Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Anyone ever lived in Sacramento or Davis?

We are going to take a look around at both in late July and are diligently collecting info about neighborhoods and resources (fun and otherwise) but would love to hear impressions from others.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Six on Saturday - May 18th

This week -

1) We got ourselves laughing when taking a walk with the dog when I said that sometimes living in this large 55+ community reminds me of the Jim Carey movie "The Truman Show". We are both very ready to break back out into the "real" world of diverse age groups and a more urban environment.

2) The dog had her monthly vet visit for her shot to treat her Addison's disease AND her every other month doggy spa day - bath, massage, haircut, blow dry, nails trimmed and a blueberry facial. She always walks out so very relaxed and who wouldn't! She is oblivious to the flower on her head but I take it off as soon as we get home.

3) I made a batch of banana almond muffins. I don't think I mentioned that I had made banana walnut muffins to take to Berkeley to have for breakfast. The first morning we were there we found out their dog had managed to reach the bag they were in and ate all nine muffins for her breakfast! Time to have some muffins of our own I think although we had managed to eat 3 of the prior batch.

4) I've been reading a lot of my usual mysteries, a book of poetry, a book on "radical suburbs" and skimming the cookbook "Skinny Taste". I received "Becoming" by Michelle Obama for mother's day so want to get started on that too.

5) Lunch Thursday with some women friends which was very fun as usual. I'm grateful for having made some good friends here. I'm looking forward to attending a musical performance tomorrow - "Songs of Broadway" - and to having our local son and DIL to join us for live theater and dinner in late June.

6) I finished deep cleaning the den near the living room and we washed the screens and outside of the window in that room. So we have 3 of 9 large windows and their screens done. No need to rush LOL.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Do you Spring Clean?

I don't think I ever have done a full Spring Cleaning of a house. My Mom cleaned all the time (or so it seemed to me growing up). True that if the windows were open then dust from the nearby fields blew in and each day dusting was required if you didn't want to be able to write on the furniture. Without air conditioning having the windows open during hot weather in Illinois was a must though.

When I was a very busy young adult I did all my chores on the weekend so the house got cleaned routinely then. Now it is sort of a well, is it dirty enough to need some effort approach. Except this Spring I noticed that a deep clean was needed after 2 years of living here.

Instead of an intensive Spring cleaning drive though I have decided to do one room at a time as the mood and energy strikes me. Thus it will be spread over many months.

So far I've done the smaller bedroom, 2 bathrooms and the dining room as well as the front walk/door/doormat. We also refreshed our little patio area. We finished the den yesterday when we washed the screens and outside of the windows. Which makes me have to mention that we haven't done that in the smaller bedroom yet!

I thinking the hallway with its big closet/linen closet and a random cupboard that has dog things, wrapping paper, etc. is next. Or perhaps the garage before it gets too hot? We'll see.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mending - Do you do it?

I was thinking of the myriad of ways we use the word mending. I was mending a hole in a tshirt at the time but got thinking about mending a broken heart, mending a relationship, mending a chair, mending a broken bone, etc. So many uses.

To what is the definition of mend?

verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)


the act of mendingrepair or improvement.
mended place.

I think we all do mending all the time.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Six on Saturday

Capturing the highs of my week in a different way.

1. Today there are monarch butterflies flitting around all over Camarillo! As we drove along they were swooping and flying past the car from the south. Must be migration time.

2. All home maintenance doesn't go away just because you live in a 55+ HOA community so we started washing screens and the outside of our windows. We are just doing a couple at a time as they are really dirty from the dust that blows off the fields nearby. There are services that will come do it for a fee but we still can so why not!

3. In the not buying it category - I thought we needed a new doormat outside our front door but when I picked it up it was in good shape but certainly full of dust/dirt (see above). I got out a scrub brush and the hose and it will be good for a while longer. I'm going to wash the front walk too as it is covered and doesn't get washed by the rain and the tiles collect dirt.

4. In the buying it category - We picked up a Spanish Lavender bush to replace a flowering bush that had gotten too large for the pot it is in on the patio. A monarch landed on one while we were selecting ours.

5. I made a point of going to the Farmer's Market this morning and was glad I did. A beautiful day to be outside, live music and some good Spring mix, arugula, chard, tomatoes, strawberries and, for something I haven't bought there before, a loaf of fresh rye bread.

6. I had a lovely time Thursday at the last lunch meeting of my service club before summer break. We gave three $1500 scholarships to three accomplished young women graduating from local high schools. So enjoyable to see how happy they were and how proud their parents' were of their achievement.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Now what? Trying to move to N. Cal

Well after spending more time looking for a way to move to the East Bay area of N. Cal we became very discouraged and didn't see any path forward given the housing shortage and very hot real estate market. Then there is the issue that we want to enjoy living where we move next and plan to stay until we can't manage to live there so that rules out some smaller or very hilly areas. We were not cheery visitors with son and DIL I'd say!

Once we got home we joked about moving to San Luis Obispo which is half way between each son's home (4 1/2 hour drive to each) but that would not make sense to matter how lovely the town and area. Then I started wondering about Sacramento, CA.

What do you know! It is semi-affordable, no bidding wars, great things to do and health care and only 1 hour 20 min to our Berkeley son's home. We could fly down to visit the one in Pasadena if we didn't want to drive. So now we are trying to learn about Sacramento via the internet and thinking this may be the workable path. Still have really no idea what we are going to do but we are in agreement that we don't want to stay living in Leisure Village although that may end up being what happens.

Then there is the question of how to do a move financially and logistically so I have been trying to
think of alternative ways to approach this. So here are all the options that I can think of right now.

* Wait until enough CDs mature to pay cash for a new home while house shopping long distance and then sell this one to rebuild our savings. Could be over 2 years to have enough unless we cash out early.

* Put our home on the market first then when it sells ...

1) Rent a home there for 6 months to a year if that is possible given the market and our having a dog. Possibly someone on a sabbatical or in need of long term house sitting. How would we find that situation?

2) Rent a series of long term Air B&Bs or VRBO homes that allow dogs.

3) Live in son and DIL's spare room

4) Rent local son and DIL's home for 6 mo to a year while they travel if they in fact do that.

* Resign ourselves to staying here and ...

1. Do 3 or 4 long term Air B&B or VRBO rentals each year to spend more time with N Cal family and be able to take dog

Truly wishing this wasn't so difficult to pull off. Of course after a weekend with a 2 year old who has perfected tantrums we won't mind waiting a bit longer until being closer LOL.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019