Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lovely pre-birthday brunch and visit

 We all were so happy to see my older son and DIL today. They came out for a nice long visit and even the dog was thrilled. She snuggled and got lots of attention from two dog lovers who lost their sweet dog about a year ago. He had a good long life though.

They brought homemade sourdough crumpets to go with the frittata and watermelon mango salad that Hubby made. They also brought me some homemade granola and jam.

We hadn’t seen them for at least 2 months between our trip to Berkeley and my surgery.

They are both around 50, thankfully employed and looking to make so life changes in the next year. It was great to catch up on what they are considering.

Happy me, happy Hubby, happy (but tired) dog.A great day.


  1. Good for you! Literally--spending time with those we love can be so encouraging. I hope you're continuing to mend and feel better.

  2. How wonderful to spend time with the family you have not seen in awhile.

    God bless.


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