Thursday, February 4, 2016

On spinal anatomy, pain, and the wonders of physical therapy

My body keeps teaching me things LOL.

Last weekend I noticed that I had significant pain and restricted range of motion when I tipped my head forward or to the left. Enter my wonderful Physical Therapist who made space for me on her calendar yesterday and today in hopes that I can get on an airplane on Tuesday without lots of pain. I like pain free travel and family visits don't you?

So what is the problem? My spinal facet joints have grabbed bits of tissue and are grinding them when I move - facet joint impingement it is called. What was most interesting to me was the fact that I even have facet joints (Spine Universe) which are what connects the vertebrae together and run along the sides of your spine.

Lots of improvement after the first PT session and I am hoping for more after today's. Then I hope my tendency to be very diligent about doing the assigned PT exercises will help me be pain free or at least minimal.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

For Mette - the 4 brooches I own

Mette (The yogastic shopping planner) asked for photos of my brooches and here they are. This little wooden seahorse belonged to my Mom and she passed it on when I was a teenager. Special meaning but rarely worn.

The next one was very hard to photograph as it is so sparkly! Blue stones and multi finish metals. Recently purchased from Etsy as a vintage item.

Another vintage one from an Etsy dealer and it really matches my love of complexity and design.

The last one is also vintage but more traditional looking and shiny not in a fun way. This is the one I'm not sure I am going to keep although today I used it to pin a long scarf in place so it may be a keeper after all!

Sorry the photos aren't better but I am still learning how to navigate Windows 10 and can't find my photo editor!

Evaluation: January wardrobe additions - one month and a year or more ago

The ongoing challenge of trying to remake my wardrobe.

This January I spent $67 and picked up several things with mixed results. I was also surprised at how little cold weather we had and it looks like February will also be unusually warm.

I am short. Most tops are too long. Some of these fall in that category, but while the first 2 look ok and all fill a need to stay warm I'm not sure about the third.

Olive sweater (Eddie Bauer) - $12 thrifted; 3 wears  - I love how this looks on. Here I cozied it up with a vest, scarf and hiking boots that were keeping my feet warm on our first real winter day.

Wine tweed cowl sweater (Charter Club) - $14 thrifted; 2 wears - I was looking for an oversized acrylic sweater that was right for our colder days and there it was! Perfect.

Stone tweed zip cardigan - $13 thrifted; 2 wears - I have removed the zipper and washed & dried it so far so it is smaller now. I need to play with this more as I think it is too straight and long and makes me look frumpy. I'm going to try fastening it with a brooch to see if that helps. It is warm though it may have to move on to someone else's closet.

Mauve 3/4 sleeve top - $4 thrifted; 0 wears - I'm not so sure about the color of this as it may be too muted for me. I am in the process of shortening it. Will see how it works out in warmer weather.


Gray corduroy pants - $4 thrifted; 0 wears - I was eyeing a similar pair on Macy's website that were on sale for $23 but then stopped by a thrift store on a day where everything was 40% off. Had to hem them and they are lower rise than I prefer but .... how great is that since I only will wear them 1 or 2 months a year. Now that they are hemmed it has gotten much warmer of course with a high for today of 71!


Artsy mixed metal and bead brooch - $13 Etsy vintage; 2 wears - This was a great find. Fits my evolving style and makes me smile.

Silver leaf broach - $7 Etsy vintage; 0 wears - I don't like this now that I have received it so it is going into the donate pile.

Years past January purchases:

Indigo down jacket - 2015; $60 on sale - Great purchase. This is one of those down jackets that packs into a small bag and I love it. Perfect for much of our cooler weather, travels well, and goes with everything. I wore it last February on the ferry from Oakland to San Francisco as shown here with my husband and younger son.

Charcoal zip vest - 2012 I think; about $20 -  Another great purchase. I've pretty much worn this to death but it is still ok for casual wear. I'm going to have to find a replacement in the next 2 years.

Monday, February 1, 2016

The month ahead - Fun, health and volunteering

What's ahead for you in February? I like having things to look forward to and to check off needed activities.

I'm kicking the month off today by having coffee with a friend. Always fun.

Our Friends of the Library winter books sale is the first Saturday so I will be quite busy Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.

Next week we head to California to visit our sons, DILs and other relatives. Love being with them. 8 days of travel.

Later in the month there are dental and Dr. visits. I have 3 Pilates sessions scheduled and will walk as much as possible.

Another book club meeting near the end of the month. We are reading Circling the Sun by Paula McLain. Sound like it should be interesting!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Computers! Keeping them updated that is.

So here is my to do list for the weekend. UPDATE: We finished and it all is working so far - yeah!

1. Install new Comcast modem and get it to work.

2. Download and install Windows 10.

3. Find, download and install current driver for printer.

Cross your fingers for me that everything works at the end.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Today I got things done

Had a healthy breakfast and then went out for coffee and pumpkin chocolate chip bread - at least breakfast was good for me (the snack was just delicious)!
Found 11 cents on the floor of the coffee shop while spending about $8 - negative cash flow there LOL.

√ Earned $50 on my Blue Cross Blue Shield wellness debit card by answering a survey online that took less than 10 minutes.

√ Put a cookbook in the donate bag, recycled some paper laying around, cut some other random paper into grocery list size pieces, and threw out a used up candle in a glass container - chanting "less stuff" while doing so!

√ Vacuumed the house.

√ Walked the dog.

√ Picked up another trash can worth of sticks that were brought down by the snowstorm that was barely here to add to 3 filled by DH over the weekend - finished just as yard waste truck rolled up.

√ Swept the carport, 2 back porches/patios, basement stairs & the front porch and walk, and raked leaves in the driveway for last time - but after yard waste pickup.

√ Took a 3.2 mile walk without the dog.

√ Combed, bathed and trimmed whiskers on the dog.

√ Washed & dried a load of towels.

√ Emptied the dishwasher.

√ Poured a glass of wine

√ Starting to make dinner.

What did you do today?

Friday, January 22, 2016

Just wait a week if you don't like the weather now

As you know, I live in Atlanta. We have wacky weather. If you don't like what it is today just wait a bit.

Today: rain (already water in basement), ice, snow. What could possible be hard about that you Northerner's ask? Last time it happened here there were people stranded on freeways for 12+ hours, tree limbs taking out lots of power lines, iced hilly streets that were never treated, etc.

So possible snow this evening with ice underneath and tomorrow has a high of 39. I'm staying in until it melts LOL.

A week later it is predicted to be 62. Glad I don't have to pack a suitcase for this!