Thursday, April 11, 2024

Feeling thankful today - Thriving Week 15


One part of my brain asks loudly “Why did it take a year to feel less stressed by this move!?” while another whimpers “I need to make friends here and find things I enjoy doing outside of reading” but the biggest part of my brain sighs happily and says quietly “Finally I am not feeling stressed or pressured to deal with house things all the time”.

So right now I am feeling thankful that - 

  • I can find my way around my city, know where to go to get most things, and it is easy and pleasant to walk many places
  • I like several of my neighbors on our little half block court a lot and the next few houses in the adjoining court - the others I haven’t gotten to know well yet
  • My cortisol levels seem to have dropped (maybe I can lose the year’s stress weight now?)
  • Our family still seems very happy that we moved near them and we are finding ways to spend time together that work for this season of their lives 💝
  • The cold and rainy season is over - although consistent warmth isn’t here yet there are many days that it is nice to be outside
  • My new county library system provides all the books I could possibly read every week - it helps that they participate in the statewide Link + system that lets me get books from other areas too
  • Our house pretty much works well now - although there are still tweaks and improvements that are priorities they aren’t urgent
  • We are managing the higher cost of living here with just a few lifestyle changes (fewer dinners/more lunches out, TV antenna in/cable TV out, etc.)
  • The yard looks fabulous and flowery and we are maintaining it ourselves so far with just a little effort while the hardscape survived the winter storms
  • The pup is thriving here - his little social party animal self gets to interact with lots of people and dogs, he loves being with the grandgirls and makes the baby laugh/squeal when he licks her hand, and he can run hard in our and our son’s back yards 
  • The Pilates trainer I use has helped me get rid of nagging back and foot pain while moving on to strength and flexibility improvements (thanks to son for the referral)
  • Being really intentional about what non-consumables I am buying and decluttering as I notice things is making a difference in discretionary spending and getting more to leave the house than comes in. 
  • This week’s frugal win was stacking CVS coupons to buy the one thing we needed (allergy pills) saving $28.85 and getting another $10 Extrabucks coupon.
And so much more but these are top of mind. I’m curious what I will be feeling after 2 years here  ðŸ¤”


  1. What a great list. You really have mastered the art of appreciating where you're at in life.

    1. Thank you. Of course that art is applied on good days not bad ones!

  2. I'm not a very social person, and my 'best' friends are all ones I've held on to forever and we now live in far flung places. But I would love to have a more local bestie, and your mentions of making friends always are a reminder to me that I need to take action on that too and not just sit and wait for one to magically appear. :)

    1. If you figure out what actions work please share! I’m reserved and still want friends!

  3. You are managing quite well and making friends as well. I can tell in the last few posts you are feeling much less stress.

    God bless.

    1. That you and I’m glad my improved mood is showing.

  4. This kind of reminds me of the "bloom where you are planted" adage. I think its a great exercise to list all of the good that you see. It helps you to gravitate towards even more good. Happy Weekend!

    1. Since I moved away from my childhood home after high school (and many moves since) I think that adage has become essential. The alternative is to be perpetually sad or unhappy.


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