Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Nice arrivals

My first library "Zip" book arrived. The latest in the series about Sherlock Holmes and his much younger wife.

I haven't seen the library publicize this program but it is great! The California State Library has the program and local libraries can participate. You put in a request for your library to purchase a book and if they approve that request then it is shipped directly to you to read. In normal times you have 2 weeks to keep the book before turning it in to be put in the library collection but of course right now the library is closed so I have it until they reopen.

I requested another new book which was also approved. You can do 2 a month for a total of 5 a year. Love it.

Amazon also delivered our microwave carbon filter replacement so we just have to open the darn thing back up, remove the yukky one, clean more grease out and put in the new one.

Hubby got the rest of the earthquake proofing cupboard latches he ordered so he has that to do too.

I feel odd finding these deliveries so enjoyable LOL.


  1. I think they have that same program here in MI. I've never used it but it's pretty cool to be the first to read a library book.

    1. it was great to get this just published book too knowing I was able to return it to the library - eventually!

  2. A good book and a few more projects nearly completed brings satisfaction! My husband and I have tried to work on our "to do" list during these long days of staying home, and we're really looking forward to being caught up.

  3. So with this library program, you purchase the book or borrow it? I have long overdue library books that I have renewed online over and over. Our book returns will reopen next week. A step in the right direction.
    I have never heard of a microwave carbon filter. Do all microwaves have them? Wonder where ours would be?
    I learn something everyday.

    1. This is a free to the reader program so the state library and/or mine are buying the book and then it will go into my library's collection (once they reopen). Not all microwaves have the filter - ours is an over the stove vent too. I read about how to change it in the cleaning section of the manual.


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