Saturday, June 6, 2020

Week 11: My mundane accomplishments during a week of pandemic, demonstrations, racism and recession

Not to sweep all that under the rug, but I've got to spend most of my time focusing on what I can control and/or impact to keep myself sane. So ...

Upkeep - Both Me and Our Stuff

Amazing what you find when you read the manual lol. Cleaned the dishwasher filters and discovered the microwave has a charcoal one in the top that has to be replaced. We did that today and OMG was it greasy and filthy in there. Very hard to get the panel off. Who designs these things! LG designs are hard to work with and Hubby almost couldn't get the microwave top panel off. In addition, the charcoal filter can't be cleaned and has to be repurchased. The Bosch dishwasher filter was a piece of cake for me to clean.

I'm working on getting cardiology clearance to have surgery. The local cardiologist is only making phone appointments so I booked one for next week hoping they can make a decision just based on the recent EKG and discussion of my medical history.

 I "made do" and helped the environment by mending tiny holes in 2 knit tops.

Editing Our Stuff

Dropped off some items at Goodwill using their new process where you unload you items into bins that then sit for a certain number of days before being sorted. One person at a time near the bins. Felt very safe.

Clubbing (no not that kind!)

I reviewed the fiscal year end financial report for my women's club.

Talked to 3 more of the club members so I've reached 12 out of 33 and 4 more haven't returned my calls. My goal is to talk to them all by mid-July so we can put their ideas into our annual plan.

Happily I'm finding out most members have already gotten on Zoom or are willing to do so. Meetings may have to happen that way but who knows.


We cooked at home after getting take out for lunch with our son and DIL on Saturday of last week.
- Chicken tostadas using leftovers from purchased roast chicken, mandarin oranges
- Tilapia, broccoli, leftover rice
- Turkey meatloaf, coleslaw, apple salad
- Tofu with sweet chili sauce, green beans, zucchini, mandarin oranges
- Turkey meatloaf, roasted veggies, Waldorf salad
- TJs frozen roasted veggie pizza with lots of veggies added
-  Pork chop, leftover roasted mixed veggies


  1. I have a telephone meeting with my doctor in a bit over a week. I also now know that I am 7th (perhaps even 6th) on the waiting list for my surgery. Hoping it comes quickly.

    I hope you get clearance for your surgery without having to do another test.

    God bless.

    1. That is good news about your surgery being on the list now. Hope it comes in good time.

  2. I didn't know that about the microwave and dishwasher thingies that needed cleaning and replacing!

    Doctors are going to be doing so many surgeries, back to back that I feel sorry for them.

    1. I think the microwave charcoal filter replacement is only in the over the stove type that also have a fan and vent on top. The dishwasher one only had to be cleaned to clear the tiny mesh.

    2. I had no idea there's a filter in my over the stove microwave. Thanks for the tip before it became too gross!

    3. I don't know if all brands and models have them. The instructions were in the how to clean section of the appliance manual.

  3. I laughed when you said you "made do" and helped the environment by mending. My daughter gave me a bag of her mending and I just finished up yesterday! I did teach her how to sew and mend, but she has a baby now, so mending is way down on her list. When you think about it, it takes so little time to make most repairs, and it does save money and the environment. Thanks for the info on the over-the-stove microwave filters. We have to check ours out!!

    1. Do check out your manual. Once we opened ours up it was very disgusting. We've been here 3 years and not done it and the microwave came with the house so an unknown number of additional years.

  4. You are reminding me to find my dishwasher manual and see what filters need to be cleaned.


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