Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Simplifying post-vacation reentry to daily life

After a week long trip I have to say I am thankful to be home after being very thankful about spending lots of time with loved ones in sunny and warm Southern California for Thanksgiving!

Luckily we were so tired last night that we went to sleep just a bit later than our usual East Coast time. So although we are a bit jet lagged it's really not too bad. Even the dog was exhausted from a week at her foster family's house playing hard with their dogs and cat. In fact she is still sleeping.

The reentry challenge though is usually around household matters. We ate oatmeal and canned fruit for dinner last night and were grateful that the milk hadn't soured LOL. Although I hadn't gained any weight over Thanksgiving, which is a wonder, I was feeling the effects of a higher than usual sodium diet so oatmeal was great.

There are 3 loads of wash to do and food to be bought. I have an appointment this afternoon. Hubby made sure he didn't have any until afternoon so he could go in to work a bit late.

I decided to try to make this as easy on myself as possible. Only one load of wash today. Only the 2 closest grocery stores and I bought everything there that I would usually buy at the third. A reward stop for a latte and pumpkin chocolate chip bread. And did I mention the dog is still exhausted? So no need to walk the dog thank goodness.

It really isn't much of a challenge given that we are empty nesters but it is good to be kind to yourself when you can!


  1. T'giving in Southern Cali -- sounds wonderful. Definitely worth a little jet lag! Btw, I did not go shopping on Black Friday. I did buy something on Cyber Monday -- but not a Christmas present. It was a book for my son's birthday.

    Welcome back home to the East Coast!

  2. Happy you were able to be with your family for a week. It is always good to be back home though, isn't it?