Friday, March 3, 2023

Week 9: We own two houses now, but one is for sale and is being shown

Another very busy house focused week, but each day I walked and played with the dog, read as my go to relaxation, and tried to take care of myself. 

The new house closed this morning and our realtor got the keys. That is a big item to check off! Hubby will get the keys on Tuesday when he takes a truck load of stuff up to the house. 

Showings of the current house started today with two lookers. One spent and hour and wants to come back with her son which is a good sign. 

While the house was shown we took the dog and went to Ventura Harbor for a walk in the sunshine along the marina. Ended up with ice cream. A lovely and much needed break.

We also had the termite inspection and although there is some wood rot to address it is minor. Another thing checked off.

BTW, we have been following the actual sales prices of other houses we were interested in and they all sold for way more than our budget. Glad we didn't go through the effort of touring in person and making an offer. The house we got will serve us well and although the most expensive we have ever owned was within our budget. It also appears to need the fewest repairs and upgrades of any we seriously considered.

Decluttering Progress

13 more items gone - Total YTD = 102 items + lots of paperwork decluttered


  1. Good for you. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your home sells quickly.

    God bless.

  2. It sounds all very exciting. The Bay area is going to be quite different to live in but the trade off will be worth it. I'm sure your house will sell quickly as most houses are going so fast.

    1. We too hope it sells quickly. There is a smaller pool of buyers for a 55+ community and there are different size/price units which further limits the pool.

    2. Oh that's right, I forgot it was a 55 or older. But still, it should sell quickly.

  3. Congrats on the new keys AND congrats on the declutter! 102 items is a lot no matter the size. Terrific progress.

  4. Hallelujah for getting a home that is within your budget and requires few repairs. Glad for your enjoyable dog walk complete with ice cream. We have been indulging in quite a bit of ice cream over here. I generally don't keep it in the house but we have really enjoyed it!! What's not to love about ice cream?? At least until I get on the scales.


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