Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thankful Thursday - Lots of family time, cake and other excitement

 Another week has passed and more bits of happiness to celebrate.

- Our Pasadena son and DIL have stayed with us for a week to avoid breathing really bad air and will stay at least through the weekend. They both are telecommuting just as they were at their house. The dog is ecstatic to have more people to pet her! Haven’t had this long a visit with them since moving back to California.

- On Sunday late afternoon we FaceTimed with the Berkeley family and mostly had a long visit with our almost 4 year old granddaughter who was quite chatty but then would just walk away for a bit and come back with a new topic, activity to show us or having gone to the bathroom lol. Her mom was cooking nearby and would chat till she came back. Almost like being there without the hugs and snuggles though.

- No more walking boot! Can’t do a happy dance yet though. And was able to get a flu shot. Yeah for health.

- To use up molasses I made a gingerbread cake with a lower calorie recipe. We had it for the “kids” afternoon work break or tea time as they call it. Light and delicious even though I was short on molasses so subbed brown sugar for white to up the flavor.

- Wore the the second of two new Fall tops I bought recently and really like it. With shorts both for the weather and morning PT workout.


  1. Congratulations of getting rid of the walking boot and getting some quality family time.

  2. Yea on the walking boot being given the boot. In a few weeks you will be doing a happy dance.

    God bless.

    1. I wish. First I have to be able to walk more than half a block at a time!

  3. You're making progress-good for you! How wonderful to have your son and DIL visit.

  4. it's always lovely to see family. did you actually get tunics? I have not see n any that I love yet but I would like to get them?

  5. Giggled at the thought of your 4-year-old granddaughter being chatty, walking away from the Facetime screen then returning with a new topic to discuss. So cute. Lucia always has something to say unless she is concentrating really hard. Glad your son and wife have been able to escape the poor air quality and spend time with you, too. The tea time cake sounds lovely. Maybe you need to do a post with the recipe!

  6. Nice to have family stay with you for a good long visit, and that Facetime chat with your 4 year old granddaughter.


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