Monday, April 22, 2024

Time zooms on - my baby is 41🎂

My younger son turned 41 yesterday and while it is not as shocking to me as having a 53 year old older son it still feels like time has speeded up!

The birthday boy wanted a low key family only taco party and did much of the cooking himself. He loves to cook as does his wife and we are the lucky recipients of some of the results. A gorgeous warm and sunny day. When we arrived both granddaughters were swinging and laughing - so lovely.

Th unexpected part of the day was Hubby running into our DIL and granddaughters early in the morning when he went to get a dozen bagels as part of our gift. They were very surprised and exclaiming “Papa” happily according to him. He came home with a big smile.

Why bagels? Our son has been raving about this new bagel place that opened in Berkeley and also didn’t get to letting us know what he might like as a gift so it was going to be just cash. We tucked the cash into the bagel bag and I think he was most delight by the bagels!🌮🎂🎁🎉❤️


  1. A lovely way to give a gift. Glad you got to share the day and celebrate a birthday.

    God bless.

  2. It is fun to run into the kids when you aren't expecting it. I used to love seeing my students at Walmart, too. They were always so cute, almost shocked that I would be grocery shopping. Sounds like your son had a delightful birthday. So glad that he mentioned bagels and you guys were able to surprise him with some. My oldest daughter will be 40 this year. Forty! I don't know how that is possible.

  3. My oldest will be 39. How did that happen? My youngest will 30. hey what was the name of the bagel place? Are they NY bagels?. Davis has Solomon's which are fantastic but that's a bit of aways to go for bagels. Although there is one in Downtown Sac but I'd rather go to Davis if I'm going.

    1. It is called Hella Bagels and they are nicely chewy on the outside and not doughy inside. A local business. I’d have to really want a fresh bagel to drive to Davis although we almost bought a house there before the pandemic but came to our senses about being too far away for local grandparenting.


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