Monday, September 21, 2020

A Fall Bucket List - Pandemic Version

 Ah, I do miss this tree at our former home in Atlanta. Not a S Cal sight but I love it. I used to go stand under it on a sunny day and the whole world had a rosy glow. 

But onward to 2020 and my Fall Bucket List!

My desire to stay healthy and other people’s desire to take the risk and just party on means a bucket list limited to my home, safe exercise options and mostly family social time plus more use of media to stay in touch and in the world.

So if I am going to continue to be home almost all the time I’d better:

Do some nesting activities

1. Try out different recipes and ways of cooking. I’m thinking low sodium BBQ sauce, sheet pan meals, air fryer sweet potato fries, pumpkin spice latte, gingerbread, flat bread and scones or small biscotti as possibilities.

2. Add to our safety at home and for emergencies. I’m considering a non slip mat for main shower, head lamps for power outages or emergency evacuation, and more pantry stocking up. We also need to put up one more smoke alarm.

3. Figure out where to store the equipment used while recovering from foot surgery. Small home but other foot will have to have same surgery in a year or two. Sigh.

4. Clear out guest closet of stored items not needed. See above for why needed.

5. Improve our cyber security. Focus on a password manager and backup system decisions and activation.

Help others affected by the pandemic

6. Make larger than usual donations to targeted charitable and cultural organizations. I’m targeting Foodshare, Family Justice Center (abuse has increased), and public radio.

Spend time with MY important people

7. Experiment with ways to be more social and to have date nights while keeping risk low. Try eating outside? Drinks on the patio? 

8. See our granddaughter, son & DIL in person again if safety permits. I need to find out what their plans are for celebrating her 4th birthday and Thanksgiving in November.

Explore the world in many ways and entertain myself from my home

9. Read more widely and intelligently. Now to figure out what that means. One of my aunts used to set a reading subject focus for each winter. Might have to try that for Fall.

10. Utilize media in different ways. Try digital magazines, podcasts, etc.

11.  Make art. Since I can’t visit exhibits in person now which is a favorite activity, I need to spend more time being creative myself. First step will to be to use the art journaling subscription box I just ordered. I also ordered a small folding table to use for sewing and creative projects.

12. Find a series/show to binge watch and get hooked. Hubby got hooked on Ozark so I need to find one too.

So there you have it! Onward to the actually doing them.

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  1. I liked Ozark....season 3 was especially good. We liked Yellowstone with Kevin Costner.

  2. Your lists are always so concise and detailed. You put me to shame.

  3. We used to live near Murphy & my sister in Rome. I miss the trees from back there. There is lots of yellow here, not much of the orange & reds like back there in the south. Sweet tator fries - Yummmm! Fellers brother sent some sorghum from the south & we talked about making bread. I started watching American BBQ Showdown on Netflix. There is a contestant from Blairsville on the show. He is a coworker of my SIL.

  4. I loved Ozark. It is a bit blood thirsty though.

    Love your Fall pandemic bucket list.

    God bless.

  5. Thoughtful bucket list, Juhli. I bet you do miss that beautiful tree. My daughter had one very similar in the yard of her first house and hated so badly to have to leave it when they moved. The leaves on the trees here are just beginning to get red tips on them.
    Proud of you to be planning to make art. I signed up for this little online painting course. Have just started but came across another that looks like fun:
    We have gone to 2 movies and have been almost all by ourselves in the theater. The first movie we were the only ones in the theater. The second one, there was one other couple. We will probably go again once some new movies come out.
    Funny you mentioned where to store the equipment for your other foot surgery until the time comes. I broke my foot 18 months ago and hate to throw away/recycle the boots I wore then. But hope I never have to use them again. PC has a wrap or brace for practically every muscle and bone in his body. Represents lots of $$ and takes up room!!

  6. P.S. If you haven't watched Anne with an E, you might try it. And Upload.

  7. Do some nesting activities - I love this! I'm all about nesting and being cozy at home...but especially in the fall!!

  8. Your list sounds great. I love using my air fryer. Those recipe ideas sound wonderful. I've made biscotti and yummy pumpkin scones.

  9. We are experiencing the same thing here, trying to be social but still safe and distanced. My friends and I have a wine nights where we sit outside but 6 feet or more apart - and plan on adding a fire when it gets cooler. We are doing the same with my brother and mother. It's hard! We are doing so much online or outside these days - I haven't been in a restaurant since early March! I think you came up with some great ideas. :)

  10. If you find any great new shows to binge I hope you'll share them. I feel like I am running out of them... We did just start watching Away on Netflix this weekend and I love it!

  11. I'm trying to take advantage of outdoor activities this season since it's safer than being around people indoors, and I do love this time of the year!! I have quite a few craft projects that I need to start making time for as well.


  12. Hello Juhli and happy fall! It's such a challenge right now staying safe, but also caring for our emotional, physical, intellectual, and social needs. You've created a list that will help you do just that. I'm starting to wonder what the holidays will look like this year. We typically celebrate with extended family, but the group can get large--maybe too large to have everyone indoors during a pandemic. The thought of missing our family tradition the first year without my Mother makes me sad. Time to get creative, I guess. Anyway, good luck with your list. Stay safe! Have fun!


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