Saturday, August 8, 2020

Eight weeks to go in recovery from bunion surgery

 So the benchmarks that the surgeon laid out were

Day 5 - get cast (done)

Week 3 - get walking boot (8/13)

Week 6 - start physical therapy

Week 10 - done and get orthotics

6 to 12 months - swelling of foot ends

He didn’t talk about A timeline for pain or assisting devices. At the end of week 2 though I’m able to get by with 2 Tylenol doses a day and the knee walker.

I’m kind of surprised that the pain has gone away so quickly but no complaints!

Today we had a fun FaceTime with our son and granddaughter. We continue to eat dinners prepared by Hubby and I’m reading a lot. I really want to get outside so can’t wait for the walking boot. In the meantime being able to drink wine is good!


  1. Fading pain is a real plus! Glad you're on that track.

  2. Hope all goes well. Who would'a thunk that it takes 8 weeks (!) to recover from bunion surgery?

  3. Glad you are comfortable and have a time line for total recovery. I have something crazy wrong with my right foot at the base of the big toe, across the top of my foot but now it hurts going around the side and toward the sole of my foot at the big toe. Have had xrays and no one has said bunion but from what I see online, my issue is very similar to a bunion. Where was your pain before the surgery? What do they do to correct it via surgery?

    1. The pain with my bunion was both from the bone being rubbed by #hoes and on the bottom of my foot as my bones moved wrong when walking. Have you been to a podiatrist? My problem was misdiagnosed by other types of drs.


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