Monday, November 11, 2013

Is it writer's block or just life?

I've been busy with lots of things - just not any ideas of what to write about.

Remember that photo from last Monday? Lots of those leaves and many others have been raked. We took an 5 mile urban hike yesterday as it was a day of almost 70 degree warmth, brilliant blue sky and lots of leaf color. The dog has had a walk pretty much every day. I've been reading lots of books and your blogs. Volunteer work at the library.  The gym. Photos for our home inventory back up. Cooking.

No excuses - just life.


  1. My vote is that it's just life. We are heading into the busiest season of the year with lots of thoughts and feelings swirling around, but nothing that really grounds us. Stop for a few minutes and listen. It will come.

    1. I agree and it has been such fabulous weather that I want to be out enjoying it!

  2. Sounds like you're busy, taking advantage of the season. Good for you!