Friday, June 2, 2023

Frugal Friday

 I recently read a library copy of  The Buy Nothing, Get Everything Plan by the creators of the Buy Nothing groups. The book was written before the pandemic which meant that they talked a lot about creating community and how this gets people meeting each other IRL which it isn’t happening so much right now despite our recent dog play date that came about that way. 

However the other points about reducing our impact by reducing new purchases and of course saving money are all still valid. We are almost through our shopping for things for the new house with just a few indoor and outdoor items left and my local group has helped with a variety of things passed on and will continue to reduce our costs I’m sure.

- Inspired by the book I made huge progress clearing the garage by giving away more than I received if you don’t count consumable food items. The food items are definitely frugal. The baby toy and under bed storage box just need cleaning so no cost for them. 

- Other than food, cleaning supplies, toiletries and weed killer, I only bought some Command hooks for the back of both bathroom doors and have ordered a bamboo bench with shelves for the upstairs bathroom.

- I learned the local Petco groomers are competent and quite a lot less expensive so I will made pup an appointment there instead of the highly recommended but very over booked very expensive one. I really only care that he is treated kindly during the process and the result doesn’t have to be perfect.

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  1. I need to check out if we have a group like that. Seems that this city we live in is a bit behind on things like Buy Nothing groups.

    God bless.


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