Monday, June 13, 2022

Clarifying the dog availability situation

Thanks for the comments about the care our county provides stray/lost/surrendered animals. It is amazing and the animals diverse. In addition, when there are serious wildfires they set up a shelter at the county fairgrounds (right by the ocean) for all evacuated animals from horses and goats to chickens and more.

There are dogs available for adoption right now - they just don't fit us at this time although there is still one we would like if he recovers from parvo and is back to being available.

Our last lovely dog was a 1 1/2 year old mini-poodle who was traumatized from abuse when we got her. She turned into a happy, well adjusted dog but it was a lot of work. She developed Addison's disease at 3 1/2 and we were able to keep her healthy by managing that disease for the next 9 years until kidney disease did her in. We were happy to do all that, but not wanting to start that way again.

Secondly, we want a companion dog that is between 10 and 25 pounds full grown. We do not want a very elderly dog as our loss is too recent. The shelter has lots of little dogs available that don't fit what we want (chihuahuas and terriers) and lots of big or harder too manage dogs (pit bulls, shepherds, lab mixes, dobermans) plus a few elderly or chronically ill dogs. The types we want go very quickly and don't show up often.

I have found a close by business that focuses on cavapoo and goldendoodle puppies of various sizes and reached out to them yesterday. Hoping to hear back today. They presently have two 4 month old cavapoos of different sizes who didn't find homes quickly for a now fixed health problem in one case and an underbite in the other case. Four months is easier than 8 weeks for a puppy! If that doesn't work out we will look at the new puppies and find one to reserve.

Crossing fingers and hoping we are making a good decision!


  1. Hope the perfect pup crosses your path. I can understand not wanting to adopt a pup who has health problems from the start. Maybe that angel who has contracted parvo will recover and just need a lot of love but nothing more than that. Our shelter is going to no-kill. Perhaps they have gone to that completely but El Paso is a transient city with lots of military moving in and out. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pets who just get dumped out in the desert. Very sad situation.

  2. You will definitely find the perfect companion dog.

    God bless.

  3. Finding a new pet is a very big deal. My Buddy is getting up there in age and I often wonder whether I should introduce a new dog into our lives so when he goes I won't be alone. I keep telling myself that Bud and I are happy as we are but I think one day I will have to push the new dog button so I won't be alone.


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