Saturday, March 16, 2019

A "get it done" week!

This has been a "get it done" week and the results are good!

Sunday We both worked on clearing up things that had stacked up around the house. The biggest change was Hubby throwing out lots of my FIL's paperwork and finding a place to store the rest out of the way. He emailed a late arriving tax document to the accountant and gave the signal to file our taxes. We are still waiting on my FIL's final return for signing. He even dusted his desk!

I went through club paperwork that was dropped off by the former President member and now have one box ready to go to the current President for decisions. I also bought groceries and gassed up the car.

Monday I returned an online order to JJill and found 2 items instead that will work well at much less cost. Also went in the Clark's store to see if there were any shoes and sandals that might work for me and then came home and ordered 3 pairs. Dropped off an Amazon return of Hubby's and got cash from the ATM. Loaded up items for club evening meeting and will find a better place to store them tomorrow.

Tuesday I'm sorry to say that there were piles on lots of flat surfaces when I started.

At the end of the day only the piles on the counter next to my purse and smaller piles on my desk remained! The desk will get finished tomorrow and the stuff next to my purse will be taken to a club meeting on Thursday. So what did I do?
  • Updated my reading list for my next book club meeting
  • Printed estimated tax forms and sent 1st payment
  • Found documents required to get Real ID driver's licenses
  • Unsubscribed my FIL and myself from 7 catalogues
  • Did all emailing, material updating and banking for Pet Club, ordered more membership cards and put away materials from Monday night's  meeting and a box of materials headed to another person's house
  • Reviewed minutes from Somis Thursday Club board meeting
  • Sprayed weeds in the driveway
  • Took the dog for a nice long walk and to CVS to pick up a prescription
Wednesday I continued to address my desk and online to dos. I also did some housework. My desk now only has the one project that is ongoing in a stack to the side plus the items I use everyday. Exciting huh?

Thursday Mostly a day off from this fun week's focus although I did stop at the medical offices to ask them to send a new link to the online patient portal since there were problems with the last one. Tech support asked them to do it last week but didn't happen. I found out they had reentered my email incorrectly. I finally got it to work!

What I did do today that was fun was attend my women's club monthly lunch meeting. Got to get a little bit more dressed up.

Friday If it doesn't get done today when will it get done! What was left was  updating our first responder medical info cards for the frig and putting my new Dr's info into my MedicAlert record. Then there was the PR materials for Pet Club - the volunteer effort that I am starting to resent & I've already given notice for the end of the year. Ordered some new tea towels for the kitchen. Bonus points for doing laundry and trying a new dinner recipe - quinoa, broccoli and beef bowls.
Saturday The week isn't over yet! Groceries, a trip to the DMV armed with lots of documents to get our Real ID drivers licenses and out to dinner as a reward!

Next week is SELF CARE week for me. Join me!

I already had some medical appointments so I added some fun and rejuvenating activities too.

Friday, March 15, 2019

My Spring Bucket List

Do you make a bucket list for the coming season? Why not give it a try if you don't do it already?

Here is mine and you can see lots of others by going to the links at the bottom of this post. Thanks to Leslie for setting this up. Check her list out at her lovely blog

I'm planning to get out and around, plan some social activities and try some new things!

Visit Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks to enjoy Spring greenery and flowers

Plan a Spring trip to N California to include a night or 2 in Napa to check it out as a possible new hometown

Have friends over for drinks and nibbles

Have family over for brunch

Make a picture frame with Hubby so we can hang his Dad's painting

Go to the Farmer's Market several times and buy different things
  • A new vegetable and/or fruit
  • A different prepared food
  • Flowers to make an arrangement
  • A gift
  • Something to wear

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

2nd half of February: Granddaughter time, moving research, taxes, and more

I'm starting to think my months have these categories of activities - fun including family time, got to do it, and unusual events. So here is the last 2 week of my February. Nothing exciting I can assure you LOL.

- We drove to Berkeley in the rain and saw 4 rainbows! Three of the rainbows were very low so the top of the arch seemed to be sitting on the ground and the bands of color were very wide. Lovely. A long weekend with our family there including our much loved granddaughter. The drive home was in sunshine but there was snow visible on mountains where usually there isn't any.

- Lunch with our local DIL who was in our town for work. We went to Love Pho N' Mor with me having 4 seasons spring rolls and the others having soup. Nice visiting!

- Tax accountant appointment and review of our returns with my FIL's yet to do.
- Browsing neighborhoods and houses near Berkeley to see if there was a place that we would consider moving to.
- Finally getting 3 crowns installed after much effort to get them the right color and shape.

- Another ER visit for Hubby that turned out to be a chest muscle pull causing pain breathing instead of something much more serious.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

If we move again, where will we land?

We achieved our goal of checking out neighborhoods near our son's home in N. Berkeley and found some areas we really liked although not the prices. Then Hubby looked up where the Hayward fault line runs and it runs right under our son's house and through the areas we were seriously considering. Since it is considered one of the most dangerous fault lines in N. Cal he says no to purchasing a home in that area.

So we are considering further away and then wondering if that defeats the purpose of moving close LOL.

