Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thankful Thursday Sept 16

Family & Friends! Getting stuff done! Flexibility!

So grateful my younger son helped me with ordering a new phone and selecting a new service provider.

Hubby's active but getting frail and losing her sight 93 year old aunt has decided to move into assisted living - a relief.

Lunch and a long visit with two close friends at the home of one of them. I took ice cream and cookies.

Our grocery store was out of McCormick's Italian Blend for several weeks but I found it on Amazon and ordered a 3 pack.

I’ve said it before but I truly am thankful that I learned to cook as a child and married a man who knew how to cook. I made a new recipe (sun dried tomato chicken pasta from The Daily Connoisseur) for a dinner and it is a winner. 

I also cooked 24 pumpkin pecan muffins and 12 vegetable frittata breakfast “muffins” for the freezer. Future me will be thankful too.

Being able to reach my feet - don’t laugh. I asked the PT if it would help if I massaged my door where it swells and she said, “yes, if you can reach it.” And then there is being able to cut my own toenails.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Weekend productivity - or "What's a weekend when you are retired?"

When I was at PT on Friday afternoon, the therapist asked if I had plans for the weekend. Just another couple days when you are retired unless you are getting together with those who do have work weeks/school or attend services. We never do the latter and no plans for the first this past weekend.

So productivity was on my mind:

- Worked on a project due for my club.

- Laundry done, bathrooms cleaned, bed changed, bedroom dusted.

- Took the dog out too many times to recall. Sometimes she just wants to stand outside and sniff the air or lay in the sun.

- Did my PT at home exercises.

- Mended a PJ top and removed 6 clothing items, a pair of slippers and some socks from my wardrobe.

- Decided I don't NEED any clothing for Fall but would like a light neutral cardigan and/or a full zip sweatshirt hoodie. Now I know what to look for.

- Swept the patio and pruned half the flower bed.

- Picked 2 recipes to try this coming week and updated the grocery list so I can make them. 

- Finally faced up to the need to get a new phone and cell phone provider so an iPhone SE 2nd generation is on its way to me and I am signed up to transfer service to Mint Cellular once I can set the phone up.

- Since I had just finished this book which was great -

I started reading this one.

What I did NOT do is read, watch or listen to any of the 9/11 events or news. It is seared in my mind and doesn't need to see or hear anymore about it to know how terrible it was and how horrible the aftermath has been.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Thankful Thursday Sept 9th

 So much this week.

A safe, uneventful drive to and from Berkeley.

Lovely time with loving family and seeing them remaining so happy and making the best of living through the pandemic with a young child while keeping her safe. No Hawaii vacation this year then let’s get a fun pool for the backyard and go splashing about often.

The most delicious mocha birthday cake made by my DIL and granddaughter and presented with a family chorus of Happy Birthday and 2 candles as 72 would have engulfed the cake lol.

The 3 pets (my dog and their dog and cat) all getting along as old friends should.

Lovely neighbors who picked up our mail each day and brought it over soon after we got home.

Renters of our clubhouse who are making it better by offering to fix things and making them beautiful too.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thankful Thursday Sept 2nd

Welcome from the beginning of my year 72 - I'm happy to be alive and thankful for much.

Family - 

To start with, our local son & DIL came by for a visit which was lovely.

Our Berkeley family is happy to have us come up for Labor Day weekend now that we have to work around public school schedules for granddaughter time and since DIL has to work on Labor Day.

We went out last Thursday for a drive with great views of rugged parts of the Santa Monica mountains near the coast and then to a cafe for a yummy lunch outside.

Birthday Fun -

Friends invited me out to lunch to celebrate my birthday and have a good catch up.

Hubby asked me to pick where I wanted to go for a birthday dinner (or get take out from) and I picked the local brewery with great pizza and a nice roomy and safe outdoor space. Prosciutto and arugula pizza this time (also had artichokes, red onion, shaved mozzarella and melted cheese and some kind of yummy sauce).

The "Right" Stuff - 

Referring to belongings of course since in the process of returning 3 t-shirts ordered online that were not the colors I thought they were I found 2 that are perfect and were on sale for even less. I’m all set for warm weather.

Still finding what we want in our grocery stores for the most part. Only odd things missing like some spices.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Goodbye August! What’s planned for September?

Whew - The Delta variant pandemic surge, fires raging (but not nearby thankfully), a monster hurricane, Afghanistan, the California governor recall election starting, death of a good friend’s husband from cancer, close friends and nearby neighbors having to move …

But also in our little patch of the universe - nice weather, new neighbors seem nice, friends are supportive of each other and me, granddaughter likes her new big kid school, family including pets all healthy, started physical therapy and see improvement, grocery stores and gas stations well stocked, nice in person visit with one son and DIL, a couple of outings with Hubby…

So what is ahead for September in the areas where I have some control or at least some influence?

- Some birthday celebrations for me

- Labor Day weekend trip to see Berkeley son, DIL and granddaughter 

- An in person service club meeting with puppies (program is about raising puppies for guide dog training) with only fully vaccinated allowed to attend and with masks as county requires but at least we can get together

- Continued to increase strength, flexibility and endurance through PT and other exercise as able

- Continue to spend time with art activities as the process is quite stress reducing and relaxing for me

- More safe outings probably including a walk along the ocean boardwalk, art gallery visit and farmer’s market

- Planning family get togethers for granddaughter’s 5th birthday and for Thanksgiving 

- More reaching out to East Coast family members (brother, SIL and cousins)

- Get a recommendation for an electrician and get our broken ceiling light fixed

- Go through fall clothes and buy anything needed

- I need a project that isn’t club related so I’m thinking of getting back to improving our emergency preparedness, doing some thrifting and getting better at alterations, a bit of home redecorating or …?

How was your month? What are you looking forward to in September?

Sunday, August 29, 2021

A fix it mentality and aging

My Dad when faced with the diagnosis of any of his many medical problem always quickly asked “ Can you fix it.” When the answer was yes he then asked “How soon.”. In many ways I am trying to adopt his approach to aging (“Sure beats the alternative!”) and to fixing what can be fixed.

As you know I have applied that to my own medical problems and fixing things around the home but hopefully apply it to other areas of life too. 

Do you have an approach to life in general that has helped you with the challenges of aging?

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thankful Thursday August 26

 I am especially thankful that I got to spend a brief time with my friend who’s husband died last week from cancer and give her a hug. Her family is in town and holding a private memorial service.

Also thankful that -

We aren’t seeing any shortages in our supermarkets here yet although the price of some meat has gone up significantly.

Blue Cross finally reached agreement on a multi year contract with our health care providers and local hospital so they are back in network.

They weather has been mild although quite overcast mostly in the morning. We are not melting in the heat like so many.

Seeing the tiniest hummingbird feeding in little flowers in our patio. I couldn’t tell if it was a different variety than usual or just a juvenile but it was charming. I did look it up and we do get both Allen’s and Anna’s hummingbirds so maybe it was the rarer smaller one. Loved seeing it no matter what kind!

Our retractable screen door hasn’t been working well and we do love to have fresh air circulating so we’re going to have it replaced not knowing how old it was. After finding a new one would be $500 (which we can afford gut really?) Hubby tried spraying some WD40 in the track and it slides like new. Fixed for now.

Our fancy schmancy coffee grinder got clogged so I’m very thankful for the company’s detailed online instructions about how to fix that but wish it hadn’t taken an hour lol!