Sunday, June 4, 2023

Week 22 Again! Settling in - two months in the East Bay

Somehow I have gotten the week counts off by one (according to Google) and I’m not going to try to figure out where I goofed lol. 

No more boxes to unpack! My legs no longer hurt going up and down the stairs! Doctors and dentist found at least for initial appointments! We have a quote for the earthquake retrofit! Our son told us we can get 30% of our title transfer tax refunded once the retrofit is done!

Pup and I enjoyed his play date and I will be inviting the other woman to lunch or over for coffee. I was invited to lunch by a woman in the AAUW group I joined. Our older son and DIL will come for a visit sometime in the second half of June as they returned in late May from almost 4 months abroad.

On the other hand …

This was the last week of school for the 6 year old grand girl and now she begins her summer camps so we won’t have our one afternoon a week with her as far as I know. We will have to set up some family times.

Baby grand girl doesn’t start daycare until July 1 so we will continue to babysit some in June when our son has medical appointments as DIL has returned to work. 

We are waiting on an appointment for a landscaping consultation. I still need to get a clear plumbing list together and try to book that work plus some new railings and chimney repair/retrofit and, before the baby is mobile, a fireplace screen insert. Houses are always endless work but fixing the problems you acquire with and older home is a lot of work quickly lol.

The electrical work is postponed due to the electrician being injured on his last job. Since he is the only one who even responded we are waiting on him.

We are not enjoying the May gray weather which will segue into June gloom. Being much nearer the coast now it is worse than it was at our previous location further inland. Summer weather here is more mid July to mid October although a new acquaintance said don’t put away any clothes for any season because you may want them at any time!

We are both still tired from the intense last 4 months and all the changes in our lives . We are missing the friendships we had developed and comfort in navigating our daily lives after 6 years in the previous location. I recall the same feeling of letdown and sense of “what the heck have we done” from previous moves and know it will pass with time.

Onward into June.


  1. I am sure that you will both make friends and be settled in enjoying the fact you are closer to the grandchildren very soon.

    You certainly got a great deal completed.

    God bless.

  2. You did so well making the last community feel like home, I have no doubt you will soon feel the same way about East Bay. Wish you could find a good group like your book club was. I keep thinking life will surely settle down for us and I can enjoy several weeks of uninterrupted solace and peace at home. With school out for the grands, I want to offer a weekly playdate for them at our house so they can enjoy one day away from daycare.


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