Monday, October 20, 2014

Evolve you Style part 2 - more fun with clothes

It sounds shallow what with Ebola victims, ISIS atrocities, etc. but I'm still having fun working on pushing my wardrobe into more stylish directions. So here are the winners IMO from last week.

Wear a scarf all day (also wear an animal print day)

Mix prints day

Stack bracelets (and go to an evening meet and greet event) day

Sunday, October 19, 2014

When is just one enough?

Would you be happy with one pair of scissors? One frying pan and one pot? How about one car for the family? Or even one vacation a year?

I've been thinking about where in my life "just one" is enough. I go to the gym two times a week. Exercise clothes now are easy to hand wash and dry in a short time. One set of exercise clothes for each season (fall/spring, summer, winter) plus one jacket is enough. When I take walks I wear the same clothes I wear at home generally so that is all I need to exercise.

I'm not sure where else in my life "just one" is enough but I am thinking about it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Having fun with clothing again

I mentioned that I am participating in "Evolve your style" 31 day challenge by Imogen Lamport as I had become totally blasé about my clothing and wasn't enjoying putting myself together at all anymore. Which was odd for me because although I like having a small wardrobe I do like mixing colors and being playful as well as comfortable in my clothes. Well the challenge is fun and the feedback through the Facebook group is really nice and helpful. I love seeing what other women of all ages from around the world are wearing too. It has given me many ideas for making the most of what I have and for adding the right things to my wardrobe.

Here are three winners so far:

Wear a statement necklace day
I made the necklace long ago and never wore it with these complimentary colors.
Wear pink day
The belt and cardigan were thrifted just this past week.
Double up on necklaces day
The pearls were from my Mom's jewelry collection and I really didn't see myself wearing them but I like it in combination with a more casual necklace.

I'm finding for me that what is making the difference in how I feel about an outfit is adding accessories or making sure there is something of interest in a plainer combination of clothing. This fall and winter I am not following Project 333 but instead am going to track what I actually wear that I enjoy. I'm shopping for bargains to add some fun to my wardrobe and still sticking to a small, versatile collection of clothing and accessories.

It is fun to play "dress up" even at 65 and a good push to make sure I don't fall into a rut in terms of sticking to an easy "uniform" for my casual lifestyle.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Movie and book pairings

Not for the first time I have picked a movie to watch after reading a book. I stumbled upon Perfidia by James Ellroy and realized for the first time that the movie LA Confidential was based on reality. I know I am probably the last person to realize that LOL.

I had never seen the movie so we spent a rainy Saturday afternoon watching a copy that was borrowed from the library of course. What a great movie!

I also checked out Chinatown although the story line of that movie takes a lot more liberties with history. I remember it as also being a great movie.

I finished reading Saving Italy which is by the same author as Monuments Men and am waiting for a copy of the movie Monuments Men to become available for check out.

Any other ideas for book and movie pairings.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Not quite what I had planned - but good in its own way

Well, this morning started off with checking things off my to do list. I got as far as getting groceries, walking the dog and taking and posting photos for day 1 of "Evolve your style" 31 day challenge by Imogen Lamport.

The next part of the plan was to check out a new to me thrift store for some possible additions to my wardrobe. Yesterday I was in the mood to shop and drove to my current favorite thrift store only to find that they were closed for a vacation. Today the mood escapes me.

Still feeling the need to do something productive, (darn those Puritan ancestors!) I am currently making vegetable broth from peelings, ends and scraps that were in the freezer. Then there will be split pea soup. I will shorten the sleeves on a new to me windbreaker and possible have a go at trying to narrow the legs on a pair of too large yoga pants.

That loan hard cooked egg lurking in the frig became curried egg salad served on whole grain crackers. The last few grape tomatoes and half a just purchased avocado were added as sides. There is half an apple waiting too. Lunch is good.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Got that off the to do list!

Yesterday I looked at the item that just kept getting transferred from one to do list to the next to do list and got realistic about the chances that I would actually do it!

I had items from my Mom's estate that still needed to be sold (old watches and jewelry) and thought I should put them on eBay. Yet I didn't do it.

Our cousin makes an early retirement income from managing estate sales and selling on eBay and at a flea market. He does a great job and recently handled my FIL's moving to assisted living sale. I decided to have him see what he could do with the items and help him out at the same time I could let go of the guilt of not acting.

That led to making decisions about more old jewelry, etc. that I had sitting in drawers. Most of it was items my Mom had given to me that had belonged to her, her parents or her grandparents. They meant something to her but not enough to keep them and I only used about 5% of them over the last 20 to 30 years. I packed them up too and shipped it all yesterday. Consider that project 37 completed out of the goal of 52 for the year.

I feel relieved.

I also decided that I need to look at other unfinished and optional projects the same way.

- Am I actually interested in finishing this project or do I just feel guilty for having it unfinished for so long?

- If I really want it done, can someone else do it for me?

- If I really don't care, then what am I going to do with the half finished project and supplies?

There are enough things in life that truly have to be done. Laundry, meal prep, cleaning, yard work, bill paying, exercise, preventive health care, etc. There are enough worthwhile and fun things to fill the rest of the days.

The decluttering of part of my Mom's stuff also led to going through a bit more of the things I had brought home from her house. Do I need Christmas cards sufficient for the next 10 years? I kept the ones I really like and the rest will go in the Friends of the Library book sale. Still have other things to go through but the progress felt really good.

Friday, October 3, 2014

How about a GAP year for new retirees?

We have started letting the idea of taking a "Gap" year immediately after Hubby retires float around in our thoughts and conversations. I'm thinking of a gap year like some students take after high school/before college.

Prior to this we were focused on making long term decisions along with selling our house, moving across country, making all of the retirement financial decisions, etc. I thought why not let our selves off the hook, find a lovely place to live and rent affordably that is generally in the right part of the country and use the year to travel, explore where we might really want to live and put down roots at this time of our life and adjust to Hubby not working full time?

I'd love to find a resort type community and enjoy that lifestyle for a while. We may need to be within easy driving distance of my FIL as well as able to see other family easily. This may not become our plan.

However this idea has shifted our very preliminary discussions. We are ruling out some ideas and brainstorming others. Retirement for Hubby won't happen before May 17, 2017 and may wait until the end of 2017 but dreaming is good!

What ideas do you have for us to contemplate? We will need to be near Pasadena or Berkeley, CA and possibly restricted to S. CA for helping my FIL. We love water, art, theatre, nature hikes, a community that welcomes newcomers and much more.