Monday, October 23, 2017

It's the little things

- Lots of doggie pets and tail wagging as we enter our last week of grand-dog sitting. Our dog will miss her new buddy.
- Health emergency info completed and posted on frig.
- Water heater successfully drained to prevent calcium build up which caused the early and expensive replacement of the one that came with the house.
- It is 100 degrees outside today and this house and new AC are doing really well - grateful.
- Our 11 month old granddaughter is walking - short distances right now but walking. Life changing for her parents LOL.


  1. Baby girl is going to get around now!! Walking changes everything.

    So you drained your water heater just to rid it of deposits? That sounds like a good idea for us, too. We have very hard water. Thanks for the idea.

    Can't believe this crazy fall of three digit highs. We are finally, finally beginning to have cooler nights and moderate days. Was in the 40s this morning. Very invigorating!!

  2. Happy to hear about your grand daughter walking. Again you will be busy all the time behind her.

    Draining heater is a good idea to remove the calcium deposit. We have not tried this. Once when we serviced we found lot of deposits in it...

  3. Your week sounds like a good one.


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