Thursday, February 29, 2024

Thriving Thursday week 9 - Leap day, Baby rave, & procrastination

How are you spending your extra “leap day” today? We don’t have anything special planned.

Spring has definitely arrived her! The trees are flowering, daffodils are up and the birds are staking out territories. Another colder spell on the way but it is temporary.

Happiness & Health - because these make our lives brighter

The biggest happiness came from having my older son and DIL come to stay for grandbaby’s birthday party weekend. The baby’s parents and big sister had a blast setting up a “baby rave” birthday theme party in their dining room with colored lights synched to the playlist, a big balloon chandelier, lots of light up balls and wands, and good food. The birthday girls had lots of fun with the light up toys and loved her cake. The look on her face as we sang Happy Birthday to her was priceless. 

The road to the party was a bit rocky despite all of us pitching in. The day before as cooking was about to begin a pipe broke under the sink causing a several hour delay. The morning of the party big sister had to be picked up at 5am as she was sick so she spent the party in her bed or the bathroom poor little girl. Then almost all of the baby guests plus some family and friends had to cancel at the last minute due to illness! The party still was a success and fun.

Minding our Money (and the Environment) - saving on or skipping things that don’t matter to us so we can afford the things that do

We pruned the neighbors trees on our side of the fence so there won’t be a problem with homeowners insurance this year. He really needs to take them down or tun them into a hedge but I don’t see him doing that.

Otherwise the same old stuff here along with spending on family visiting for the baby’s birthday and helping with the party expenses as part of our gift. We got here a pile of pajamas in the next size as she needed them.

Making Home Upkeep Easier - so we can spend time on what matters to us

I am trying out focusing on deep cleaning one room or space at a time. This month’s was the kitchen which will also get part or all of March due to all the appliances and cupboards. The dining room though will be quick so it may also get done in March.

Making sure I spend an hour or so each week keeping up with the weeding and any pruning is working well. My hope is that the amount of weeds will decrease each year as the seeds in the soil are used up. The weed barrier is helping a lot. This week the pup got to come out in the backyard with his chew bone for over an hour while I weeded as it was dry enough for him. He was so happy.

Emergency Prep Project - we want to survive and thrive at the worst of times

This was the procrastination area.  I did get hubby signed up for the emergency notification system and updated the dog finder info for his license and microchip.


  1. You are certainly thriving. I am glad that the birthday was a success even if the road was rocky.

    God bless.

  2. Hope big sister is feeling better! I am not a gardener, but I admire people who are. I tried when we first got married, but we lived in places that things just burnt to a crisp. Now I am not wasting my time or money on exterior plants due to the hordes of deer that graze our property. On the other hand, I guess the deer save me from pruning or weeding, so...

  3. I spent leap day "leaping forward" in the area of purging more stuff from my garage that was causing me stress to look at: mostly my late husbands ham radio equipment. I feel that it was time well spent!


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