Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Anticipation is a great part of happiness

The research on happiness actually shows that having things to look forward to makes you happier.

I am still in the looking forward to our weekend in Berkeley with family celebrations and firmly not thinking about the drive there and back lol.

We are heading up on this Thursday with a plan to arrive by 4pm to avoid traffic at that end. We have to come home on Monday (darn) as we are hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday and there are things to be done!

2 nights at my son's house and 2 nights sharing an AirB&B with the older son and family. The dog is going to be moving back and forth too.

Friday is the help get ready for the first birthday party on Saturday and help babysit our sweet granddaughter while her Mom and Dad work the symphony concert that evening. Saturday is her birthday party and in the evening we will celebrate the older son's engagement. Sunday morning is my Hubby's 65th birthday celebration. Yeah for milestones in triplicate.

I'm trying to make sure that preparing for Thanksgiving when we get back will be easy enough that I can look forward to the day and time with family rather than feeling stressed about preparing the meal and house. We have splurged by ordering a cooked turkey and gravy from Whole Foods and Hubby has volunteered to go pick it up Tuesday afternoon.

The local son and sweetie are bringing 2 vegetable dishes and planning to come out early in the day to help get ready. They will stay overnight too so there will be clean up help. My BIL is supposed to pick up and bring my FIL and his aunt.

I went grocery shopping today and bought everything that isn't perishable so I can make a quick trip to Trader Joe's on Tuesday morning for the last few things. I also bought appetizers that just need heating.

I've done some cleaning too so little will be done when we get back. The cooking for me amounts to making a pumpkin pie, brownies and cranberry sauce, roasting new potatoes, and reheating things. I think it will be nice and not too stressful!

Hope you have something lovely or joyous that you are looking forward to also.

Friday, November 10, 2017

5 for Friday

Let's see if this topic can keep going!

1. Hubby used to play tennis and actually had a college tennis scholarship before he decided to focus on academics. He was walking by the pickle ball court near our rec center and became intrigued. He stopped to rally with a player, was warmly welcomed by others and may have found his go to activity. We drove over to Oxnard this morning and he bought a pickle ball racquet while I checked out the TJMaxx in the same mall. I'd go back to that one.

2. I am liking my new yoga studio and the attentive and corrective instruction in the group sessions but really feeling the workout 2 days later. Is this normal? I asked the teacher and she said absolutely normal. Hope it gets easier with time.

3. I have been spending time trying to make sure we have the appropriate beneficiaries on all our accounts and/or that they are all joint accounts so then they wouldn't have to go into probate. Can't figure out how to do it for one online account so called customer service and they can't figure it out either! Waiting for a call back from the tech dept. Hoping we are right to not set up a revocable trust while both of us are living. It is very costly, but really streamlines the inheritance process so we are thinking we will wait until there is only one of us left.

4. Living close to extended family = lots of love with a small dash of aggravation (by just a very few people only thank goodness).

5. Lovely chat with my Berkeley based DIL today as we figure out how to add in a celebration of the other son's engagement to our upcoming weekend of birthday celebrations.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Entering the holiday and birthday season

I am actually looking forward to the upcoming holidays and all the birthdays we will celebrate as we go through the season.

We will kick it all off with birthday parties the weekend before Thanksgiving for our soon to be 1 year old granddaughter and soon to be 65 Hubby. Heading north to also help celebrate will be our older son and DIL. We will take our dogs too and are all 4 staying in an Air B&B together as we are too many for the younger family's house.

Then home to a small family Thanksgiving at our house - currently the count is 7 for dinner.

Onward to our younger DIL's early December birthday which will be celebrated long distance.

Then Christmas at the local son's home, a potential visit after Christmas by the Berkeley son and family and then all attending the Rose Bowl Parade down the street from the local son's house followed by the his birthday.

Sounds doable and good to me!

Do you have plans yet?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

I'm so happy

Last night my older son and his sweetie of 20 years called to say that they are getting married. We will be having such fun and experiencing such joy helping this wonderful couple celebrate their enduring love! They have always been so terrific as a couple and so supporting of each other.

