Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Retirement can be somewhat like Kindergarten

Why is that you may ask.

If you move, you have to make new friends while learning new things. So it might be more like switching schools to one where you don't know anyone.

Speaking of learning new things, unless you stick with spending your time on the same things you did before retirement then you have to go through the agony and excitement of being a beginner once again. For me one of those things is taking yoga instead of Pilates. It is hard to feel awkward.

Staying home alone is not an option - or at least not a healthy one.

The size of your allowance may well change. Thinking about cash flow at each stage of retirement is vital for most of us.

You will find that there are many joys in your new adventure!


  1. Ha ha, I like your analogy. But for me, it's more like being back in college. I go to class (at the center for retirement learning) two days a week; and on weekends go dancing or out to a park. Now ... if only there was a cafeteria, so we didn't have to cook and do dishes!


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