Wednesday, August 5, 2020

August Priorities

The first week of August has seen me do very little as I continue to mostly sit with my foot elevated and struggle to do basic chores or carry anything while using the knee walker. The cast is supposed to be traded in for a walking boot on August 13th but I am assuming I still won’t be able to walk around without using a walker or crutches until at least September. So my top priorities are getting more mobile and finally being able to take a shower instead of a sponge bath!

What else goes on the list?

Getting everything in place for and publicizing my club’s first general meeting in September 

Finishing phone calls to club members

Doing a bit of meal prep

Getting outside for a short walk and doing some safe exercising to build up my arm and leg strength 

Hopefully being able to take the dog out for quick potty breaks to take some of the load off Hubby

And that is it!

What are you hoping to get done this month?


  1. We're getting ready to start up our Center for Learning in Retirement for the fall semester ... all on Zoom for the rest of the year. P.S. That's the great thing about a dog; it gets you out for a short walk, and a little exercise, whether you want to or not

    1. Yes, dogs are great motivators. I look forward to being able to take her out again.

  2. I can't imagine having a cast in the warm weather months. Keep doing what you're doing and maybe the time will fly by.

    1. We have great air conditions and it doesn’t get super hot here thankfully

  3. When I had my neck surgery, I ordered a cute little stroller for my kitties. I needed to be able to hold onto something when I walked so the stroller was a good solution. The kitties were small enough then that they could both easily fit inside at one time. Hope your appointment this week will go well and you can begin to do a little more with the walking cast in place.


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