Thursday, April 9, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Diary Day 25: Pink birds and pooch up during night

My absolutely favorite bird from the outfit posts today - the Australian Galah. 

Not much to report today as I am rather tired from being up and down with the dog during the night as she had diarrhea and vomited. I gave her medication and she was fine as the day went on but I was quite tired.

I did get email updates from the friends in Atlanta who were part of my almost 2 decade long book club there. So far they are all fine thank goodness.

And our granddaughter's other grandma sent us a short video and email message from her. This grandma lives close by and is alternating a week of child care between her 2 children's homes so the parents can work more as they all still have jobs. She is giving them a real gift during this difficult time.

Carrying On - A sluggish day of reading, online work for my club and hanging out on a rainy day.

Hope you had a good day! 


  1. It's so hard when we can't get outside, isn't it? Then a sleepless night on top of it? Not pleasant.

    It's amazing how quickly dogs bounce back, though, isn't it? Wish I did same!

    Rain again all day here, so I definitely need to do a session of yoga online or risk losing my mind. Yoga is much harder these days then when I was younger, so a very good replacement when I'm unable to get my cardio dose outside.

    1. You are right about exercise and I didn't get any yesterday. Will make a point to get some today.

  2. What? We don't get to see the outfit for the dress like a bird challenge? I've never seen the Australian Galah before. What beautiful birds!

    1. LOL - It was someone else's outfit but these birds were so amazing!


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