Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Off on Vacation

Ready to get in the car and head out.

See you all in 2 weeks!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Summer Bucket List Update and Travel Plans

Thanks to Leslie for the reminder to do an update! Check her list out at her lovely blog and see what everyone else is going to do by going to the bottom of this post to click on their links.

Some progress has been made so far this summer including our upcoming 2 week trip to N. Cal to pet sit for our son's family and to check out the Davis and Sacramento areas.

First is the biggie:

Decide if the Sacramento or Davis areas are ones we want to pursue for relocation and (hopefully) set a timetable. 
- We have a tour of Davis scheduled with a realtor on July 19th and lots of time to go back for another visit there and a visit to Sacramento before we head home on the 29th.


Plan out my 70th birthday adventure list and do them

Go to a movie 3 times and a play or concert 2 times 
- So far I've been to one movie, a play and watched music performances at a local arts in the park event.

Physical Health

Walk the dog early every morning when it is coolest.  If it is cool enough after dinner, do it again.
- I've been doing really well at this and now she reminds me in the morning if I forget!

Lift weights or swim 2x a week
- Been doing this more and taking with me on our pet sitting trip
Stretch/yoga 3x a week
- The most I've managed is 2x a week and one week I felt poorly and skipped it altogether

Random fun on the spur of the moment
- Dinner at the Ventura pier and happy hour dinner at a local upscale restaurant for date nights

How is your Summer so far?

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Preventing Falls in Older Adults - Great resource materials

Sometimes the internet just gives us great resources. I traveled from this NPR article  Simple Ways to Prevent Falls in Older Adults to the referenced CDC website of resources for caregivers and older adults re: preventing falls. Materials for Older Patients

The whole medication and low blood pressure issue talked about in the NPR article really hit home for me. I wan't an "older adult" but I had an acute heart problem that led to big blood pressure drops when I stood up (all fine now) and fortunately I didn't fall. My FIL wasn't so fortunate and fell quite a lot in his final years due to rapid blood pressure drops when he stood up.

Please take a look and pass on this information and resources!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Six on Saturday - July 13th

Started off our weekend well!

1. Went to an "Art in the Park" event put on by the town parks and rec dept. Wore one of my new dresses but added linen capris for warmth.

Actually ran into some friends which is fun. And the event was fun if low key:
- cute little kid dancers
- public participation painting and sidewalk chalk drawing
- a young rock band
- teen singers doing part of the Aladdin sound track
- tacos from the food truck

Then we drove over to Mr. Frosty for cones and took a walk around Old Town. Finished with a stop in the artist run gallery. Fun Saturday date outing.

2. Sunday after sleeping 10 hours both the dog and I are still tired so I declared it an at home day but of course still dog walks! #chore day #hanging out #old jeans new styling

3. Not feeling well has its advantages. I finished this book in just a bit more than one day as I couldn't put it down but eventually did have to sleep! 

Books currently holding my attention are A Paris All Your Own and The Power of Habit.

4. Tuesday I gifted myself a lovely massage and later we had another date night going to happy hour at an upscale restaurant to have a light dinner.

5. We seem to remodel bathrooms right before we sell the house so are starting the process of design and bids for the guest bathroom here. It is the only room that wasn't finished when we bought this house although it does have new tile flooring, low flow toilet and same paint as the other rooms. So that of course leaves the shower and the vanity as well as replacing the heat lamp with a fan. We will leave the old window for the next owner but why is it the only window that wasn't replace!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

I couldn't put this book down

Wow, what an amazing real life story! I read pretty much non-stop although I did finally go to sleep and finish it the next day.  I won't spoil the story for you but if you like real life but reads like a novel books then this might be for you.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Six on Saturday - July 6th

A new month and this is my first week's highlights.

1. We got my FIL's painting back and I think the frame is perfect. Now to get it hung!

2. Put my money where my mouth is by donating to two non-profits that directly support immigrants, the ACLU, and 4 of the Democratic primary candidates that I truly want to see continue on.

3. Hubby suggested we get back into our regular dinner at the beach outings so we headed out to the Ventura pier on Monday for tacos while watching the ocean waves.

4. A friend invited me to go to a movie with her so we saw The Biggest Little Farm on Wednesday. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie although I had no expectations about it going in.

5. Go us! More windows and screens washed. We are so close to being done with only 2 left. And as far as I can tell, we have avoided using the AC all week by opening doors and windows in the morning and evening along with using all the ceiling fans.

6. We finally are having some warmer weather although not really warm (right on schedule for coastal S. Cal!) and I'm liking my summer wardrobe so sticking with my 3 Months No New Clothes is no challenge so far.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Surprise flowers!

Last year this plant we put in during our patio refresh last summer didn't produce any flowers its first year so we are happily surprised that it is now. The very first one opened today but there will be a lot on each stalk and lots of stalks. Go team succulents.