Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Diary Day 31: Finally something worthwhile to do

In a much more cheerful mood today and even my outfit reflects that.

Part of my mood improvement is figuring out why I've been waking up at 3:30 am. The paper delivery happens then to the houses on each side of us. So this morning I tried getting up and taking the dog out then going back to bed. Two more lovely hours of sleep and a much better mood!

And we had a cheery end to Day 30. Yesterday's mail brought a lovely surprise in the form of mail from our granddaughter. You might remember that we had sent her some Easter bunny coloring pages . We got 2 of them back plus more. She had Mommy and Daddy help her color, had Mommy color a  picture of sunset over San Francisco which is what they see from their living room window when it is a clear evening, and drew us a picture of a flower. She is learning to write her capital letters so she wrote her name and NANA and PAPA but Mommy wrote the note from her. So fun to see her at almost 3 1/2!

This time her note said " I miss you and I love you and would like you to be my best friends when you come to my next birthday." I'm guessing that when she asks when we are coming to visit they tell her that we will be there for her next birthday in mid-November which is a reasonable hope. Perhaps by then the restrictions will have been lifted and we will have the ability to drive all day with at least rest stops open or to be able to fly. Hopefully before then!

Carrying On:

My club gives three $1500 scholarships to local graduating seniors and this year we have 17 applicants. It was so hard to pick last year and this year I'm sure the stress on family finances for many is even greater. The application review and scholarship recommendations need to be done by noon on Friday so I have a good task to focus on for the next few days.

Another beautiful warm day so I started needed pruning. Walked the dog. Mailed younger son's birthday card and check. Emailed a nephew and Atlanta friend. Did 2 loads of laundry.

Hubby did the Trader Joe's shopping as we are going once a week and alternating stores. I do Vons and he does TJs. While he was gone I cleaned the frig, decontamination counter and kitchen counters. I can't get to the point of wiping down each item so we are letting them sit on the "dirty" counter space for set times. 24 hours for paper and 72 for plastic or metal. Of course perishables go into the frig right away. So far we are healthy.

Pleased with California's Approach:

Here are the 6 criteria that have been laid out by the state for relaxing social distancing and what is required to make it happen. I see that it is based upon the WHO's guidance but expanded to actually start a plan.

California's Roadmap to Modify the Stay at Home Order

So no matter how badly I want to hug my family it makes sense to me! Facts & science matter.

And read this to stay strong - Hold the Line


  1. The beautiful weather we are having now is helping so, so much. Yesterday we walked for miles and miles, sat out on our front yard patio afterward drinking sun tea, sat in our backyard before dinner enjoying the sunset, and went upstairs onto our balcony after dinner to look at the stars. More of same today!

    We are likewise splitting shopping chores. Hubby does senior line at Trader Joe's, and I cover everything else. Yesterday I went to Aldi's for the first time in a month, and they finally had a system in place that worked. Only a set number of people allowed in store at one time, and as a result, calmness reigned. so pleased in that their prices simply cannot be beat. Even with eating mote of our meals at home than ever before, we are still coming in under budget. I did note frozen peas were hard to come by this week - is everyone making pea soup with their leftover ham like we are??

    1. I do wish we had an Aldi's nearer to us and am glad they figured out a system that works. Sounds like Trader Joe's. Vons was still not limiting the number but I went during senior hours so it wasn't too bad. I'm curious about using frozen peas for pea soup as I use dry spit peas!

    2. I use this easy and so, so tasty Barefoot Contessa recipe:

      My changes: I use Knorr's chicken bouillon cubes (tasty and much cheaper than buying premade), and I leave out the pancetta and instead drop in my ham bone, plus some additional chopped ham, once I've pureed the peas. It is DELICIOUS. I don't know where all the flavor comes from (the shallots? the garlic?) but it is full of it.

  2. A good night's sleep always makes things better.

  3. We have pretty much the same routine for groceries. Other than that, we only go out of the house to take a well-spaced walk. Nice sweater, btw.

    1. We are walking too both by ourselves and with the dog. Getting to see other human beings that way and maybe have a appropriately distanced chat too.

  4. I honestly think that lifting restrictions slowly is the answer. Glad that your state has a plan to do so.

    God bless.

  5. Lovely outfit! Glad you figured out why you have been waking at 3:00 am. I am struggling to sleep on Sunday and Thursday nights. I think worry for the week to come, then out of worry for the weekend to come.

    So glad you received mail from your granddaughter. Her question of you is adorable. I am missing mine terribly. We were doing well about Facetiming but have slowed down lately.


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