Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Some of the people waiting for us in California

My younger son and granddaughter
Her first "swim". Can't wait to meet her in person this Sunday.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We signed a sales contract! Advice on moving options and strategies?

After just 10 days on the market, we had 2 very good, full price offers on our house plus a full price but weird one. We negotiated a few details and a sales agreement is signed. Inspection on Friday while we are out of town. Here we go.

Happy, excited, overwhelmed, hoping it goes all the way to closing, focused on family visit and house buying trip, and so on.

Any tips on what "PODS" type company to use to move? I've identified U-Pack, PODS, and United-Mayflower as all having that container option.

Once we pick a new home we can evaluate what furniture will fit and therefore to move as the new house will be quite a bit smaller overall and especially in the den. We will have a month to pack and dispose of large items that aren't going with us.

Looking for any advice on:
- what to pack ourselves vs paying to have them pack
- how to get good boxes for less
- finding pet friendly lodging as we drive across the country
- anything else you can think of for moving us, a dog, and our stuff across country.

This ride is getting exciting!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Can't wait to leave on our trip!

I'm finding it pretty weird that I didn't know how draining it is to have your house for sale. This is our third house but the first one we sold ourselves after 2 or 3 people looked at it. The 2nd house sold to the first person who looked at it and before it was even in the multiple listings.

Since this house went on the market on Friday, Feb 10th we have had at least 12 scheduled showings, an open house that drew 40+ people, and a day when 5 realtors popped by. Except for the realtor visits we have to take the dog and leave.

It is all good but exhausting. Today we have someone showing up at lunchtime and then a person coming back for the third time for 2 hours with their realtor, girlfriend and architect. No offers yet although in our market even once you have one you keep showing the house in case the offer is withdrawn.

Which leads me to my relief that we are leaving on vacation at the end of this week! Babysitting for 2 weeks after that sounds restful at this point LOL. My husband will be having to make all the sale related things work doing those 2 weeks while working full time and I don't envy him that but I'll be with our baby granddaughter.

Transitions are busy times.

Does the amount of energy required to make a life change ever keep you stuck in one that isn't working for you?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Wow - a flurry of interest in our house!

We had the first showing yesterday and the couple liked it enough to ask for the disclosure form. Three showings today and one Sunday morning with the open house in the afternoon.

Fingers crossed for a quick and easy sale!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Want to buy my house?

Here is the listing for our house in Atlanta. First showing at 9am tomorrow!

Our house for sale

How much would you downsize?

Someone asked me the other day if I would consider living in a "tiny house" - those 250ish square foot little homes. Absolutely not unless I was living alone and in a great location where I could be outdoors a lot.

However we are going down to about 60% of what we live in now. Our current house is almost 2400 square feet. We bought it when one son was in high school and it worked for us, but our 1700 square foot house (in a more expensive market) before that worked well for 4 of us. It was all about the layout and the ability to live outside as well or not as is the case here.

Of course until recently we all left all day 5 days a week too whereas going forward we will be retired and home more often.

The homes where we are planning to move are just over 1400 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a den, living and dining rooms and patios. Plenty of space for us and for our family and friends to visit. We could go smaller but want the flexibility of what these models offer.

If you have downsized in retirement how much smaller did you go and why? If you are only considering it, what are your thoughts?

Friday, February 3, 2017

House for sale - February 9th

The date has moved up once again! Photo shoot completed, price set, public and realtor open house dates set.  Yikes.