Sunday, June 12, 2022

Summer is here - June 1-11

Historically June is a gloomy foggy month in coastal S. California, but we seem to have had that in much of May, otherwise known as May Gray. June started by feeling like summer and so far just a few June Gloom days interspersed so far.

New season, new beginnings.

1) We are trying to adopt a dog from the shelter and have struck out on 2 and based on discussion with the staff are waiting for 2 to become available. You have to sign up for them online and be the first person to do so once they are adoptable. I'm sure it will work out eventually and have come to really respect how the county has built and staffed the no kill shelter. The animals are really taken care of well and great effort made to place them in a good situation for their particular temperament and needs if they can't get back to their family. I knew they had dogs, cats and rabbits galore but they also have everything from birds to chinchillas to turtles and more.

2) I actually made a menu plan of sorts given all the food we were gifted including bits and bobs of things. Then our neighbors begged us to take some frozen dinners. They will be emergency back up as they aren't our preferred type of food, but serve that purpose well.

We finished the gifted crackers and made a big dent in the coffee beans. I might have finished the chocolate too! I did throw out a few things we decided we wouldn't eat.

These are recent meals using gifted or silent auction foods (underlined). I also made cranberry pumpkin pecan muffins.

* roast turkey slices, sweet potato, Waldorf salad

* beef tostados with avocado

* tilapia, coleslaw, garlic bread - twice

* pork chop, summer squash, beans

We also had -

* stir fry tofu and vegetables over rice

* green lentil, tomato and carrot soup with green salad (lots went into the freezer)

* "doctored up" frozen pizza

* turkey burgers, sauteed onions & mushrooms, coleslaw, cantaloupe

3) We finished cleaning more than half our windows, shutters & screens and all ceiling fans. Woo hoo!

4) I decided to take a different approach to my Summer capsule wardrobe after buying 2 dresses and . I don't mind wearing outfits on repeat so I imagined 18 outfits that suit my current lifestyle and expected weather variations over the summer months. I've worn 6 that I like so far - 5 that are suitable for being out & about; 1 for at home/taking a walk - and tried 3 that I won't repeat. It is getting warmer so others will come into play soon.

5) I resumed monthly donations to causes I want to support : this month it’s public radio/tv and the county food bank as well as our granddaughter’s college fund.

6) Working with 2 others the club office and storage rooms were vastly decluttering and rearranged after sitting idle for over two years. We ended up tossing lots of things and wondering why things were kept for decades or at all.

7) I began the work to get a crown with another one to go after this is done. Old teeth, old prior dental work - so it goes. My goal is to keep all my teeth all my life even if they have major work done lol. 


  1. Wow, I didn't realize it was so hard to adopt a dog. Good luck on finding the right one!

  2. I hope you find and get to adopt the perfect dog. Your menu sounds lovely.

    God bless.

  3. It is impressive that your county is so committed to caring for displaced/mistreated animals. Surely you will get that special pet soon. Good luck, too, on the dental work. I'm in the same boat. I have a trip to the oral surgeon in two weeks, then the process starts to get my first implant.

  4. My mom prides herself on having all of her teeth. Whenever she goes to the hospital, they will ask her if she needs something to put her teeth (dentures) in and she can hardly wait to tell them she doesn't wear dentures!! I hope to keep my teeth, too. Have put off going to the dentist twice because of Covid but need to get in there before a problem arises.

    Look at you guys cleaning the windows. I paid to have ours cleaned during Covid but they need it again. I can do all the first floor windows but can't do a very good job on the second story.

    Hope you soon have a new pup to love. I have been working to pet sit through and we had 15 kitties to play with and babysit this past weekend. PC was in pig heaven. He loves baby kitties.


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