Thursday, February 1, 2024

Thriving Thursday Week 5

Any ideas on how to celebrate or use our extra day this month? 

Happiness, Comfort & Health

Our son has proposed making getting together be at a minimum a family dinner every 2 weeks. He invited us over for last Friday night and it was fun. We have the next one the day after pup turns 2 so there may be a theme 🐶

Saturday I went with a neighbor to a local art center for a show opening and want to go back to look more closely when it isn’t as crowded. Had an interesting chat with an artist about her creative process for a piece I really liked.

Minding our Money and the Environment 

Got to love these class action suits you don’t even know are happening. We got a notice that if a settlement is approved we will get $12.40 while the law firm gets over $8 million. We have an older notice from a different one that hasn’t paid out yet and it is prorated by recipients length of involvement and investment. No idea what that will net but don’t expect it to change our lives!

Sent back the auto insurance form asking for the odometer reading and how our car is used. We drive so little and the car is so old that it helps keep the cost reasonable.

Hubby ordered FastTrak for auto pay of bridge tolls and carpool lane freeway charges. He figured out we need the one that reduces fees in some circumstances if 2 or more people are in the car. We need this to start taking car outings to explore without getting a bill every time we cross a bridge. We can also use the car pool lanes during restricted times once we have it.

Making Home Upkeep Easier

Our sanitation company is very responsive. Just a few days after calling we have a yard waste bin that doesn’t let the rain inside because it has a new lid. That makes life a teensy bit easier.

The patio umbrella was blown down a second time so we have decided it is going to have to go. Now to find someone who wants it. We also have an indoor/outdoor rug that was left at the house and it blows around also so it has to go too.


  1. Your Thriving Thursday posts are so lovely. You seem to be settling in very well.

    God bless.

  2. I don't always comment but I always read your posts. The classic action suits are a joke unless you're a lawyer. I once got a check for two dollars and change.

    1. I do hope that they make some companies clean up their act if only for a while!


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