Saturday, June 6, 2020

Pandemic is teaching me how my friends think and their risk tolerance

It has been interesting this past few weeks to hear friends start to open up about their beliefs and thoughts about the pandemic.

Here are few so far:

We want to be respectful of others and make decisions based on an analysis of the situational risk factors for them and us.

I've been going over to my friends and playing cards the whole time. Also went out to eat with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday. (A 70+ year old)

The virus will burn itself out and the summer will give us lots of relief. (No science to back this up!)

I went out for the first time yesterday. (June 4th)

We need to follow the county health order rules.

I'm not comfortable getting a haircut even though the county has let them open with lots of safety regulations in place.

We visit our son who lives alone, but sit out on his patio and don't go inside at all.

I still can't find a mask that doesn't fog up my glasses.

FYI, we are following the research and expert guidance on transmission and risk levels very closely but we don't have underlying conditions and live in a low case area.

- I'm getting a haircut this afternoon and Hubby got one midweek. Salons opened a week ago.
- We have been going to the grocery store, drugstore, and Home Depot. Also picking up take out but taking turns and only one going at a time.
- Hugged our son and DIL with faces turned away when we saw them for the first time since March 3rd, but had doors open to get air circulation while we visited. We bought take out for lunch.
- Had drinks with another couple on their patio sitting about 10 feet apart.
- Talk to neighbors outside while standing very far apart.
- With a mask on I have been to see 2 Drs in person and taken the dog to the groomers and vet.
- We each take walks, but stay away from other people.
- Talked with one other person at our clubhouse while staying at least 10 feet apart.

How are you interpreting what is safe for you and others given where you live and your personal situation?


  1. At this point our list is almost identical to yours, Juhli. No doctor visits yet, but that will likely happen in July.

    I booked our first haircuts for a week out. Cuts only, no more to-time-consuming highlights for me, and we are washing our hair here before we depart in order to minimize prolonged close up exposure with our hair stylist.

    We also have our first restaurant dine out coming up, but will be sitting outside on a large patio. Music is involved, though, and we are ridiculously excited.

    I am excepting that an added layer of caution may be with us for a long, long time, if not forever.

  2. I feel safe when I see others wearing masks and trying to practice social distancing. It's the ones in the grocery store that seem to delight in going maskless into other people's personal space that make me uneasy and a bit angry. A relative also is planing a big party in two weeks and I won't go. We are not out of the woods on this virus and being in a group of 50 people, eating off a buffet that everyone walks by. That's just tempting fate.

  3. My list is much more strict nut I live in a higher case area. No in store shopping just delivery. Haircuts are considered a high risk activity so avoiding until.july at least. Maybe seeing family and staying ten feet apart next week. Ordering in on occasion. Other than that nothing. Do Jake someone in the house working. Who comes home and strips and showers and works in a place with masks and temp taking. Basically I've decided I'll let everyone else test case as things open. When everything is open if there have been no spikes I will consider going out.

  4. I am a senior and have stayed out of stores this whole coronavirus time. I will be slow and cautious about rejoining the world! Monday I do have an appointment to have my car smog tested. In California that means a technician will get into my car (I hope he wears a mask) and the polluting emissions will be tested. So then I will need to clean my car before driving it home, and I will wear a mask.

    1. True about auto technicians and Cal smog checks. I forgot that we had to have some car repair done during this so add that to our list.

  5. Pretty much the same as you, except no haircut and no visit to doctor ... but my wife is hazarding a visit to the dentist next week.

  6. I think risk elimination is a lofty goal. I do subscribe to risk reduction. Often times, we humans just exchange one risk for another. I wish everyone who was infected and capable of transmitting covid19 would glow orange! Such is not the case. So I wear masks in crowded places, I clean my hands repeatedly when I'm out & about doing errands, I plan my route when the day involves a visit to the lodge where my elderly mom lives, I reduce outings and contact with people outside my home. I feel mentally weary when I return home after an outing and being mindful of risk assessment and risk reduction. I view health & well-being in a holistic sense - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. I strive for balance. Then there's the issue of risk tolerance as your closing question addresses. There have been 3 confirmed cases in the rural county I live in. Risk is not always cut & dried however, public health measures during a pandemic impose one-size-fits-all sanctions. Many of the things we're being asked to do are things we learned in kindergarten - cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze, wash your hands and in the words of Steve Earle, keep yourself to yourself and one eye on the ground.

    1. I love the glow orange if infected! That would make it much easier all around. Sounds like you are in an extremely low incidence area.

  7. My husband does the grocery shopping wearing mask,big glasses and a baseball cap, and rubber gloves. I don't shop because I have health problems that would make me a covid death target. We haven't had any takeout food since the covid came. I do all of the cooking,It's getting old.
    I had a televisit with my primary doctor a couple of weeks ago, but need to go to his office next week for clearance to get elective surgery for a macular hole in my eye. That surgery will take place at a stand alone facility. I need to get it done, but don't like the idea of exposure to medical personnel.

    The worst thing so far about being safe has been not being able to hug my daughter, because she is an RN and may be exposed to the virus at any time, and I can't hug my grandson or son in law either. My son in law is a plumber, another high risk for exposure occupation. We visited with my daughter and grandson with my husband and I sitting out in the front yard next about 6 feet away from them in their car. But we had a good visit and talked a long while. We had to make do with air hugs from our grandson and daughter.

    May everyone stay safe and well.

    1. Your situation sounds tough and is why everyone else needs to be careful when out. Good luck with your surgery.


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