Sunday, March 29, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Day 14: Are we ready for week 3?

Is anyone else finding themselves having deeper than usual discussions with family and friends?

Connecting while Distancing - Had a long chat with both my SIL and brother who live in NH with children living quite a distance from them. Then went over the dog care instructions I created with my son and DIL. They brought up gathering together medical info for easy access, etc.

Carrying On - I'm trying to set some intentions for each day hoping to make them seem more purposeful. I think the longer this lasts the more "normal" it will feel and the harder it will be to find purpose and meaning in each day. A work in progress.

Today I spent some time on planning a few days for dinners and making sure I knew what was perishable and had to be used up. Also looked in the pantry for those purchased for a recipe and not finished up ingredients and will look for ways to use them.

I see the federal Covid shutdown guidelines now are extended to April 30th but yesterday I heard Bill Gates say that the models his foundation's experts are using suggest it will be the end of May at the earliest before relaxing the restrictions makes sense. That is a long time but necessary for lives to be saved.

Thankful for - 

A beautiful sunny day and being able to get outside for a nice walk with the dog.
A family to love and be loved by.
A hummingbird sighting.

My County's Data -  109 cases up from 83 yesterday and another death for 4 total.


  1. I like your diary-form covid-19 format. If this lasts until May---and I believe it will---I hope they allow lawncare people to doe their jobs.

    1. Yes, that would be helpful for them and you. In the meantime might there be a teen or young adult you know who would like to at least mow for you for some pocket money and a chance to be outside?

  2. We stay in close contact with our kids and we, too, have had some deep conversations. Not fun, but necessary. I listen to all the news reports and realize we might be in for a long haul. The other side of me is hoping and praying for a medical breakthrough to treat the virus. My son reminded us that the virus could mutate and be less harmful, also. We can still hope!!

    1. Hope is good emotion to have right now along with the ability to persevere and adapt. Glad you have had those conversations.

  3. I did something new for me yesterday, I was told a group I am a member of was meeting using zoom that night and I succeeded in joining in. We all laughed a lot and it was good to see people instead of just phone calls or texts, etc. So this isolation is pushing us to do and learn new things, and I hope the best new things will remain part of our lives in future when the crisis is over.

    1. I agree both on the learning new things and hoping that connecting more and more deeply continues. I worry about those who are pulling back and not communicating much though I do understand.

  4. Staying in contact with the ones we love is extremely important at this time. Our oldest was lamenting that he would not be able to get home for Easter. I told him we would do a Facebook talk as we hope to be up at our youngest sons.

    If it saves lives and stops this virus or gives our health workers a bit of a rest I will stay social distancing as long as it takes.

    God bless.


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