Thursday, June 6, 2024

Just doing it - Thriving week 23

I’m very happy that my Pilates instructor asked if I would like to get together for coffee and also to meet a friend of hers. Also a neighbor across the street continues to seem open to becoming friends. Working on getting a social life in addition to family life. Btw, school is out here; how about where you are?

I’ve been looking at recipes in two books I got from the library but also have realized that I seem to currently not tolerate eggs well as a main dish. I didn’t know that egg intolerance existed and is more likely the older you get. So I am on a 6-8 week no eggs as protein experiment. I don’t have a problem with them in baked goods though.

This one assumes you have serious medical problems caused by inflammation and sets up doing an elimination diet. We don’t need that but I got a few ideas for different things to cook.

As usual trying for no food waste. We had let an open bag of frozen blueberries in the freezer for too long and they got rather tough. Instead I made 2 dozen blueberry muffins using half whole wheat flour to make healthier.

Good news: Our oldest niece has setting a wedding date and seems extremely happy and the couple well suited.
Bad news: My SIL has been quite ill with a triple whammy of Covid, severe asthma and a newly diagnosed autoimmune disease. Been able to stay at home though which is good.

Trudging on with my never ending to do list for life, home and yard.
  • Paid our estimated taxes online. This time Hubby did it so he would see the process. We are trying to at least become familiar with what each other primarily does so either of us could take it all on more easily.
  • Washed the car windows and discovered the rear wiper is falling apart. It’s on the list for next time the car is serviced as there won’t be rain before then.
  • “Sheared” one of the new yard plants after it bloomed after researching what that means. Hoping it is right!
  • We scheduled an arborist to come asses our options for the neighbors trees encroaching on our yard and house. Talked to one neighbor and he is on board with fixing things and will join us for the appointment. Haven’t met the other neighbor and will wait to see if just our side can be trimmed.
Looking to the next 7 days -
  • No hot weather predicted but thankfully our new heat pump AC took care of this week’s two hot days and I have taken the down comforter off the bed
  • Appointments: dog grooming today, hair appointment tomorrow, arborist Monday, Pilates Wednesday
  • Things I need to do: At least 2 things on my financial to do list, clean front porch and front windows/screens, clean one kitchen cupboard, time at my desk finishing, filing, shredding things
  • Things I hope to do: go to a maker’s fair within walking distance on Saturday, buy a nice fern for the hearth, get bahn mi sandwiches for lunch one day


  1. I admire your dedication to no food waste. I don't throw out much anymore more but I could still do better.

    Making friends as we get older is difficult. It's important for older women to branch out beyond just family and couples friends in forming friendships. Hope your coffee date lets to something.

    1. Using up food is easier with two of us to eat it I’m sure. Friends are so important aren’t they.

  2. How interesting about the egg intolerance. If I scramble eggs I have no problem but fried eggs do often upset my stomach. But frittatas or quiches are fine, Weird. I admire your reaching out to make new friends. It's something I've never been able to do.

    1. I was thinking this morning that it was only fried and poached eggs that cause the problem perhaps because the yolk is not fully cooked. I’m going to hard cook a couple of eggs and see how it goes! It is hard for me to initiate making friends but I really want some here!

    2. hardboiled eggs don't bother me at all, so maybe it is something to do with the yolks.?

    3. That may be the case which would be great

  3. I hope you find some new friends where you are now living. Family is wonderful, but another sounding board is definitely needed.

    I had to throw out a small amount of roasted veggies today. Harvey had put a few items in front of the container. Oh well, we just keep on trying.

    God bless.

  4. I think I'll look for that cookbook at the library.

    RE: 'I don’t have a problem with them in baked goods though.'
    Oh! Thank heavens! That would be a true hardship to my lifestyle. :)

    1. No baked goods would be hard for me too!


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