Anyone have any insight into living in the Pleasant Hill area east of Berkeley or in Napa?

So much to consider but we have to keep moving forward.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Mid Februrary - opera, dentist, travel and rain, lots of rain

We are heading out in the morning to visit our Berkeley family once again and so looking forward to time with our granddaughter. She is at the point now that she asks to Facetime us so we are delighted with that. The poodle princess gets to stay home with her sitter and I think in her heart that makes her happier; certainly less stressed except for wondering where we have gone.

So what have we been up to so far this month?

Hubby started an OLLI class on epigenetics. Hopefully we will both understand what that is after a few more sessions!

I've been in and out of the dentist's chair too many times. This too will pass.

We went to see the movie Stan and Ollie and really enjoyed it. Highly recommend.

We also went to a staging of an opera, The Tales of Hoffman, at my club's building. It was a lovely afternoon with bistro seating, wine and snacks. The opera was staged using the whole space so they moved among the audience and it was amazing. Then out to dinner with the two friends who shared our table at the opera.

Don't want to forget to mention the rain. We have had days where it came in monsoon like levels of downpour, a rare S. Cal thunderstorm and lots of showers. Starts in again tomorrow. No complaints as we just cross our fingers that the reservoir serving this area is filling up after a many year drought. The roads near burn areas have had some mudslides and mandatory evacuations though so not all positive.

Hope your month is going well. Let me know what is happening in your life.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The "be careful what you wish for" end of January summary

I do believe I should have been more specific when I said I need more to do in the 2nd half of January than was on the schedule! It got filled up but mostly with health issues and treatments.

So I had 2 temp crowns and a filling put in, got my 2nd Shingrix shot (yeah - I'm done) with the same "I feel like I'm getting really sick" reaction. Just started to feel better from that when we were in the ER with Hubby in great pain from gallstones. You can tell where this is headed can't you? A Sunday evening gallbladder removal which identified a further procedure that needed to be done and which was on the 29th. All is well now - but next time I'll be more specific and say, I need more fun and pleasant things to do!!!

All of this has led to little progress on goals, stress eating and lots of time spent vegging. I've continued to walk the dog but that is about it for exercise. I went out to lunch with a friend before all of the above.

How was your month? 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Out of the gate - Busy start to 2019 in first half of January

A busy first half of January in terms of meetings, prep time and socializing. I'm realizing that the 2 groups I am involved with have all their activities in the first half of each month and then nothing. Looks like I need to make plans with friends and family for the second half of each month so I have something to look forward to!

I've spent a lot of time on our finances. Balancing everything for the end of 2018, making the 2019 budget, thinking about what to do with our inheritance and if we move again what that will cost. We had quite a few occasional payments due and other action items, so I made a chart by month for those periodic bills and things like appointments to make, birthdays, etc. and it is helping.

I've also decided to focus on being even more conscious of my/our optional spending more from a minimal impact and not adding more stuff to our lives perspective (rather than financial) - see the new tab at the top of the blog.

So I am summarizing how I've done on my 2019 Intentions twice a month for now as a reminder to focus on them. I did pretty good!

2019 Dreams, Aspirations and Hopes (No goals here) - January 1 to 14

SORTA 1. Make exercise a do-able habit - Focused on stretching and walking. Did my stretch DVD 3 times so far this month and walked 8 times. Need to work on stretching more!

YES 2. Lots of family time - Lovely time with all immediate family on New Year's Day at the Rose Parade and then half of them at our house that night and the next day. Out to lunch with Hubby. Called great-aunt to invite her to lunch but she was ill so will make that happen later.

YES 3. Be active socially - The first half of the month was busy. Women's club board, book discussion group and monthly meeting. Pet Club meeting. Scheduled lunches with two friends for later in the month and a group outing in February.

YES 4. Dream and evaluate location and lifestyle options - Had an initial discussion re options and timing of potential move to the Berkeley area. Looked at our investments to see how and when we could have the cash to buy a new place before selling this one.

SORTA 5. Read with a purpose - Went to book discussion group. Have requested several memoirs from the library.

6. Refresh my wardrobe in my style and colors - This has taken an interesting turn as I have decided to do a Not Buying New Challenge for a while. If something wears out or if I have a specific need for which there is nothing in my closet I can buy it but otherwise it is thrifted or nothing.

7. Healthier food all the time - Well, no.

YES 8. House ready to sell or enjoy even more - Deep cleaned the front bedroom. I wanted to buy something to store racquets and balls that were on the closet floor, but found a sturdy box to use instead. Enlisted Hubby to dust the ceiling fan blades and high closet shelf. Made a list of bedding replacements desired, but am not shopping for a while as I decide which are the top priorities for replacement/upgrading household items.

9. Push my creativity - Hmmm.

YES 10. Learn - I'm participating in a beta test of a new online program and learning a lot. I read an interesting book by Stephen Talty, "Empire of Blue Water: Captain Morgan's Pirate Army" and another by Shaun Bythel, "The Diary of a Bookseller".

11. Do more enjoyable things - Attended a performance of an opera medley. It was very interesting and enjoyable. A group of us then bought tickets for a table at the February performance of Tales of Hoffman by the same local opera company.