Friday, June 9, 2023

Frugal Friday - How we did &didn’t save money

The second of my “cases” of canned reduced sodium soup finally showed up after I had Amazon give delivery another try. Amazon sells it at half the cost of the local stores if you buy in quantity.

I’m slowly using up the bits of food I got from a Buy Nothing member who moved out of state and consequently adding some variety to our meals.

The gopher control company came out and confirmed that there are no tunnels in our yard yet. They simply are dumping excess dirt on our side of the fence since apparently they have run out of easy access room on their side 😅 The neighboring property is vacant so I will let the executor know but will not offer to pay for trapping at this time.

We learned we can get a refund of 1/3 of our city real estate transfer tax once the earthquake retrofit is completed.

The wait time is so long for getting good help with landscaping our yard that we are going to figure out what we can do ourselves or with lower cost labor. Also got a referral on a gardener who can do a good job of picking put plants and installing them.

And the not so frugal …

In keeping with the high cost of living here, my 6 month dental checkup and teeth cleaning was quite a bit more than anywhere else we have lived. I did think the hygienist did a very thorough job and the dentist was very competent. I will go back and Hubby will book an appt with them too.


  1. I find our dental costs very high here in Saskatchewan in comparison to other provinces.

    Glad the gophers are not in your yard.

    God bless.

  2. My parents were always so good about getting us into the dentist. Then as a young bride in Panama, I let my teeth go for a few years. Here I am years later, having to replace all of the work I had done as a young adult. Not something I like spending money on.

    1. I suspect that eventually we all have to replace the work done when we were young. I know I had to!

  3. Dental is so expensive now that I'm grateful my Medicare Advantage Plan is now paying for a large portion of it annually... whew. I'm frugal too about many things, but not so much with others, I think it's a balancing act for most of us. Gophers are hard little critters to eradicate once they move in.

  4. We have our major dental work done in Mexico - about an hour and a half from our Tucson place. Otherwise, we'd probably be panhandling on an offramp somewhere.

  5. Oh so good to hear that the retrofit will help the transfer tax! So hard to start over with new doctors and dentists when moving. The last time we moved, I lucked out that I found a quilt group before I needed a dental visit. One of the group members was married to a retired dentist, and she gladly and enthusiastically recommended their dentist as one her husband was very happy going to.


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