Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Christmas is simple - but not nearly as much fun as it used to be

Time to get on with the Christmas shopping! We have it pretty easy compared to the number of gifts some people give. A Harry & David order for my Father-in-Law. A flower order for my Mom. Our grown sons and their sweeties send us wish lists - and this year I managed to create my own Amazon wish list for them. We have things delivered by Santa's helpers, so no wrapping either.

So that just leaves deciding on a budget, picking out what to give and also finding gifts for the two who have birthdays around the holidays. We'll also send out a few cards, find some holiday music to listen to, drive around and admire the holiday lights, go to the neighborhood holiday party, I'll go to my book club party, and the two of us will go out for a special dinner Christmas Eve. Not nearly as much fun as when the kids were little, but it is simple.

Do you make your holidays simple or go all out?


  1. Juhli, gosh, your December sounds very similar to mine! Our gift list is short and sweet, and most of it was handled through the internet this year - Omaha Steaks gift set for my father (He is frugal by nature, and considers these to be the epitome of luxury. I'm happy to continue to indulge him :-) Daughters will be getting gift cards to their favorite stores, plus one "personal" item each. Hubby and I are gifting each other with new Kindle Fires.

    I also have two December birthdays, and I will decorate fairly modestly because I don't really enjoy the set up and break down process. I need Christmas elves to do my decorating!

    Otherwise, we will be spending lots and lots of time attending parties, plays, dinners and musical performance - all my very, very favorite party of the holidays!

  2. This was just Year 2 since our only child left home, but visited us for two weeks this December and last. We like being able to carry on our family traditions with Link at home, but I'm sure one of these years it will just be the two of us. We're on our own for the rest of the year and getting used to it. Not like times past, that's for sure!