Sunday, August 2, 2020

What I’ve learned so far about foot surgery recovery

These points will not surprise anyone who has broken a leg or foot or had surgery that required no weight on a foot during recovery. Having lived for almost 71 years without that though some things are new to me.

1. Getting everything you can think of ready before surgery is very important. We were caught up on laundry and groceries and figured out what furniture needed to be moved in advance. Also figure out what clothing will fit over your bandage or cast or work with a walking boot. Very little of mine will fit over the cast and dresses are a hassle with all the lying and sitting around with a leg elevated.

2. Practice critical mobility situations ahead of time. We practiced getting from the car seat into the house, in and out of bed, and bathroom access. That really helped.

3.If painkillers have ever made you nauseous do get an anti nausea patch as well as the painkillers ahead of time. We didn’t get the patch which meant Friday evening contact with the dr. an a pharmacy run.

4. You will need help. You do not want to fall or be trying to prepare and carry food. Do get a basket for the knee walker to make carrying things easier. I wish I had one.

5. Using a knee walker is great but your knee may become quite painful. Be ready to add extra padding to reduce that.

And in my case and not surprising in the least, you will get bored and your dog will try to lay on you or lick you sore toes.


  1. I hear you. I have not had foot surgery but I have had multiple breaks on the same ankle.

  2. Sorry that you have to go through all this, but ... love your dog!

  3. Yes, being proactive before surgery makes a great deal of difference. Before I had my knees replaced, they even had me doing exercises to strengthen my arms to make it easier for me to push out of chairs.

    Love that your dog wants to help heal you.

    1. I think she may just want her usual quota of snuggles lol.

  4. Those are all really good points and excellent advice. I can believe that the scooter might need more padding; I know that crutches sure do.

  5. No foot surgery here, but breaking the same wrist twice was a real eye opener. I am getting ready for my surgery when ever that actually happens. I am hoping for the end of September.

    God bless.


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