Thursday, April 2, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Diary Day 18: Lots of chats today

Connecting while Distancing - Had 4 good chats today by starting with a Facetime call from granddaughter and DIL. So fun as always. Then I had another board meeting as we had to vote on the charities we are going to support this year, set up a scholarship decision making committee and figure out how to have an officer election by mail. We did it on Zoom and it was so energizing to see my friends faces and hear them too.

Then while walking the dog a woman stopped and chatted. I learned that a nearby restaurant has opened an online market along with take out of menu and bar items with free delivery to my senior community. They are even selling toilet paper and Purell wipes! She also mentioned a nearby farm that will sell you a produce box so you don't even have to get out of the car. Great info and it was a fun, rambling chat.

We made a planned call to one of Hubby's three 90+ year old aunts. This one lives alone and is struggling with health issues as well as loneliness. We adore her and are glad we called.

Carrying On - I am trying to identify three important things to get done each day including self-care. Did our March financial summary, cleaned/reorganized our freezer and gave myself a manicure. Hubby cooked a dinner of sweet-n-sour pork over rice using some of the pork tenderloin I cooked a couple of days ago. Not a bad day.

Thankful for - The love and care in my life.

Hope your day was ok and you are well.


  1. Good morning Juhli. All my neighbours came out on their doorsteps last night at 8pm to clap our fantastic NHS staff. The doctors, nurses, carers, porters, ancillary staff and everyone who place themselves in danger to save lives and help people. We were able to wave and shout across to each other.
    Mike and I did our morning walk yesterday and dropped some bread and a jar of marmalade to a friend who is not able to get out so spoke to her too at a distance. I’m grateful for my health and the ability to still take one daily walk. The weather is improving here and should be quite warm at the weekend so I’m looking forward to being in the garden too.

    1. All certainly things to be thankful for and how nice that you will be able to be in the garden soon too.

  2. Things are just fine here. I am busy, but not too busy that I can't have a couple of walks in the fresh air every day. Knocked on a friends window and waved at her. Talked to my youngest brother who has problems and seems to be doing as well as expected.

    Tomorrow I am looking forward to sewing a dress. A new pattern for me so it will be a slow go for awhile.

    God bless.


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