Monday, November 30, 2020

Succumbed to some sales

 Oh my but clothing sales were really nice, I’ve ordered quite a few things and hope they all fit!

Have you been shopping the seasonal sales?

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thankful Thursday #10 - Thanksgiving Day edition

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US. I’m very curious how you ended up celebrating and what you ate.

Our first thanksgiving after moving to Atlanta many years ago and thus just being a family of 3 for the day, we decided that recreating the traditional family day would be depressing. So we changed it up with a hike, leaf raking to music and non-traditional meals We had a lovely day instead of a sad one. That was a good start to the idea of creating new traditions as needed.

1. Thankful for my loved ones so happy birthday love to our granddaughter (4!), Hubby, and my lovely cousin Mary. Happy anniversary to my big brother and lovely SIL.

2. The dog continues to feature in my thankful list but this time because of what my husband did. As he was taking her out for the last time before bed he had a sweet little “talk” with her about sleeping until 6 am. Made me smile and she loves to be talked to in a happy tone.

3. Hubby took to heart my comment that our grocery purchases were lacking variety. He came home with artichokes and frozen scallops both of which we haven’t cooked in years. Steamed the artichokes, ate two and have two in frig for later. The scallops are forming the basis for our Thanksgiving meal. He does the Trader Joe’s run and I do Vons so we each limit our potential exposure.

4. He also figured out how to take the cover off the bath exhaust fan (the installers had caulked it to the ceiling - duh on their part) then cleaned it really well, fixed the ceiling and touched up the paint. Thankful to have such a handy man.

5. I was able to drop off old prescription medications in the local police department lobby to be disposed of safely. All I had to do was put them in a ziplock bag and drive over there.

6. We got the alternator replaced in our car and they stood by the quote made months ago when they said it didn't need replacing yet. Thankful it is fixed before we get stuck on the road! Bonus is that the car now runs very quietly.

7. Definitely something I am thankful for is all of the judges who are throwing out the Trump campaign and related cases filed by sycophants with scathing lectures on how unconstitutional they are. I am appalled at these attempts to reverse the actual vote to appease one sick little man.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thankful Thursday #9 - Nov 19th

When seeing posts from online friends living in New Zealand and the Melbourne, Australia area going about pre-Covid lives I have been having a big bout of envy. They have done things right and don't have the US horrible situation of infections, full hospitals, stressed to the breaking point health care workers, and endless deaths. 

Out of my control though so I am once again focusing on what I was thankful for this past week.

1. I am endlessly thankful for a husband who is an equal partner in the kitchen. He asked me what I wanted to do for dinner Friday and my response was “absolutely nothing”. He came up with a plan and I only had to get rice ready to cook.

2. Lola the dog (as my granddaughter used to call her) actually slept past 5 am on 4 days this past week. I’ll be even more thankful if she increases that total!

3. The large-ish folding table that was in the garage fits nicely under a bed and the step stool fits in the coat closet. Two fewer things to trip over! 

4. This past Saturday while the dishwasher and washing machine were both running I thought how thankful I am that we have machines to do those jobs.

5. We realized it was rather silly to keep paying for collision insurance with a $1,000 deductible for a 10 year old car no matter how low the mileage. Thankful the agent is responsive and our refund is on the way.

6. I'm also thankful I learned how to bake at a young age - thank you Mom and 4-H! Have you ever made chocolate depression cake? Very simple and less rich than most cakes or cookies and made 9 pieces that we had no trouble eating lol. I think I've had that baking dish since my first college apartment.

Monday, November 16, 2020

The temporary clutter of decluttering

 It never fails at least for me. I decide to declutter or something breaks and then it takes time to get rid of it.

- The items I removed from the small bedroom closet are now in our den. Pickup date December 3rd.

- Paint cans to be taken to hazardous waste are sitting in the garage and I need to schedule a drop off date.

- Broken radio and air fryer also sitting in garage along with paint drop cloths. Will slowly discard in regular trash which has a small bin and limited extra space each week. Our bit if yard waste also sits around waiting for space in the regular bin.

- Items like Christmas lights, etc. that are going to our younger son are sitting in the small bedroom waiting for our trip starting December 4th.

- Christmas decorations still to go through are sitting in our dining room.

Does it get worse before it gets better at your house too?

Friday, November 13, 2020

When your husband buys a bike and puts the patio chairs in the attic ...

 We had discussed how to fit the bike into our small garage but when he went off to pick up the bike I happened to realize the 4 folding patio chairs and 2 folding metal tables were gone. I even looked under the beds! Turns out he had put them in the attic so now I can’t access them. Long story but today we are going to go through and rearrange the storage cupboards in the garage and figure out how to rearrange other stored items. One chair and table will be returning to the garage!

This morning has me laughing at that plus the craziness of getting up at 2 am so the dog could have her urgent pee, very low water pressure from the kitchen faucet and the new toaster not working. Laughing after coffee that is and yes I did go back to sleep and so did the dog. And post coffee experimentation found it was the outlet not the toaster that was the problem. Fixed now.

I won’t dare say the rest of the day has to go better. It is Friday the 13th after all lol.

How is your morning going?

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thankful Thursday #8 - Nov 12

 I continue to enjoy and find uplifting my commitment to finding things to list each week. Please add some of yours in the comments!

1. President Elect Biden and VP Elect Harris! And everyone who turned out to vote for them whether via mail or in-person.

2. I have to give a heartfelt thanks to my club’s members. The board meetings, general monthly meeting and book group continue to be consistent highlights in the first two weeks of each month. Lovely people and good friends.

3. Rain and cooler weather. The rain was odd and a one off but came down pretty hard early Saturday morning.

4. Cleared out and cleaned the smaller bedroom closet. I’m thankful we were able to agree to donate some of what was stored in there.

5. I was able to take an almost 1.5 mile walk! Thankful for a body that heals and physical therapy that speeds the process.

6. I modified my approach to making chicken enchilada casserole and it came out great. Always thankful for cooking efforts that taste good and produce leftovers lol.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Is this group psychosis or simply pandering for future votes and power?

I am watching with my jaw dropped as Pompey announces that Trump will be inaugurated for a second term and agency heads are ordered to prepare budgets for February under the Trump team guidance. The 2 current Republican senators from Georgia demand the Republican Secretary of State resign because he didn’t deliver victories for them. Donald Jr and his lover pushing to lead the Republican Party. McConnell pretending Trump still could get the most electoral votes. It goes on and on.

Could a movie be this bizarre?