Monday, February 28, 2022

March plans (or goals if you must!)

I made a stab at planning "bite" size activities for March without duplicating most of my wellness goals. 

Week by week here they are - 

Week 1:

Cook a new recipe

Flowers for house

Week 2:

Cook a new recipe

Walk botanical garden or nature area

Week 3: 

Cook a savory pie for Pi day (3/14)

Create Spring bucket list

Week 4:

Coffee and reading on patio

Thrift store browse


  1. In my opinion, bite size goals are better to fulfill than just focusing on the larger ones. More success with the smaller ones means you will stay positive about completing the larger ones.

  2. It looks very achievable. I made a goal list for January when I finally mustered up the ambition to do even that. It took me 2 months to complete which saved the need to make a list for Feb!

  3. I do the bite sizes goals/plans all the time. And they generally get done. Not so much when I set out to do the larger ones.


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