Sunday, March 15, 2020

March Week 2 - Club Meeting, Fixing Things, Cancellations & Closures

As the month goes on my routine scheduled socializing thins out. This week I did have the March meeting and luncheon for my service and social club and it was fun as usual. I made honey glazed roasted carrots with 10 pounds of carrots for 26 people who RSVP'd! No drop off in attendance from the Coronavirus pandemic so far, but I expect that will change as the number of identified cases in our area rises.

The program was "The Harvey Girls" about the Harvey House Restaurants that employed young women in the late 1800s. The speaker's Aunt worked as a Harvey Girl starting in 1930.

And I was officially nominated to be the club President for the next 2 years. The outgoing President seems way too happy to not continuing LOL.

Otherwise, definitely too much time at home and an increase ahead I am afraid. Cancellation of interesting activities has started here. The local OLLI program has cancelled all classes for an unknown time period. My HOA closed our little gym. We are discussing whether or not we should have our April club meeting if we can figure out how to put more space between people.

I will do what helps protect others and flatten the infection curve based on science. Wish we had enough tests to actually know what the real infection with symptoms rate is!


I'm calling him The Handyman Hero for this one. The washing machine wasn't moving on from running water to fill up at the start and had an error code. He figured out it was a filter where the water enters the washer that was clogged up. He cleaned it, put it back and the washer is working fine again thank goodness!

I happened to look inside on of our grocery bags and realized how long it had been since I washed them. All done now.

The dog also needed cleaning so she got a bath and was quite happy about it.

Finally scheduled the carpet cleaning for next week.

Saw the Podiatrist only to find out I need to schedule bunion surgery on one foot. No answer as to how far in the future it might be safe to do that and/or not cause capacity problems. I'm thinking end of May or June?


$209.30 is the amount the dentist's office say the overcharged us and need to refund. Strange as we are there every 6 months so they could just apply the amount, but we will take the refund.

Got my $100 of Amazon gift card for turning in exchange for Southwest Airlines miles.

Completed the census online and was disgusted that they still ask for "race" and then require you to enter something for ethnic origin. I should have put American LOL.


  1. Funny you should meeting washing your grocery bags. I am going to the store day---the last time for at least a month---and I'd already decided I'm washing my bags when I get home. We are all going to have very clean houses when this is over.

    1. I agree that our houses will be clean but those who are working from home and/or have children home from school will have the opposite situation I suspect.

  2. We've been using this forced home stay to clean up the yard. But our yard isn't that big. So I don't know what we'll do after a couple of more days. Guess I'll put washing grocery bags on my bucket list!

    1. I always forget to do them and they do get grungy inside.

  3. Amazing. I never thought about cleaning my grocery bags. Duh. Definitely putting that on my things to do during a pandemic.


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