Tuesday, August 25, 2015

But I thought I had gone through all those papers!

In the seemingly never ending task of reducing our belongings in advance of our cross country move (Hubby retires in 21 months), I have been trying out the Konmari method of deciding what to keep.

My clothes were easy as they have had a lot of attention this year. My books - same deal. Then I got to papers excluding sentimental ones which are mostly my genealogical files. I thought this would be a breeze as at the beginning of each January I go through all of our files and remove unnecessary paper. Well, clearly I thought I was doing that!

It turns out I haven't really looked at each piece of paper but rather whizzed through each file. I'm almost done with the looking at each piece this round though.

What's left? I still need to go through our fire safe, a notebook of mine and our kitchen desk pile. But this morning Hubby asked what he should do with all of the papers in his office at work that represent his lifetime career achievement!!! I suggested scanning them and tossing. Hopefully he has multi-page scanning capability at work as our combo printer/scanner/fax will only do one page per file. I'd buy a new scanner rather than moving and storing all of his papers which will probably rarely, if ever, be looked at again.

Onward with papers I can deal with.

Friday, August 7, 2015

My dog likes broccoli and other Friday facts

1. We were skeptical when our dog sitter told us that our dog like broccoli but she sure does! Raw or cooked. What other vegetables and fruits can dogs safely eat? Our cousin's dog loves baby carrots and who knew pumpkin and banana were ok to feed your pooch. Here are a couple lists of what is ok and not ok to feed your dog.



2. Other than my husband, I don't think anyone knows I have long wanted to attend a roller derby game. Well, we are going to an Atlanta Rollergirls playoff game on August 15th! I stumbled on an ad for it and their venue is not far away. I'm pumped! Our local PBS station did a special on the team and their program for teaching young girls to play that was very interesting.

http://rollerderbyresource.com/  says that roller derby is an American invented contact sport originally created in the 1930′s. By the 1970′s roller derby had taken a turn into sports entertainment territory. Often playing to sold out stadiums and broadcast on TV – roller derby teams relished the showmanship and theatrical antics that riled up the crowd.  Modern day roller derby has moved away from scripted bouts of the 70′s and is a true full contact sport that focuses on athleticism and agility.

3. While we were on vacation we spent an evening with our sons and DILs just hanging out and eating BBQ salmon and lamb chops along with other delicious foods. They served homemade Chimichurra as a sauce for the main dishes. We had never had it but it was delicious. An Argentinian sauce it is made with flat leaf parsley, garlic and more. Sort of pesto like. Here is one recipe if you want to try it.


4. I'm feeling excited about our decision to live in the Eagle Rock community of Los Angeles if S. CA is our relocation target. If it is N. CA we will probably try out Oakland as I think Berkeley is out of our price range.

5. Regardless of where we move we WILL HAVE A SMALLER YARD! I spent a total of 4 hours pruning bushes in our yard this week and am only half way through the front yard which has fewer bushes than the back yard. Since I need to make it around the entire yard I want to see how long that takes LOL.

6. Sometimes there are viable alternatives to buying items packaged in plastic if you look hard enough. I like to make muffins and use paper cups to line the muffin tin. The ones I have been buying come in a plastic container so I searched Amazon to see if I could find any packaged in paper. I did and I looked harder at the grocery store and there they were and cheaper than ordering online!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

How did I manage to work and commute and everything else?

Walk dog
Waste time on internet
Attend two classes
Groceries (forgot to ask for senior discount and they forgot to ask - have to go back)
Waste time on internet
Dog to vet for monthly shot for her Addison's disease
Drink wine while reading book
TV & reading

How did I ever work???

Sunday, August 2, 2015

August goals

Vacation is over and it is sooooo much summer here that I will have to push myself to get outside but I need to for several reasons including exercise and yard work. Lots to do this month so here goes with the goals.

Friends & Family
- Call friend scheduled to have hip replacement before and after surgery
- Lunch with a friend
- Book club meeting

- Make sure Friends of the Library book sale plans are all completed by team
- Sort donated books 4 times

- Prune all bushes
- Spray for mosquitoes although not too bad this year
- Car routine service

Health & Exercise
- Make appointment with dermatologist for skin check
- Buy correct foam roller
- Pilates 4 times
- Daily stretching
- Weights twice a week

- Buy socks for waterproof walking/hiking shoes
- Make skirt that is already cut out
- Thrift shop for 2 tops for skirts

- Attend final 2 weeks of OLLI classes
- Pick 2 classes for next session and register

- Monthly vet visit and discuss reduced impact of hormone shot
- Walk further each day
- Bathe and groom

That should do it!

