Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wow, the extra stuff in our life seems to know no end

The latest things to leave the house?

- Piles of old papers belonging to my husband. He still has to bring home the work files he wants to keep though (sigh!).

- A book that was in said pile of papers.

- An empty wooden box

- Extra hanging files and folders.

- Fireplace matches - you know, the extra long ones.

- Empty CD cases and rewriteable CDs.

- A map to the state where my parent's lived.

- A top I keep trying to make work for me - it doesn't.

- Keys that belong to nothing currently in our life.

Just posted via email to be taken by someone I hope! If that doesn't work the I'll try Freecycle.

- An oak roll top desk that was a 14th birthday gift to my older son 30 years ago.

Next up for curating:

- Travel related items including briefcases and suitcases

- Blankets & quilts

- Paper photos

Friday, July 15, 2016

10 keys to nothing in our life and other finds

I am diligently working on going through paper files and emptying a large desk that we want to remove from our house. The paper situation is fairly straightforward although I have been surprised that about 60% of what was in our files is not needed and has left the house.

Then I found a collection of extra keys. I spent about an hour trying to match them to ones we use and make sure all the extras for the house were collected together. I threw out old suitcase lock keys and the key to my FIL's former home. That has left me with 10 keys that I have no idea where they came from. Old padlocks or bike locks? Extra keys to my parent's former home? Keys to door locks we have replaced?

I have been walking around the house trying to make sure there are no locks that I'm not seeing. You might think that is strange but it took me 4 examinations of my current car to figure out where I could plug in my cell phone! Who puts that almost under the emergency brake?

So the getting ready to move efforts continue. A bit more paper to go through that requires my husband to make decisions about it and then on to photos. Yes I am groaning at the thought.

Update: I tried some more keys and two of our locks don't work from the outside as they are either dirty or corroded. That is the basement door and one lock on the front door that is never used. Adding lock cleaning/repairs to the list. Le sigh.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Changing habits for the better

I hate to admit it but I am trained as a Social/Organizational Psychologist and made my pre-retirement living most recently doing executive coaching to produce behavior change. You'd think I would apply my knowledge to my own behavior LOL.

Well, I haven't spent the time really thinking about the barriers to creating an exercise habit that weren't environmental (weather mostly). Finally I did.

In the mornings I am up early and full of energy. I stay busy and get things done.

Afternoons are my slump time. I end up reading and eating at home or going to the coffee house to do the same. I am bored and lonely.

So I have rejoined a medical center wellness center that has a gym, indoor pool and lots of exercise classes. My plan is to exercise in the afternoon instead of - well, reading and eating.

I started yesterday afternoon by going to a class that started at 3:00. The class was much the same to the stretching DVD I have intended to follow each morning and didn't.

The difference was that I laughed, visited with others and didn't eat cookies or cake at the coffee shop. I wrote down my weight and what I did to exercise in a log book.

Today I will start lap swimming although I know from the past that I can't swim very long or far at this point.

If I keep fully in mind that I am substituting behaviors in an attempt to change habits then perhaps this approach will work. I know it does if you stick with it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

30 Chic Days: It's a wrap!

It has been interesting to think about this topic for almost a month. I'm ending the 30 days by joining a wellness center at a hospital near me so I can swim laps and go to exercise classes frequently despite weather. It is also a lot less expensive than what I have been doing.

Enjoyed this process and time to move on!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

30 Chic days: Day 27 - sweating for a good cause

It is true Atlanta summer weather - hot, humid, lots of rainy days where brief downpours leave it, yes, more humid. And every plant outside is growing like a weed.

Well, I was out early this morning in old, but still decent looking, capris and a short sleeve t-shirt starting to prune back the bushes in the front yard before they engulf the house LOL. Good weight loss technique too. I have decided that being chic includes looking at least decently put together even when doing grungy chores. No more ready to toss yard work clothes for me.

After 2 1/2 hours of that I am showered and enjoying the air conditioning although I will be vacuuming, etc. later today.

I put on a very comfy and cool summer dress with sandals and a casual necklace. I like it better in the photo than looking in the mirror. What's up with that?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Goals for July

Thinking about this a bit late aren't I?

Here they are anyway -

1. Find out gender of our soon to be here grandchild (call this weekend-yeah!)

2. Finish going through all of the paper files and reduce from 4 drawers to 2 drawers. Don't forget the ones in a cupboard and the fire safe!

As part of this process I'll update our list of what we have spent on this house that might be deductible for tax purposes from the sales proceeds. I'll also make a list of improvements and date completed for potential buyers.

3. Hopefully start going through paper photos or at least decide how to approach the process.

I'm thinking of just reducing the volume at this point although I would like to get them scanned and make albums.

4. Rearrange our investments as CDs mature with the thought of buying a CA property for cash before we sell this one.

It would be nice to have somewhere to move to.

5. Make major decisions re bath remodel finishes. Put project out to bid.

6. Keep being happy with my summer wardrobe of 33 items plus jewelry, exercise & yard work gear, and PJs.

I have more than enough to wear with this wardrobe.

7. Decide or at least research the best way to get rid of oak roll top desk.

8. Decide if we are going to use the BBQ any more. If not, get rid of it and the propane tanks.

9. Cook, cook and cook some more. Dinner out is going to be occasional.

10. Cheer hubby on as he paints the inside of the new sun porch windows.

No painting for me this month although I might wash some walls. I do have lots of pruning and weeding to do LOL.

BTW, I do feel chic, comfortable and cool in today's Project 333 capsule wardrobe variation.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

30 Chic Days - Days 20-24: A chic home for potential buyers?

I'm joining Fiona and Sue to track 30 days of "chic" living.

Days 19 - 21

A chic home right now means a light, bright and spacious one that will appeal to buyers while still nurturing us as long as we live here.

Over the long weekend we continued to work on our downsizing and sale prep projects.

We have made a lot of progress and each time a room is nearly done we wish we had done it sooner. I think the lesson is to rethink decor and belongings regularly!

I spent a lot of time going through genealogy paper files and reduced the volume by about half even though I printed out the documentation from my genealogy software. The challenge was to not get started doing more research!

My husband worked on priming the new sun porch window frames and made a lot of progress.

We put the upstairs bathroom back together and it looks totally different with just a change of paint, bathmat, curtains and artwork. I will buy new towels at the last minute so they will stay fresh. Remember how dark it was? Not to everyone's taste.

It is a bit too light colored for us now but we tried a shade a bit darker and again it made the room too dark although it provided better contrast. Hopefully light and bright will appeal as a blank slate for potential buyers. The paint is called French White. We added new curtains too.
  We can use our blue or brown bath mats - which do you think looks better?