Sunday, February 27, 2022

Wellness Goals Update - Month 1




It became clear in February with our old dog's death that I should have included being kind to myself as a goal and also realized that I couldn't start so much exercise at once.

Well I was kind to myself as I grieved and my body told me I could only increase my exercise so much over a short period of time so those happened naturally. Still, I feel ok about what I did overall towards my goals in February.

Check out how my friend Leslie at Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After is doing with her own wellness journey. She inspires me to push harder on exercise for sure!

Regain my Pilates and long walks body 

B+    Start Pilates again

I had a February goal of doing 8 online Pilates sessions with The Girl with a Pilates Mat and sent her a donation for 8. I did 6 and am happy with that. Already my ability to balance on one foot has increased . I enjoyed the Pilates classes and am going to focus doing more of them in March.

D     Take one or two Challenge Walks each week. Work on distance, speed and climbing (hills/stairs).

I managed to take 8 walks but no Challenge ones. 

I did go to the mall to try to do stairs and learned that during the pandemic they took out the stairs and put in escalators lol. Still looking for stairs in a public place where it won't be noticed if I go up and down a lot lol.

 B+    Cut way back on alcohol. 

Happy with this. A bonus is that Hubby also decided to do it. 

Have more mental stimulation and share it with others

A     Take full advantage of the local artists' studio and all their exhibits and events. 

We went to the current exhibit and joined the art center. I have also reserved our free member tickets for a concert in the gallery in mid-March.

 B+    Spend time making art again.

Drew one picture and made a recipe binder using a copy of one of my prior paintings.

    Read what I really enjoy 

Reading a mystery series set in Regency England with side trips to Brussels, Vienna and Paris.

Sent a lot of books I didn't like back to the library without reading much of them. Yeah for libraries!

F     Figure out how to increase the types of friendship connections I crave. 

No heart for this in February. One of the new club members seems like a possibility though.



  1. I admire how methodical you are in reordering your life and goals. I can do long-term goals but the day-to-day goals fall by the wayside. I need to borrow a page from your book and try setting monthly goals.

    1. It has helped me to think of them as aspirations rather than goals. Being realistic and letting myself fall short with out feeling like I've "failed" is important to me.


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