Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thankful Thursday #3

Another week and we continue to be well although Hubby says life really feels like “groundhog day”. It sure does but that is not a bad thing considering.

1. Had my final post surgery checkup and all is well. He started talking about when I wanted to operate on the other foot lol. Not yet!!!! Maybe next summer if we are still on pandemic restrictions. Got to get full range of motion and no swelling in this foot and them go back to get orthotics made. Progress on those fronts so I am thankful. 

2. Our younger son called to invite us to come spend December with them but that just feels too long. We will go for a good long visit though once they figure out all the timing and logistics. They want to pull our granddaughter out of preschool for quarantine before family visits. They figure she is the most exposed and the 3 of them need to make sure they haven’t got the virus. Thankful they are being so responsible!

3. Needed 3 way light bulbs and learned you can get LED ones. They solve that problem for many years and save electricity.

4. Deep cleaned and made better use of the space in my office. Waiting  for a new mouse pad and cable/cord straps to be delivered so I can finish. Even washed all the windows and shutters. Bought a small black folding table to use as a craft/sewing/Zoom location table, a new mouse pad, cord straps, and a small plant. Really like it and will post photos soon.

5. I voted and turned my ballot in at a drop box. Thankful that every registered voter in California gets a mail in/drop off ballot and that there are lots of secure drop box locations.

6. I was going to buy some plastic storage bins and then pushed back on myself about acquiring more stuff when I'm trying to get rid of some LOL. The situation was easily remedied by cutting down a box that came with one of my September purchases and it is even a cute print! 


  1. Thrifty you!! Great way to create your own storage bin. I cut down an Amazon box that was the perfect width but much too deep to use to send some goodies to my mom. But it wasn't very pretty.
    Glad you have the December visit to anticipate and look forward to. I am going to Ft. Worth in a couple of weeks to see my oldest daughter and granddaughter. Hadn't realized Cady would be back in school face to face. Hmmm. But it has been soooo long since we were together.

    1. So glad you are going to get to see your daughter and granddaughter! Enjoy.

  2. Yes! I wholeheartedly agree that at this point in my life I am looking to shed possessions, not purchase storage bins to retain more of them. :-)

    And how wonderful that your family is looking for ways to both get together and protect you both. You are very loved, clearly!

    1. It is a combo of not wanting more stuff and environmental consciousness re the amount of stuff in the world.

  3. Bet it feels great to have your final post-surgery check. That was a long, recovery!

  4. Yea you on having such a great check up.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the logistics to see family work out.

    God bless.

  5. I see you are making progress in healing and on the home front with changes.


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