Sunday, March 26, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Weekend edition (Days 9, 10 & 11)

And daily life goes on in the midst of controlled chaos. Went out for coffee with a close friend; I'll really miss her. Did laundry. Walked dog. Cooked. Picked up some groceries at Whole Foods. Sprayed the yard for weeds. Last round of yard work I hope!


Move prep:
- Listed a dresser in free section of NextDoor and within 2 hours 8 people expressed interest. It is gone to a college student's first apartment.
- Decided to get rid of 3 more pieces of furniture.
- Used up the flour, white sugar & brown sugar by making banana blueberry, almond muffins. 
- Bought more bubble wrap and an area rug protector.
- Picked up more free packing paper.
- Packed 11 boxes. Focused on hard to pack stuff like art, antique chair, tools, stereo equipment, fans. Started on baking and other kitchen items. Threw in extra blankets  & pillows as padding.
- Made quite a large pile of items to donate and took it to the thrift store.
- Started another donation pile LOL.

The more we pack the less we want to own - or at least move across the country.

In the midst of packing - happy & frustrated

So far I am very happy that:

We have agreed on our driving route and stopping locations. Now we can book pet friendly hotels for each night.

I posted on NextDoor asking for moving boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap. Have received very nice boxes and packing paper saving quite a bit and re-using instead of land filling. I will be saving them for a cousin's upcoming move.

Glad I bought the wide rolls of larger cell bubble wrap. Same with glass  & dish packing box insert and heavy duty boxes. I also bought a rug wrap which I think will be great for a large area rug. Still need to buy more specialty packing items though.

Happy with the packing sequence so far. We started with things that aren't actually used like decorative items and art. Moved on to things we can live without for a few weeks and/or are hard to pack. The kitchen, bedding and clothing will be last.

Glad we decided to give away the furniture we aren't taking instead of trying to sell it. We certainly have received our money's worth from each item. Also very glad that we cleared out a lot of stuff as part of preparing the house for staging.

Thinking it is a good idea that I am testing out a small capsule wardrobe to use for traveling and the first week we are in our new home so it should let me take the minimum in the car . Right now the weather is pretty much the same in Atlanta and Camarillo although a bit warmer here. Looking at our planned route it is a bit cooler in some locations along the way.

And I am finding frustrating:

How to pack large paintings, floor lamps, glass table tops
Still have a lot of "administrative" details to take care of with new HOA, current utilities, scheduling hauling of mattresses, etc.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Day 8

We have got to keep up with everyday life while also preparing to move. There is always yard work needing doing so I sprayed for bugs. I went to Trader Joe's for groceries and the post office for stamps (Wonder Woman forever stamps!!!). Played with and walked my dog. Going to my book club tonight for some friendship time.

Progress on move prep:

- Picking up wool coat from the dry cleaners after noticing that my DILs cashmere sweater had moth holes. We haven't had moth problems in Atlanta but I guess you can in LA.
- Ordered a new dog ID tag with the new address.
- Bought some specialty packing supplies.
- Browsed Maytag washers and dryers while I was at Home Depot - research for purchase for new house as these are the only appliances not coming with the house.

- Started going through emails and saving documents related to the home purchase just in case.

Don't forget to take care of yourself when making big life changes

Going through a big life change? How about a cross country move? Add in downsizing, daily chores, aging body and much more to create a time when you definitely need to prioritize taking care of yourself along with getting everything done.

I haven't been following my own advice. Skipping exercise. Stress eating by loading up on carbs and having an extra glass of wine. So what am I doing about it?

One thing is that I decided to invest in getting advice on nutrition in an integrated medicine context within the parameters of my particular body health and medical conditions/medications. I had the first meeting yesterday and we discussed a lot that I know I should do, but also some things I didn't know or hadn't thought about.

That included the impact of taking a daily low dose of antibiotic and how to  counter that nutritionally. Why I have ridges on my fingernails. The fact that I may have a low level of stomach acid and how to  check that out (this could explain why I no longer like to eat high acid foods such as oranges, strawberries and some apples). How my diet may contribute to inflammation in my body.

She brought over a nifty scale that in addition to measures body fat, muscle and bone %s, visceral fat and how many calories you can eat to maintain your current weight if you are totally inactive. It even gives you an estimate of your body age for what that is worth.

I'm looking forward to her follow up report as I want the recommendations to see what I can do right now. Then our meetings are on hold until I get to CA and unpack a bit. We will do follow ups and weekly phone support via phone or skype. No more nifty scale measures though!

