Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The pandemic plus foot surgery sold me on athleisure

 I have to say that after 6 weeks of mostly sitting or laying on the couch with my foot up plus almost 6 months of nowhere to go pandemic living, I ordered more leggings and tunic tops. I see lots of athleisure outfit days in my future plus more of the same purchases. I guess it is the trend right now with the masses working (or wishing they were) from home. The extent of my interaction with anyone other than Hubby is walks that are very short at the moment plus zoom meetings where you don’t see much of your outfit.

I do see an exception for times like this weekend when it is supposed to hit 99 here which is quite unusual. That calls for ver loose sleeveless summer dresses. And when I can return to the excitement of trips to CVS and the grocery store I’ll put on a real outfit - maybe!

I do miss having a reason to dress up a bit to go out for a meal with friends or to an event. When we are able to do that safely again I bet it will feel a bit strange after all this cocooning.


  1. Hope you will share some of your pieces. I am always looking for affordable active wear. We are contemplating returning to the gym, although I am very concerned about doing so. We are just not moving much otherwise. And with fall then winter approaching, we will probably do even less. Glad you have some loose summer dresses to get you through the upcoming weekend. We have finally come out of the triple digit heat and it looks and feels a little bit like September!

  2. I wear leggings a great deal. You can dress them up or dress them down. Hope you share some pictures of your purchases.

    God bless.

  3. I've never owned a pair of leggings but they look really hard to put on to me. I wish moo-moos would come into fashion again. LOL

    With your surgery during a pandemic at least you know you're not missing anything.

    1. Well, there are the super tight leggings and the more relaxed fit ones which is 2hat I go for to wear casually.

  4. I haven't been around much but wanted to say I am really impressed with how well you have gotten on with your foot surgery and a pandemic. I'm impressed with your great attitude. And I think that leggings are great if you can pull them off. I'm a little too chunky but I have some comfort wear I live in and I don't think I'll go back after the pandemic but we'll see.


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