Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thankful Thursday October 14th

What are you thankful for right now?

This past week I was thankful for the following - 

I found the perfect Halloween card for our almost 5 yr old granddaughter who likes riddles - it says “How do ghosts like to dance? They shake their boo-ties!”. Kid humor right?

We sorted out the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years plans of our family. We will have our local son and DIL for Thanksgiving, spend Christmas by ourselves and spend post Christmas through new year’s with the other son and family. Thankful we get to spend time with them all and they get time with their wive’s families too. 

My eye exam showed no changes just healthy eyes although I still have the field of vision test to do since it was last done 3 years ago.

Looks like our granddaughter will be able to get her Covid vaccination right after she turns 5 early in the second half of November. Fingers crossed.

Well that was a nice surprise. California sent out stimulus checks and we received $600 which oddly isn’t as personally satisfying as finding a great loaf of bread marked down to $1 but I am thankful anyway.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Beer bread - so good


What happens when you open a beer and then decide not to drink it. So good with jam. Recipe here

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Thankful Thursday October 7th

This week I am thankful for

Beautiful weather with just the right amount of variety

Cleaning out one of our closets and being happily surprised that I let go of more stuff

Kind and friendly neighbors who stopped to chat when I was out walking

Lunch and a good chat with a friend 

Found a seated upper body strengthening YouTube that I really like for where I am right now

Time Team Classics on YouTube - uploads of a British show that ran from1994 to 2014 and are about archeological digs and the history surrounding each site

That Hubby's lovely 90+ year old aunt finally agreed to move into assisted living and is liking it

And last but not least, I am thankful for headache relieving medications as I seem to get a bad one whenever there is a significant air pressure change due to weather

Thursday, September 30, 2021

My October 2021 Goals

October in coastal S. California is still pretty warm but often with high winds and the risk of wildfires. It is a lovely time of year generally though and I intend to make the best of it.

I finished off September with some "YEAH for me" things - got down on the floor and did my daily stretch/Pilates routine for the first time in over 3 months (got myself up too lol) and took my data off my old phone and reset it to factory settings.

What am I most looking forward to in October? 

Definitely having more outings!

What do I think will be most challenging in October? 

Walking further each day and starting back with other exercises.



Do some of the outings I didn’t get to in September – Beach walk and lunch, Farmer’s market visit, Art Gallery visit

Enjoy October service club lunch meeting and book discussion group

Get some seasonal flowers for the house and/or enjoy more seasonal foods


Check off appointments – eye exam, plus dental checkup and scheduling of needed work

Extend distance able to walk as foot continues to heal

Continue effort to change habit of interrupting


Clean and declutter our 4 closet categories – clothes, coats, linens and miscellaneous storage

Get our ceiling light fixed and rheostats installed for kitchen and dining room lights


Devote significant time to my never ending (seemingly) tech clean up and back up project 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Flu shots 2021

 Did you know that the protection from a flu shot only lasts for about 6 months? 

I just learned that and that is one of the reasons that we need one every year. The other of course is that the strains of flu circulating continue to evolve and each year they try to match the vaccine to the most likely strains to appear in the coming flu season.

The best time to get this vaccine in the N. hemisphere is September or October but if you are still unvaccinated after that they say to go ahead and get one. And of course getting your flu shot doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get the flu but it significantly reduces the likelihood.

Last year’s flu season was mild because we were all holed up at home and wearing masks. No one know what will happen this year but please get vaccinated and encourage your loved ones and friends over the age of 6 months to get one too. I think we have all seen enough illness this past year and a half.

I got mine this past week and felt tired the next day as usual but nothing significant.

If you haven’t already gotten yours yet please do

Friday, September 24, 2021

September goals wrap up

September is almost over and its time for an update on my monthly goals. Thought I would do this in place of Thankful Thursday. Next Thursday I'll share my October goals.

What were my favorite moments this month? 

Definitely the visits with my sons, DILs and granddaughter plus two lunches with my two best friends locally.

What did I find most challenging this month? 

The uneven progress with my foot healing and walking ability were frustrating although progress was made.

So what has happened in September in my goal areas? 

Some birthday celebrations for me

Hubby and I went out for a casual dinner before my birthday because of other plans we each had. Enjoyed it as usual. Then the card he gave me he added "you may be 72 but you will always be 27 to me". I had to do the math and yes that is when we met!

I had a long an fun lunch with two friends who have birthdays within a few weeks of mine. We either celebrate all of us at once or individually and this year it is individually. Look at my gift sitting on my desk - perfect for reminding me to be thankful!

Cards, Facebook messages, emails and texts from friends and extended family plus day of calls from both sons and their families rounded it out. I am feeling loved.

Labor Day weekend trip to see Berkeley son, DIL and granddaughter 

This was a lovely and much needed dose of time with family. Plus a mocha cake with buttercream frosting and chocolate glaze made by DIL and granddaughter! Yum.

An in person service club meeting with puppies (program is about raising puppies for guide dog training) with only fully vaccinated allowed to attend and with masks as county requires but at least we can get together!

Six dogs for a lunch meeting and only one had challenges staying quiet the whole time. Very interesting program, nice box lunch and a chance to see friends and meet a few new people.

Continued to increase strength, flexibility and endurance through PT and other exercise as able.

Although I have been diligent about PT I have also realized that regaining my strength, walking speed and stamina after 18 months of pandemic and two foot surgeries will take more effort than rehabbing my currently recovering foot. Onward to being more active and strong.

Bonus points for getting my flu shot though.

Continue to spend time with art activities as the process is quite stress reducing and relaxing for me.

I have continued to play around with color and design plus some coloring pages occasionally. Very relaxing and I want to move to more original work.

More safe outings probably including a walk along the ocean boardwalk, art gallery visit and farmer’s market.

Had a lunch out with two friends. Went to the house where my local son and DIL are pet sitting for a visit and lunch. Went to book discussion group. Didn't get to the listed outings!

Planning family get togethers for granddaughter’s 5th birthday and for Thanksgiving.

Chatted about it and decided to wait and see if the birthday party goes forward with Covid restrictions at the time.

More reaching out to East Coast family members (brother, SIL and cousins).

My brother called for my birthday and I wrote 3 cousins.

Get a recommendation for an electrician and get our broken ceiling light fixed.

Got a recommendation from the neighbor across the street. 

Go through fall clothes and buy anything needed.

I don't actually need anything so I think I am only going to replace/add if I have trouble getting dressed in outfits I am happy with between laundry rounds.

I need a project that isn’t club related so I’m thinking of getting back to improving our emergency preparedness, doing some thrifting and getting better at alterations, a bit of home redecorating or?

Apparently that project is tech updates! I bought an iPhone SE and signed up for Mint Mobile. Started backing up my photos to Google photos. Much more to do.

Redecorating/Refreshing our home - Bought a new bath rug for the small bathroom after learning that the one we have didn't absorb water. Also had to replace guest room sheets after discovering that the elastic was done in both old sets (and not wanting to replace it!). Stayed with the same color schemes.

Decluttering - I donated the bed arm rest pillow/reading pillow I bought for my first foot surgery and never used. Onward to other things just sitting in closets.