Monday, April 1, 2024

Simple Spring Focus - Five are enough!

Typing this while listening to the dog snore lol!

We ended March with a thoughtful and interesting discussion about 

  • what was still causing each of us stress or frustration a year after our move, 
  • how best to engage with our older granddaughter (which led to talking about the differences in our childhood experiences with grandparents), 
  • the challenges and importance of participating in other people’s well established family traditions & activities including our own experiences with each others family over the decades, 
  • what we are missing from our former day to day life and friendships.
No easy answers, but it was good to get it out in the open as a basis for doing better going forward. That talk led to me thinking about where to put my time and energy right now.

Focus 1 - April starts with us picking up our 7 year old granddaughter from her Spring break camp each day. Being a supportive local grandparent is a priority for me as is enjoying the time spent with the girls as well as our son and DIL. I will focus on spending time with the granddaughters.

Focus 2 - Celebrate our 43rd anniversary, son & DIL anniversary, Mother’s Day, and our son’s 41st birthday in person as well as our older DIL’s birthday long distance.

Focus 3 - Find a simple housekeeping routine that works. I’m still having a hard time knowing how to easily clean the main bath shower surfaces and how often routine tasks are necessary for example. Last month I deep cleaned, decluttered and reorganized the main bath and this month it will be the large bedroom.

Focus 4 - Lean into my Pilates exercises and walking for exercise in addition to walking the pup. No more talking myself out of doing that!

Focus 5 - Enjoy our yard more by creating a spot for sitting for coffee, wine or a meal. That means some patio end tables and a larger table of some sort. Perhaps a patio coffee table, bistro table or a 6 person table?


  1. I always like reading your focus points; it makes me think about my own. :)

  2. Great things to focus on. I really need to think some on what I need to focus on.

    God bless.

    1. It seems like you have a lot you focus on and do it really well.

  3. congratulations on your 43 anniversary!!! We have 3 sitting areas in our yard with chairs and umbrellas and small tables. We like to sit in different areas depending on the sun and weather.

    1. Same here in that we have 3 benches plus a bunch of chairs. A couple chairs are on our balcony. It is tables small and larger that we are missing.


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