Monday, May 30, 2022

Finally … getting unstuck?

Over the past two years I have become rather stuck in a rut due to the pandemic restrictions, foot surgeries, a seriously ill and then dying dog, and probably more reasons - but stuck I am.

I’m trying hard to stick my head up, my neck out and generally get unstuck! It’s taking many forms from long neglected chores to exercise to socializing to starting to dream of future adventures and lifestyle changes again.

Recently it took these forms.

We washed all the windows and screens at the back of the house. They get the dirtiest but two years of ignoring made them really dirty.

Very slowly increasing the amount I walk each week. I feel like the tortoise not the hare, but I’ll get there eventually and hopefully without hurting myself again.

Going mask less in some social situations like the outdoor (mostly) fundraiser we attended (but not in stores).

Noting future entertainment and arts opportunities nearby that may work for us. Just bookmarked a small symphony that has two local concerts this fall.

Setting myself goals for a few long neglected projects for the month.

Dreaming about traveling a bit. Seems like slow travel to scenic areas might work.

Thinking about getting a puppy and what timing would be good for that 🐶 but I think I am being deluded since it has been so long since we had a puppy!


  1. Today, because I went shopping really early and there was no one in the store I shopped maskless. However my mask was in my purse in case things changed quickly.

    I am also extending my walking distance a bit every week. Wish you luck as you extend your distance.

    God bless.

    1. Good luck to you too on walking further.

  2. Puppies (like children) don't stay little for just feels like an eternity for the first year or so. :) Our puppy is now six years old. I can't believe it! He is still an unlimited source of entertainment and love...even for my husband who said we could have a dog in the house as long as he didn't have to care for it. Wanna know who spoils the dog the most? Just like with our children, I'm the disciplinarian and he is the fun dad. :)

    1. That is funny about being the "fun Dad" for a dog! My major concern about a puppy is our ages but we do have back up. I know the breed I want but the last litter was ready before we were ready to take on a dog again.

  3. I wear masks indoors like you although the restrictions have been lifted. I do not believe the numbers they publish over here are true. I will take extra care during the last two weeks of June because, I do not want to get a positive test before my flight to New York.

    1. The numbers here aren't accurate either because of all the home testing. Still we are showing increased spread of the newer variants which seem to be more contagious if less deadly.

  4. Maybe a senior dog that lost it's owner? I'm like you. I'm trying to get out more - physically and socially.


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