Overall my short terms nutrition goals are to
- Increase my hydration and do this consciously as I typically don't feel thirsty and I prefer coffee over other liquids.
- Plan breakfasts and lunches to get more fiber and protein - we do dinner quite well.
- Create some snack combos that are healthy and curb my cravings for sugar and fat (cookies anyone?).
- Add some probiotic rich foods and/or supplements to counter the impact of the antibiotic (yogurt and kefir top the list right now as fermented foods tend to have too much salt for me).
- Explore ways to balance stomach acid in addition to idea of eating more bitter greens which I do love. Not sure about drinking apple cider vinegar LOL.

Today at Trader Joe's I bought some unsweetened Kefir to try, a women's multivitamin and some hummus for snacks. A start.

What are you doing just for yourself?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Day 7

Have you used Docusign or a similar electronic signature tool? That is how most, but not all, documents related to the sale and purchase of our homes have been handled.

Much easier than signing papers that your realtor brings over or spending hours signing at closing, but the tendency is not to read the document as it jumps you to the next signature line without scrolling through the text. We have had to print, sign, and then scan or photograph and email a bunch of documents too so it is not a universal tool - yet.

The end result is that I need to spend about an hour going through my emails and saving the documents. It is on the To Do list.

Today's progress:

* Closed on the house in California!

- Sent a large couch, area rug, end table, large plant and plant stand on to new homes. I'm finding that giving things away is making me unreasonably happy.
- Packed 4 more boxes.

I also started a nutrition counseling program in the take care of myself category.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Day 6

I am feeling surrounded by unpacked boxes LOL.

Today I did some final pruning of the yard, made the dog a grooming appointment for truck loading day (please don't let it be raining that day) and generally tried to get the house together a bit in the midst of chaos. Gave myself some down time to read and relax.

I made some progress on moving prep too.

- Cleared my desk and the dining room table of a lot of paperwork.
- In the process signed the home and earthquake insurance papers and emailed them back.
- Paid the termite inspector for the new house as the bill didn't make it into the escrow settlement.
- Picked up more free boxes.
- Sorted through all the non-standard size free boxes to see what might work for paintings/prints, table lamps, my antique chair, etc.
- Went to Home Depot to familiarize myself with helpful packing materials for difficult to pack items. I will be back to by foam corners and covers for 2 pieces of art, a rug cover, more bubble wrap and some shrink wrap for sure. Probably back to U-Haul for floor lamp boxes and a TV box.
- My former painting teacher picked up my painting easel for use in her classes. She gave me some great advice on how to pack paintings.
- Sorted through light bulbs and batteries to see what needed to stay with the house.
- Started a list of what to pack in the "open me immediately" boxes - top of the list is toilet paper, LOL. Also collecting what has to travel in the car vs in the truck such as batteries.
- We prepared the family room sofa and rug for pick up in the morning.

Monday, March 20, 2017

What about after the move and settling in?

I really enjoyed reading Tamara's spring bucket list and realized that it was time to think about what I was going to do and/or explore doing once we move, fix what needs fixing in the new house and are ready to get out in the larger world. So here are some ideas. A work in progress but I tend to hunker down and am seeing as I leave my current community that I squandered opportunities for great friendship and more fun by not being the one to reach out.

I want to be physically active so
- explore what I can do using the pool, gym, etc. at our HOA community
- try out the YMCA, parks & rec dept, and/or pilates studios to find the right community and exercise
- find good walking locations for with and without the dog

I want to eat right for my current body and health goals as well as cooking for Hubby's different dietary needs. To that end I am starting a Nutrition Counseling program on Wednesday. Stay tuned on that. But in my new home
- shop the Saturday farmer's market as this is an agricultural area
- try one new dinner recipe a week
- try different restaurants to find that magical mix of healthy, enjoyable and right price

I need a new community of friends and to get to know my sons, DILs, nieces & nephew, BIL, FIL and cousins in a new way that happens with more time together.
- schedule fun times and quiet times with each
- explore what is available in the HOA community
- look into sr. university, art or other classes
- find a compatible book club, walking group, mystery writers group, live theatre, etc.
- network with current friends and family to find who they might know in the area and make friends.
- get in the habit of having people over again
- throw a housewarming party and invite neighbors - or better yet throw 2 with one for neighbors and one for family

Decorating our new house to really work as our home is a priority.
- Work with people who can help create a vision and source fun, comfortable, affordable furnishings while enjoying the process
- Make sure what we buy is really right for us and not make do