Thursday, October 28, 2021

October goals check in



Do some of the outings I didn’t get to in September (Farmer’s market visit, Art Gallery visit) but we went to Ventura for a walk along the beach and lunch at the taco place on the pier

Enjoy both my club's monthly luncheon and book discussion group - Yes to both. The club meeting featured these feathered, furred and scaled creatures along with their college student handlers.

Get some seasonal flowers for the house and/or enjoy more seasonal foods -


Check off appointments – Annual eye exam done but dental postponed to Nov by staff illness

Extend distance able to walk as foot continues to heal - Yes

Continue effort to change habit of interrupting - Much better


Clean and declutter our 4 closet categories – clothes, coats, linens and miscellaneous storage - We have 3 very large closets and 2 smaller ones. I cleaned the two large ones in the master and pushed the rest to Nov.

Get our ceiling light fixed and rheostats installed for kitchen lights- Done


Devote significant time to my never ending (seemingly) tech clean up and back up project - Finally backed up the club President files on a thumb drive and progress on cleaning up my photo file


  1. I need to borrow you goal to change habit of interrupting...I do it too often.

  2. Hmmm, I also should work on a goal to change my interrupting habit.

    God bless.

  3. We could have a contest lol. I’ve probably done it all my life but it only recently really started irritatin my husband and he is right that it is irritating.

  4. Great going. I have done so much organizing before and after the move that you would think everything is in place. Not so, the first round of organizing/decluttering just visit. So fun.


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