Thursday, October 8, 2015

Project 333 Fall Capsule Wardrobe: Week 1 of 12

As regular readers know, I am working on evolving my wardrobe to only have items that fit well, match my style (California wine country casual), are in my colors and work in multiple parts of my admittedly casual lifestyle.

Fall is fleeting here with summer continuing to pop up in October and cold weather can hit by mid-December. Of course that is Atlanta cold, not real cold.

So for the first week of Fall (self declared to be the first week of October I wore 21 items that count in Project 333 in addition to 2 workout outfits, one grubby yard/house work outfit and 2 sets of sleepwear. I am demoting one pair of jeans and a zip sweatshirt to yard/house work so at 19 items I'm quite a bit below the 33 items of Project 333.

Still that includes a jacket, 2 cardigans, 5 tops, 3 jeans/pants, 3 pairs of shoes, a purse, 2 necklaces and a bracelet. I know I'd get terribly bored if I didn't add other options so I'll bring those in as the weeks go by and our weather evolves.

My favorite "nice" outfit this past week was a sparkly yellow tank with the tiny diamond necklace made from an great-grandmother's antique earring, patterned olive slacks, and ivory cardigan for book club evening. One of my friends commented that I looked like I had lost weight. Since I haven't I'll take that as an indication of how wearing the right clothes helps!

My favorite "everyday" outfit was a striped 3/4 sleeve top, medium wash jeans and the wide bead bracelet for some sparkle.

I'm not so sure how I feel about these thrifted tangerine jeans, but I'm playing with them to see if they stay. This week I wore them with the gray top and orange pendant plus the ivory cardigan from above as needed.


Looking ahead let's play with those tangerine jeans! Feedback please!

In the past I've also tried pairing them with this ivory lace top plus the belt shown above, dangly bronze earrings and the ivory cardigan if needed.

What do you think of them with this warmer darker gray top?

Lastly, I'm wondering if adding this same color blouse with the ivory cardigan is a workable look?

To finish up the 19 items in my Fall capsule wardrobe so far also included basic blue and black tops plus a black cardigan. Add in an olive windbreaker with a hood, 3 pairs of loafers (black, stone and navy), a purse, and a belt and that is my Fall capsule so far.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy dances for the week of 9/27

Oh, how little it takes to make me happy. Of course I like the big, joyful things in life too.

This past week I felt happy because

- Hubby and I played Scrabble using our own version of the rules for what we call "Speed Scrabble". No point keeping and you have to make your play fairly quickly so that it is doable to play a game in the evening.

- I really enjoyed my book club evening  (even though I hadn't read the book)

- Feeling quite happy with my fall wardrobe; even a bit stylish LOL

- Added an hour long stretch class to my weekly Pilates session and will keep doing so

- Made chicken enchilada casserole for the first time in ages and it was delicious

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Best reading of September

Here are the non-fiction and fiction books I enjoyed the most this month.

My non-fiction find was an ebook from the library that I didn't expect to enjoy. It really was great and is hard to describe but she talks about relationships, life stories, love and loss and so much more. I highly recommend it.

In the fiction arena I have to my own surprise gotten hooked on a historical romance series about a Napoleonic War era group of spies including a woman code named The Pink Carnation. Not everyone's cup of tea but I find them fun.

This month's fiction best read though was a Sherlockian pastiche by a famous basketball player who is said to have applied Sherlockian powers of observation to perfecting his game.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy dances for the week of September 20th

This was a social week for me and that made me happy.

- Had lunch with a woman who was the little girl next door when I was in high school & college. Her Mom and mine were best friends and both died in the Spring of 2014. It was nice to "meet" her while she was in town visiting friends of hers.

- Talked on the phone and via email with the woman who was the teenager next door when I was a young Mom living in San Diego. We are arranging to spend a day with her while we are in NYC in October as she lives in Brooklyn. Will be so much fun to see the city with her as we travel around being tourists.

- Had a nice long chat with a friend who just got back from an Alaskan cruise. She was so happy with the experience and is figuring out how to go back to Alaska next summer. I am so happy for her as she doesn't do much for herself and was concerned if the money she spent on the cruise was going to be worth it.

Other happiness inducers were:

- When I walked into Kroger on Wednesday morning they handed me a yellow carnation. It is in a bud vase brightening a corner of our home right now.

- I got my flu shot at the drugstore and am very happy I realized it was time to do this and that there is no cost due to my insurance. Most people aren't happy to get vaccinations but I was terribly ill with the flu a long time ago to the point of losing 10 pounds after living on water and a bit of bread for a week spent lying down. Although I would like to lose 10 pounds I don't want to be that sick ever again if I can avoid it!

- We had our giant sugar maple and oak trees pruned to thin the crown and pull it back some from the house roof and power line. They did a fabulous job and cleaned up after themselves pretty well. Last major, expensive prune (hopefully) before we sell the house.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy dances for week of September 13th

We had several lovely cool Fall days in a row before it became Summer again. As a result we were able to walk a segment of the Atlanta Beltline on Sunday. Exercise, a temporary outdoor art exhibit, some wildflowers, lunch at the turnaround point and a nice time with Hubby is happiness indeed.

The used CD and record store owner bought the CDs leftover from the Friends book sale. I believe he paid us more than they are worth which was kind.

I have finished a round of pruning of bushes in our yard! Just in time for leaf raking LOL.

My clothes shopping for wardrobe rebuilding continues. Among other things I found a jacket with a hood in exactly the color I was looking for at the consignment store. I'm now all set for Fall except for shoes.

This amazing spider and its zigzag reinforced web center!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A stitch in time

Do you mend? Do you "upcycle" clothes or other items? Do you make things from scratch?

I would like to do more of this including making some jewelry. In the last few days though I did the following mending to keep what we have in use.

- Sewed a button one of Hubby's shirts. Found the button in the washer.

- Mended a tiny hole in a casual shirt.

- Turned an old casual shirt into an infinity scarf.

- Added a snap & decorative button closure to an old sweater

Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy dances for the week of September 6th

I was happy to see this critter in our back yard Friday morning and even happier to see it before I stepped there! It is well camouflaged. I wonder what they eat? Love that they have red eyes and definitely look at you.

A lovely lunch with a friend. Always good company but what I realized made me extra happy was that we started telling parts of our life story to each other. It is so important to have friends you can share your story with.

I learned that the Friends of the Library book sale on the 6th raised $6400 for the library! That is $1000 more than we made on the sale at the same time last year.

The spot on my nose I was concerned about is a broken blood vessel and not a lesion according to the dermatologist. Since it was right next to the scar from a previously removed carcinoma that makes me very happy.