Friday, December 19, 2014

Reverse Advent Days 13-18

I only came up with 4 items for these 6 days so I will need 8 to wrap this up in the next 6 days!

To pet rescue thrift shop - belt, bracelet, pants

To Goodwill - book

Monday, December 15, 2014

Peaking around the corner at 2015

Here we are right in the middle of December and for me that means thinking about what will be key for a successful 2015.

I have been thinking about what I really want for what I see as the year before we seriously start planning our relocation upon hubby's retirement in mid-2017.

One thing that is clear is that I need to transition out of my roles with the Friends of the Library. As with lots of small volunteer organizations, the more you are willing to take on the more you do. I am in the process of sequencing the timing of transitions and then will start working on them to extricate myself by the end of next year.

As we talk about what is important to each of us in choosing where to live after our move, I have become even more committed to making sure I really focus on ! I must make exercise not only the priority of each day but do it more intensely and for longer periods of time. I know most people have exercise on their New Year's resolutions but I am looking at building on what I am already doing.

We are still faced with the challenge of being so far away from family and having to figure out how to spend time with them. We have one nice long trip planned in January and will do another in the September time frame. Still thinking about whether or not I will go to NH to see family there and if we will take a vacation somewhere just for fun.

Stuff - too much of it. I can't interest hubby yet in decreasing our belongings as he is thinking more of a blitz when we get close to moving. I'm tired of dusting, etc. though so will keep chipping away at donating the excess. He is on board with not acquiring anything we don't really need in the next 2 1/2 years though.

Fun and friends are so important to me and I am already saying yes to everything that comes up. I will take more initiative to ask others to do things in 2015.

That is pretty much it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Reverse Advent Days 7-12

Here we go with 6 more donated items for reverse advent:

Men's shoes to Goodwill
Pants, bracelet and 2 scarves to pet rescue thrift shop
DVD to library

Friday, December 12, 2014

Want more Christmas decorations, paper, bows or cards? Go to a thrift shop and save.

I was at my favorite pet rescue thrift shop on Wednesday and do they have a lot of Christmas items! No need to buy new.

By the way, I was dropping off a donation and looking for a jigsaw puzzle which I found for  $1.06. It will be donated back once we finish it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When you are planning to move - don't add any more stuff to your life!

We know we are selling this house and moving across country in 2 1/2 to 3 years and that we will be both paying for the move and downsizing at the same time. We don't know if we will have any sort of yard or not, the size of our next home, etc.

We haven't started the radical downsizing that will be required. What we have started is not buying anything we don't absolutely need to replace something that is no longer usable and/or that we wouldn't be willing to pay to move. So I have only replaced 2 necessity items for the house this month. Our rake broke and those leaves won't rake themselves so a new rake was acquired. Also 2 specialty type of light bulbs burned out and, since we don't have them in our stash, 2 new light bulbs that were put into immediate use.

That leads me to the whole area of stockpiling. We have lots of different kinds of light bulbs among other non-food/non-toiletry things stockpiled. Nothing more is coming in in those categories until we have none left.

I do laugh about the fact that we still have houseplants left to us by the previous owners 17 years ago. They will be left for the next ones if they want them!

What have you done when you know a big lifestyle change is on the horizon but still a ways away?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Note to self - double check the recipe

I have been cooking since I was 8 years old. The last time I can remember forgetting an ingredient when baking was when I was about 9 or 10 and made my Dad a pan of brownies - his favorite. Except I left out the baking powder. Sweet man ate them anyway and pronounced them delicious. As a fellow chocoholic I would probably have eaten them too LOL but I think he was being a kind Dad.

So when I made my usually delicious pumpkin raisin nut bread yesterday and eagerly cut a still warm slice, was I ever surprised at the taste! I forgot the sugar. I will probably find a way to eat it anyway by adding a sweet spread but I need to go back to double checking the recipe.

Reverse Advent Days 1-6

It is a very good time of year to give things away and I am doing Reverse Advent as suggested by The Frugal Queen and giving away one item each day of advent.

So far:

December 1st: book donated to Friends of the Library
December 2nd - 5th: women's knit top, cookbook, apron, and fabric remnants to pet rescue thrift store
December 6th: cash donation to community food bank

How are you celebrating Advent?