more positive about it all later!

Friday, February 2, 2024

February Goals

Here are my goals for the month!


  • Prepare to do taxes
  • Update all financial passwords for better security
  • Pay 3 insurance bills (homeowners, earthquake and excess liability)

Family & Friends

  • Host family biweekly dinner
  • Celebrate Valentines Day 
  • Help prepare for first birthday party
  • Host son and DIL coming for first birthday
  • Outing with Hubby
  • Write cousins
  • Connect with friends
  • Invite neighbors over
Fitness & Health
  • Stretch 2x/week minimum
  • Strength train 2x/week minimum
  • Long walk sans dog 1x/ week minimum
  • Pilates weekly


  • Get rid of patio umbrella and rug at minimum
  • Deep clean/fix one thing a week minimum
  • Keep up with weeding
  • Keep up with routine house cleaning
  • Call about cost of energy audit


  • Critical documents into secure cloud storage
  • Delete unneeded files and photo
  • Uber app on phones


  • Make Go Bags for us and pup
  • Plan various evacuation routes
  • Get Emergency Alert app on phones
  • Get dog finder app for here

Thriving Thursday Week 8

  A bit of excitement 2 houses up the street as the wind took down a large tree. I was on the other side walking the pup when it made a loud...