Sunday, November 17, 2013

The week that was just fine

As I sit here on Sunday morning with both Hubby and Poodle Princess still asleep I have been reflecting on this past week. It was fine despite a day off sick. It was fine despite some rainy weather. It was fine despite nothing memorable.

So why was it fine? I did some non-routine volunteer work for the library which had me interacting with some different people (happiness points for spending time with others). I made it to the gym twice including trying an introductory yoga class (happiness points for exercise). I walked the dog almost every day (happiness points for time with a pet). I went out for dinner and shooting pool with Hubby (extra happiness points for date night). We finally figured out how to visit sons in both S. CA and N. CA by giving up on the idea of doing it in one trip and also picked our dates for a Road Scholar program in Key West (happiness points for something to look forward to).

And then there is something only problem solving, recycling environmentalist, budget happy people like me would find happiness in although cleaning floors is not high on my list! The internet told me I could find a replacement sponge/scrubber piece for our floor mop just up the street and it was less than ordering one through Amazon. Bonus points: it was hard to change out the old one but with teamwork and a few words we managed to do it (really engineers no one person could do this by themselves - you need to design things better).

There were other things - talking, or rather listening, to my 92 year old Mom who is having a really good week and was quite cheerfully chatty about books she was reading and other things. She wasn't well for many months so this is so uplifting. Finding out the Bob Dylan is a welder who makes gates out of scavenged metal parts and that my friends are going to book a welding workshop at there N GA lodge. I've always wanted to learn to weld as an art form so hopefully I will be in town that weekend and go to the workshop. I'm excited about that possibility!

Such an ordinary week that was perfectly fine. Today we are going to see The Dallas Buyer's Club and maybe stop for coffee afterwards. A good start for another fine week.


  1. ... but it's the little things that make us happy, isn't it?

  2. I love the title of your post. A LOT of things went right, didn't they? Sounds like happiness to me!

    1. Definitely - it is there in everyday life we can live in the present.