Friday, May 15, 2020

Good Bye Week 8!

Since I was told I could have my bunion surgery on June 1st it has been a bit of a scramble to get things ready -  and continues to be so.

Managed to get my pre-op primary care Dr. appointment and hopefully they will count that as my annual physical too.

- No appointments available to get blood tests done so went and sat for about an hour to get my blood draw. Some really sick looking folks there and some were still being ridiculous about masks. I've decided to look at it as we are all in pre-school regarding this and some catch on quickly and do what is asked, some rebel by only covering their nose and not their mouth or standing too close to others, and one couple shows up without masks and the excuse that "our masks are in the car" (duh).

- Trying to figure out the minimum I have to do re: club leadership before I am down from painkillers for a week or two. I did postpone the next exec. committee for a week so hopefully I'll be able to think by then.

- Ordered a leg raising thingy from Amazon to keep my foot above my heart for first week or more. I decided I would not stay on a stack of pillows while asleep as I don't sleep on my back usually and would roll over. This should prevent that.

- Added to order a nifty thing to cover that leg when I am able to shower and wide leg crop lounge pants so I have something to wear home that will fit over whatever splint or cast is on my foot and lower leg.

- Also ordered a bed tray/lap desk with legs so I'll be able to eat and watch stuff on my NEW iPad. Yes, I actually broke down and ordered an iPad to entertain myself and do FaceTime and Zoom calls.

- Still have to see if I can borrow crutches, etc. and see how I am going to get around.

- Lots more to do but then I do have time lol. The problem is shutdown lethargy which hits each day midday.

- Anyone else finding their energy is low the longer they have to stay home?


  1. I remember doing similar things just last year before my knee replacement. I used a walker for only a week, but then again, it wasn't a foot I had to walk on. Plus with knee surgery, they want you up and walking. I also had home PT for a couple of weeks. I had that shower thinghy, too. Only used it a few times. I was off painkillers within the first week - just tylenol. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain I had.

    It will be exciting for you when its done and over with and you will be able to walk with no pain. It will all be worth it. I'm excited for you!

    1. Thanks - the swelling will take 6 to 12 months to completely go away but walking will start to come as soon as I get switched to a boot instead of a splint (1 week) or cast (3 weeks).

  2. Hope all goes well and that the time goes fast so you can get this behind you.

    The couple with the masks in their car, I'd have to bite my tongue from asking, "And you don't go back to get them because?"

    1. Indeed. The staff member made them get them before they were allowed in. Check in line was outside so they didn't let people in until there was space and they were masked. Thank goodness.

  3. I hope your surgery goes wonderfully well. We are not open for surgery other than emergency as of yet. I am waiting patiently (or perhaps not so patiently) for mine.

    God bless.

  4. I do not understand people ignoring the need to wear masks--especially in medical facilities. I have blood draws monthly, and the lab I use provides masks and requires that everyone use one properly. It sounds like you're nearly set for your surgery. Sending you positive thoughts as you prep!

  5. At doctor appointment this week, a masked gentleman walked in and up to the reception area and immediately pulls down his mask to talk to the receptionist. Yeah, that does a lot of good, buddy. As a member of the medical office staff, she REALLY should have used that as an opportunity to educate him; but then, she probably didn't want to talk to him any more than necessary.

    Such good ideas in preparing for your surgery. Hope all goes well and that the results are very helpful for you.


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