Friday, July 31, 2015

What we did for fun while staying in Pasadena, CA

When you visit family in a place where one of you grew up and the other moved as a young adult you don't really want to play tourist even though we moved away 18 years ago. While much of our time was spent with family hanging out or going out to eat, we also did some fun activities.

One day we and the "kids" took the Metro to Little Tokyo/The Arts District part of downtown LA. We walked a bit and saw some amazing murals on the old warehouse buildings.

Then we had lunch outside at the Urth Café nearby.

We followed this with playing pinball and video games at the Eighty Two Arcade Bar. I have always wanted to own a pinball machine so this was my fun place.

The next evening the kids went to a free outdoor concert and took a picnic but I was too worn out to go. As I mentioned, we also fit in a nice visit to the Norton Simon Museum. So many options!

Home from vacation

Yup, we are definitely home from a week long vacation in S. CA visiting lots of family. The laundry is done, groceries bought and dog washed! You see, when we go on vacation the dog does too. She stays with her other family (former foster family) and her best dog and cat friends. It is like a kid going to camp. She comes home dirty and exhausted after have the most fun ever! This time she brought home a new squeaky toy as they love her as much as we do.

Our vacation accomplished just what we wanted it to. One son and DIL also flew in to we had both our boys and their sweeties for the weekend. We also visited with my FIL, BIL & SIL, 2 nieces, a nephew, 3 aunts, 2 uncles, 2 cousins - and one grand-dog. Not all at once though. Lots of driving, lots of meals out and lots of love. That still leaves 5 cousins, one nephew and a number of friends that we didn't get to see this time.

We did take a bit of time off and had an outdoor lunch at the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena. Afterwards we enjoyed their sculpture garden complete with blue and orange dragonflies. We then took in the exhibits before heading out for more family time.

We also spent some time touring possible place to live when we relocate. Although old town Ventura was great we decided it was too far away from everyone. Surprisingly we have selected the Eagle Rock neighborhood of LA as our target. We lived there 35 years ago when we first got together while in graduate school. It is much trendier now but still has that blue collar edge along with an artsy hippy vibe that we like. We could afford to buy a home there and it is the location of Occidental College and a short surface street drive from Pasadena where our son and DIL live.

If N CA becomes the target instead we have suggestions on neighborhoods to research in Oakland and Berkeley so we are making progress with 23 months to retirement.

What I bought in July and August planned shopping

I am following Mette's example and keeping track of the clothing and other personal items I buy each month in hopes of creating a 5 year shopping calendar like she has. So in addition to my vacation (a different post!) what I bought this month was the following.

1. Makeup - I haven't worn makeup for a couple of decades except for tinted moisturizer. I decided to buy a couple of items and try them though and am happy I did. All told I spent $131.28 on these items plus makeup remover. Just think of all the money I have saved over the years by not wearing makeup LOL!

- It Cosmetics Ybbb Your Brows but Better Brow Powder Skinny Pencil - I bought one at Ulta and then was told they were almost half price on QVC so I bought 2 more. I'm stocked up!
- Christian Dior Abricot Creme - Fortifying Cream For Nail - 10g/0.3oz
- Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Treatment Concealer, Fair/L...

2. Walking sandals - I went to REI and bought a pair of ECCO sandals so I could walk on vacation comfortably. They were great and I wore them part or all of each day. A great purchase and happily a near skin color in my color palette so they went with everything. I used our REI member rebate from last year's purchases to reduce the list price of $130 plus tax to $113.60 and I'll get a rebate on some of what I did spend.

3. A Kindle book - I broke my no more buying books rule because my book club is reading The Nightingale and the waiting list at the library was huge. It is now on my Kindle but won't be added to my shopping calendar.

August shopping will include:
- Exercise/physical therapy gear (lacrosse ball and foam roller)
- Sock for waterproof walking shoes
- Another summer dress