Thursday, June 13, 2024

An ordinary week - Thriving Week 24

Nice summer cut

Appointments were all completed - dog grooming, haircut, arborist, Pilates. 

Simplified and reduced my Amazon subscription order, hit CVS for Kleenex with a coupon and otherwise just Hubby’s food shopping.

Dropped off things at the closest Goodwill and went inside to check it out. It is almost totally clothing which is disappointing but was very clean and arranged well. Probably won’t bother shopping there. I also checked out the newly relocated and enlarged Marshall’s plus a plant nursery - not impressed with either. I also want to check out the large Natural Foods Grocery and cafe near us.

My SIL is doing better and recovering from her asthma, Covid, and newly diagnosed autoimmune disease symptoms. What a horrible combo to have hit you all at once.

Our son and toddler granddaughter were home alone Saturday night so he invited us to dinner which he and Hubby made while I entertained a teething and tired little girl. She literally fell asleep at dinner after eating. DIL and other granddaughter were on a camp out.

On the spur of the moment we went out for tacos for lunch at the food truck nearby. They have picnic tables and it was a nice day so we ate outside. Just us and a steady stream of construction workers lol. Otherwise it has been too windy to eat outside.

Otherwise just everyday normal stuff!


Simple summer reading bingo

If you don’t live in Portland, OR you can’t get a prize BUT you could give yourself a treat!  I like this one because it has good categories...