Thursday, April 18, 2024

Focusing on ease of maintenance - Thriving Week 16


After one year in this house I’m not stopping decluttering or reorganizing as appropriate but every time I clean or use something I am considering if I could make it a tiny bit easier to manage. When I focus on deep cleaning a room or area I am asking myself “How can I reduce the effort required to take care of this space and stuff?”

So I am asking 

  • Why am I storing this thing that hasn’t been used in a year and has no sentimental or decorative value?
  • What would happen if I got rid of it and then wanted or needed something similar? Could I borrow it or cheaply replace it?
  • If I am going to keep it, could I store it someplace that makes it easier to manage and/or more likely to be used?

1. The dog has matured enough to no longer have to sleep in his crate or stay there when we go out although we are keeping it for now. I have 2 lovely crate mats and only need one given its minimal use. The extra mat plus an extra smaller dog bed were being stored under the king size bed making it difficult to vacuum there. I am getting rid of one crate mat but keeping the smaller dog bed for now and storing it in the spare upstairs closet.

2 We have an old set of sheets for the king size bed that haven’t been used for over a year. The thought was that if we were sick or couldn’t do laundry then they were there “just in case”. However we also have a queen bed and a queen air bed with 3 sets of sheets that fit them. The worn king ones are going and freeing up closet space.

3. My son is having a family taco party for his upcoming birthday. We have been storing partially used margarita ingredients since New Year’s when we made blue margaritas to toast Michigan during the Rose Bowl, but never make them at our house. I offered them for the party and got rapid acceptance. More pantry space. Really don’t know why we brought it home in the first place.


Of course non-consumable stuff keeps coming in but we are trying hard to make sure it is the result of thoughtful and intentional acquisition. 

So far this month we have acquired a sunshade for the car windshield since it gets really hot in the summer and the car is parked on the street. I saved the box to store it in the garage during cool weather when a warmer car is appreciated. We also acquired 4 folding patio side tables and put the 2 rusty old ones in the declutter pile.


  1. I have been trying to do the same. So far I have managed to clear the bathroom of clutter and finished most of the kitchen. I just need to do the cookbooks (that will be a giant chore).

    God bless.

  2. Rudy loves his kennel, so thankfully it takes up no floor space. He sits and stares at us every night till one of us gets up and opens the door for him. ;) I do keep two sets of sheets for each bed--but one is a cotton set for spring, summer, fall, and one a flannel set for winter--we just take them off, launder, and then put straight back on unless we need to change for the season. (Carey didn't think we needed flannel sheets, but the first time he climbed into bed with them on it, he was hooked thanks to no cold spots. Twenty years on, we are still using the same set.)

    1. Our previous dog loved her kennel too and would take her afternoon nap there. This one wants to be with the pack and recruit more members! Perhaps we should try flannel sheets.


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