Friday, September 11, 2020

Happiness this week along with horrific fires, a pandemic ...

On the one hand we have the West coast on fire with air unbreathable in many places, pandemic closures and life changes with no end able to be predicted - cue up the music from a Jaws and send in the hoards of locusts or who knows what is next. On the other hand, although I don’t keep a gratitude journal I’m trying hard to find bits of happiness.

Btw, we are being extra cautious about avoiding Covid risk because of age, my experience 16 years ago of virus caused heart inflammation and acute congestive heart failed (fully recovered but it took years) and that affecting some Covid patients, and hubby’s auto immune caused overactive immune system putting him at risk. We are lucky we can take great care but it makes little bits of happiness more important to note and harder to find as we are doing less.

- I was quite pleased with the quality of physical therapy provided in my first two visits and am happy to be on my way with that. Moving to just a cane to help with balance as I focus on being able to walk correctly again.

- I had my women’s club schedule a practice Zoom session for those who are new to it or simply a bit uncomfortable. We had 5 log in and found one who needs more assistance so I was pleased we did it. Our primary program speaker joined us to make sure we coul enable him to share docs on the screen.

- Then we had our first general club meeting since March and it went very well. Great program about the Ventura County Family Justice Center which is a one stop shop for victims and survivors of crime. We stayed on to chat after the program and got some more ideas for programs (emergency preparedness seems most apt in the midst of fires), an on line mystery theater where you each get roles, online crafting and so on. Attendance was 50% so we need to grow that but I am very pleased.

- The dog slept past 4:30 am most days which makes me very happy although being old girls together I do understand the call of the bladder.

- We have the space to provide our local son and DIL with a place to stay and work so they could escape the highly unhealthy smoke filled air in Pasadena. We head their way when fires are out here and they come here.

- The dog got a haircut today that cost almost 3 times what my garage stylist charged but she looks great and was quite happy when I picked her up.


  1. So sorry to hear you have family members that may be at risk for the fires. Those are so scary!

    Every time I grumble about the high cost of my dog's haircuts the tell me that the dog is getting a bath, cut and manicure and I'm only getting the cut. LOL

    1. Thankfully it is just extremely smoky air they are escaping. My mind boggles at 500,000 people being evacuated in Oregon though.
      My dog is always pretty much prancing after her grooming. Worth it for sure and it is just with this pandemic if mobile hairdresser that hers is more than mine lol.

  2. Nice to have evacuation buddies. I was thinking of you and your local kids, but I suppose maybe you and the dog, depending on the use of 'evacuation'. Sorry, I am punchy and exhausted at the end of this week, and giddy at the thought of the weekend ahead.

  3. I am going to start hanging up on my bladder's call. Lately it has been ringing me up 4-5 times a night. Had been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage 2 but then was released by my nephrologist after a year. Wondering if something is wrong. Might have to move a sleeping bag and pillow into the potty.
    Glad physical therapy has been helpful. I had never held much stock in it when PC would go. But then I had to go because of lower back pain and it was such a relief. Thinking I need to call to try to get in again.

    1. Sorry you are having problems. Perhaps an infection?

  4. So many bits of happiness. We are being extra cautious here as well. Harvey suffers from an enlarged heart and we are both in the age group most affected by the virus. I just wish sometimes that others would be as cautious.

    Stay safe, I am glad that your family has some place to go while the fires rage that is safe.

    God bless.

    1. An enlarged heart is reason to be extra careful. Age is a good reason too. Stay safe.


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