Thursday, March 2, 2023

Spent a lot; Saved a little

We got a good deal on our new home but still spent much more than our current home’s value given the difference in the markets. We haven’t sold our current one yet so we are looking for all the savings we can find - and sending thanks to our parents for the money they left us. They would be very happy that we are going so we can be hands on grandparents creating lots of  memories with our grandchildren.

Our realtor did the final walk through today and this was the view from the upstairs family room while she was there. I’ve been told the Golden Gate Bridge is visible a bit at the right angle.

So how are we saving bits here and there?

- Our realtor got a small seller concession for something the seller usually pays for in that market. She also got a great bid for the mandated sewer line work we have to do quickly.

- The sellers are leaving us a nice storage unit in the garage that may find its way into the house.

- I finished using my CA gas tax rebate debit card on this week’s groceries. I still have money on a health insurance incentive debit card and REI coop rebate to use.

- I got a two for one deal on new glasses and sunglasses that kept the cost reasonable even with all the upgrades to maximize my vision.

- Returned my HOA gym key fob and got a whole $6 back. 

- Eight free Covid tests are available per Medicare recipient through early May so I picked up mine today because there is that new baby granddaughter to protect.

- Made sure to schedule my 2 already paid Pilates sessions before we move.

- We are moving ourselves and hiring loading/unloading help for the heavy stuff on the second load.

- Trying to use up everything in our fridge and freezer before we move. At least this time we can move our pantry items easily as the drive is just 7 hours instead of many days from Atlanta almost to Ventura so we don’t have to take everything in one trip.

- We continue to figure out what are the most important items to move from liking, remaining lifespan, use and cost perspectives. Everything we own won’t fit into the two truckloads that use truck sizes safe for Hubby to drive. I’ll drive the car with the dog as passenger. We are fortunate that the new house comes with washer, dryer and frig so we don’t have to consider moving ours.

- Hubby scheduled a furnace service for the brief time he will be there next week to make sure it is safe to operate and to learn how to service the high tech filtering system himself. He’ll also get the keys, drop off a load of our stuff and meet the new granddaughter!

- We learned our new house home warranty will cover rekeying the locks and will use that to eliminate that expense.

- Worked with our current insurance agent to match homeowners, earthquake and umbrella policies at our new location for a reasonable price although the costs are higher due to location. We will comparison shop later when we aren’t on a short deadline.

- We learned a lot staging our Atlanta home for sale 6+ years ago in a slow market and are using that for our current home. We also talked today about the fact that we could rent it out at a profit if we don’t get the price we want. We would rather not be landlords but it is an option as sales prices have dropped in the last 6 months.

- We will cancel our water softener service before the next billing cycle. I’m sure there will be a fee for reconfiguring the pipes though.

- Going to keep looking for ways to do what we want with the new house for less money. 

- I’m sticking with free library books for now.

Meanwhile Hubby is enjoying researching all the interesting sounding restaurants near our new home including Himalayan food! It will be nice to be back in a near urban area even with the trade off is lots more traffic congestion.


  1. I've missed all the blogs! It sounds like you are on track. If there's any thing I learned as a landlord for five years, it's hire an agency!! Worth whatever percentage it is these days!

    1. I agree - we would definitely hire an agency if we end up going that route.

  2. Hi! I just came across your blog and I see some things we have in common which has really caught my attention. However, my move to be closer to my grandkids was not quite so far and it seems yours is. But it was one of the best decisions we have ever made! I hope to follow your journey of moving. I was happy when I saw your profile that I finally found someone in the south, but I guess you won't be for much longer :-). Would love for you to visit my new blog. Thanks.

    1. Welcome to blogging. Actually we moved back to S. Cal 6 years ago so just heading up to near Berkeley this time.

  3. You are doing very well with all your savings. So glad that things are moving forward so well.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks - today is closing day for the new house!

  4. What an exciting phase you're in right now. Congratulations on closing today!

  5. I get so nervous reading about your move and all you are having to think about and consider. I hope the 'old' house will sell quickly but maybe renting it until the market turns might be a good idea.
    Can't wait to see pictures of the new house. I have been away from blog reading so maybe you have shared them already in a post. I know your parents are happy that you are using the money left to you wisely and to enable you to be with your darling granddaughters.


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