October in a sentence amost each day

A lovely group of bloggers is noting their days by writing a sentence a day. Check out what they are up too through the links below. I'm joining in for October with my sentences for most days:

10/1 - We drove to Santa Paula and had a fun time looking at restored small, old planes at the Aviation Museum open house and then had lunch at the airport cafe.

10/2 - The patio redo continues with the removal of the bougainvillea stumps by Hubby.
10/3 - A lovely Fall day so I took several walks around my neighborhood, baked banana nut muffins and made beef stew.

10/6 - Interesting art history class this morning while Hubby stayed home with the handyman service and 3 more things on our home repair and improvement checklist were completed!

10/7 - Went to a 1 1/2 hour Fundamentals of Yoga class with a knowledgeable teacher and may be going back as a paying student.

10/8 - Wow, it is incredibly windy with a tree a few houses up coming down - lots of pine needles are also coming down so there will be no problem gathering enough to mulch the patio beds.

10/9 - Yeah for well behaved grand-dog and dog!

10/11 - It took what felt like forever for Hubby to make up his mind on 3 flower pots for the patio  but he is happy with the outcome.
10/12 - Well what do you know, the new recirculating water pump is not creating "instant" hot water because it was installed backwards!

10/13 - Lunch on the pier and a walk on the boardwalk in Ventura followed by getting 2 more plants for our new patio pots.

10/14 - Plants transplanted to pots and grand-dog getting some cuddles from Hubby on the definitely more spacious feeling patio.
10/15 - Two more pictures hung so we are nearing the end of that task with just a couple to go!
My painting in the small den
My Mom's painting by my desk
10/16 - Handyman rescheduled, bought a new watch, grocery run, washed my dog, read, and went out to dinner which made for a full if rather boring day.

10/18 - I agreed to be Treasurer for the community Pet Club (which has monthly programs and raises money for rescue and wild animal rehab, etc.) and we took dinner to my FIL's assisted living facility again as he really enjoys this along with a visit.

10/19 - Six months ago we arrived at our current home with a rental truck full of belongings and an air bed to sleep on and now we have made it a home.

10/20 - A nice celebration for everyone who volunteered for the Pet Club auction and rather amazing that over $4,000 was raised to split between the local animal shelter and a college wild animal program.

10/22 - Attended a small family gathering for the 1 year memorial and gravestone unveiling for my husband's uncle followed by lunch and catching up.

10/23 - Almost record breaking heat of 106F with winds which felt rather like a convection oven must.

10/24 - Excellent customer service from Spectrum regarding our internet outages which resulted in the replacement of corroded connectors and upgrades of cable splitters.

10/25 - What a difference a good night's sleep makes!

10/26 - Going to a talk about strokes and spine surgery sounds dreadful but the spine surgery segment was really fascinating.

10/27 - Final session of post-Impressionists art history class and a bit of golf on a beautiful S. Cal fall day.

10/29 - Took my son & DIL's dog home to Pasadena and they took us out for a fun lunch and then showed us pictures of their Amsterdam, Crete & Santorini 20th anniversary trip.

10/30 - Pumpkin raisin muffins made so Hubby is happy!

10/31 - With a great yoga studio just around the corner how could I not buy a monthly pass and start classes by attending a 1 1/2 hour Yoga 1 session.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Retirement can be somewhat like Kindergarten

Why is that you may ask.

If you move, you have to make new friends while learning new things. So it might be more like switching schools to one where you don't know anyone.

Speaking of learning new things, unless you stick with spending your time on the same things you did before retirement then you have to go through the agony and excitement of being a beginner once again. For me one of those things is taking yoga instead of Pilates. It is hard to feel awkward.

Staying home alone is not an option - or at least not a healthy one.

The size of your allowance may well change. Thinking about cash flow at each stage of retirement is vital for most of us.

You will find that there are many joys in your new adventure!

Monday, October 23, 2017

It's the little things

- Lots of doggie pets and tail wagging as we enter our last week of grand-dog sitting. Our dog will miss her new buddy.
- Health emergency info completed and posted on frig.
- Water heater successfully drained to prevent calcium build up which caused the early and expensive replacement of the one that came with the house.
- It is 100 degrees outside today and this house and new AC are doing really well - grateful.
- Our 11 month old granddaughter is walking - short distances right now but walking. Life changing for her parents LOL.