Thursday, April 4, 2024

Thriving Thursday Week 14 - Store visits for school assignment

Starting our second year near grandchildren with much family time the last few days ❤️ 

We joined our DILs family for Easter complete with a plastic egg hunt for the kids. The baby was happy with just one but she got the hang of it and picked up all laying on the grass for her. We had a lovely meal and the pup was well behaved. I felt like I had some good conversations with extended family and know them better now.

This whole week I am picking up the 7 year old at 4:00 when her “ aqua camp” for Spring break ends. She has a school project to visit various types of shops and take notes on things about them. Then the class will write opinion pieces using their research. Pretty great project for first grade. When there was time after each days shop visit she came over to our house and colored, played hubby’s drum set while dancing, ran around and jumped on beds with the pup, and otherwise had a fun if brief visit.

It was fun for me to see what she noticed, help her with sounding out spelling for her notes and how seriously she took her “research”. I took her to Pet Food Express, a local donut shop, Joanne Fabrics, and Trader Joe’s so far. She wants to finish up the week with Petco and the Korean Suprette.

She asked me to buy our pup a fresh baked dog cookie shaped like an ice cream cone with purple ice cream at the first stop. The pup was quite pleased lol. Of course we had to sample a donut which served as that day’s after camp snack and she got a toy at Joann’s after making a difficult choice between two items and a discussion bout relative short term and lasting play value.

Monday we had dinner at our son’s house and Tuesday we all went out to a Mexican restaurant we hadn’t tried yet. By Wednesday we were happy to have a quiet dinner at home ☺️

I’m also trying to knock things off my to do list in short bursts of work. Still working on backing up critical documents for disaster recovery. The goal is to have each listed on a summary sheet that tells how to get a new copy plus scanned and/or in the fire safe. I’m only scanning to first page of long documents like insurance policies including title insurance. We are also going to keep our passport and copies of medical insurance and driver’s licenses in our Go Bags.

So much paperwork some of which I haven’t looked at in decades like my first marriage license and divorce decree. I did find that in 43 years we never obtained a certified copy of our marriage license so I have to order one of those in case the survivor needs it. I was also surprised that the deed for the current house is an electronic copy whereas past ones have been very official looking documents with the county seal imprint.


  1. That sounds like a very interesting project your Granddaughter is doing and quite involved for Grade one.

    God bless.

    1. I agree but also think she expanded it to go to a lot of shops to make her teacher proud. She is having fun though and diligently trying to take notes.


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