Friday, February 2, 2024

February Goals

Here are my goals for the month!


  • Prepare to do taxes
  • Update all financial passwords for better security
  • Pay 3 insurance bills (homeowners, earthquake and excess liability)

Family & Friends

  • Host family biweekly dinner
  • Celebrate Valentines Day 
  • Help prepare for first birthday party
  • Host son and DIL coming for first birthday
  • Outing with Hubby
  • Write cousins
  • Connect with friends
  • Invite neighbors over
Fitness & Health
  • Stretch 2x/week minimum
  • Strength train 2x/week minimum
  • Long walk sans dog 1x/ week minimum
  • Pilates weekly


  • Get rid of patio umbrella and rug at minimum
  • Deep clean/fix one thing a week minimum
  • Keep up with weeding
  • Keep up with routine house cleaning
  • Call about cost of energy audit


  • Critical documents into secure cloud storage
  • Delete unneeded files and photo
  • Uber app on phones


  • Make Go Bags for us and pup
  • Plan various evacuation routes
  • Get Emergency Alert app on phones
  • Get dog finder app for here


  1. Your list of to dos for the month is very well thought out. I am sure all will be accomplished.

    God bless.

  2. Always love your goals lists, because point to things I haven't thought of. Thank you!

    1. I wish my list were more fun and shorter. We still seem to have too much to address post moving.

  3. I haven't really put together goals since late spring. In fact, PC was reading my goals for summer on my little blackboard last week. One was caulk the shower. He caulked it six months ago so was upset to see it on the blackboard until he realized it wasn't on the list again for winter, my list was just that old.

    Hope you have delightful first birthday and Valentine celebrations. I could just about copy your goals and apply them to what needs to happen around here. I need to get back to clearing out old photos each month. Ordered a new firebox for our important papers. While those things are much fun, it does feel good to accomplish them!!


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