Saturday, March 14, 2020

A big list of ideas of what to do while at home

  • Pick a topic you'd like to learn about and spend 30 mins each day on that topic
  • Bake something every day
  • Write a letter and/or emails to a different friend or family member each day OR call them and chat
  • Learn about the plants & wildlife (from bugs on up) in your yard. Get binoculars and learn about the birds near your house, look them up on google and search for their birdcalls on YouTube
  • Write a short story, poem or children’s story & illustrate it.
  • Learn how to do simple book binding.
  • Make paper (from your old mail!)
  • Do yardwork or playing games outside.
  • Board games, card games, jigsaw puzzles
  • Adult coloring books or extreme dot to dot books (1400 dots)  
  • Lots of reading
  • Play with the dog, give them a bath and brushing
  • Working on learning to sew using stuff we have on hand. 
  • Sew, knit, crochet, embroider
  • Fix something
  • Make something 
  • Learn how to make a stuffed animal
  • Really clean and organize your space.
  • Any and all art.
  • Exercise at home. Use YouTube videos for yoga, Zumba, Pilates, strength training, etc.
  • Dance to a dance along video on YouTube
  • Check out Pinterest for ideas for activities, games, etc. 
  • Have a popcorn + movie marathon
  • Declutter toys! 
  • Learn about a different area and plan a real or virtual trip there.
  • Try new walking or running routes staying a safe distance from other people!
  • Learn to cook something new! Dig through cabinets and figure out recipes for that thing you got at the grocery store and thought "this is interesting surely it can be used for something!" And then make it!
  • Audible!
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum and then make art in the style of what you saw or write about it


  1. Love this list. I think my issue us I need to make a schedule since I usually count on my engagements and workout schedule and such to create it for me. With all the things I hav ed to do I've literally done nothing nut sit or sit and read for 2 days. I may challenge myself to do a " what I did today post" every day for awhile.

    1. I think a schedule is going to be essential for me too. I went for a walk in the light rain this morning, have completed the census, called two relatives who are pretty much shut in and made brownies so far. Plus too much time on the internet!

  2. I've been writing more and doing more yard work. Now I have to go learn something.

  3. Thank you for this. So difficult to concentrate on anything apart from the news at present. I am really in a quandary at the moment about my Mum who lives in an assisted living facility 250 miles away. She is panicking and thinks she has the virus, says she feels weak and sweaty but not having difficulty with breathing or coughing so I think highly unlikely. They are talking about going into lockdown this week. Mum normally self cares but I am worried that being stuck in her flat for 3 months might get too much. I am thinking of going and collecting her to stay with me from tomorrow. Whatever you are do8ng, take care and stay well x

    1. Such a difficult situation you face with your Mum. My question would be to consider where she would get the best medical care both for ongoing issues and if she does get sick. And what I would do to provide her with care if I got sick.

  4. Great list, Juhli! Another thing I'm doing is meditating/contemplating/praying whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed or fearful. I'm definitely going to take the virtual tours you listed for us. Thanks for adding the links!! Best wishes for you and your family to weather the days ahead!

  5. This is great! I am going to print it and put in on our fridge.

    1. Glad it helps - modified from a list for how to keep children occupied.


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