Monday, November 18, 2019

And now for the fun 3's!

Wednesday is actually our granddaughter's birthday although her party was this past Sunday. And tomorrow is Hubby's 67th! A fun, happy week.

Since we were gone for 6 days it took a day to recover and get the house reset plus ourselves and the dog rested up lol. We aren't too old for this yet but we sure were tired by the time we got home as was the dog who just didn't get in all those lovely dog naps.

So 2 days of driving - enough said. The reward was a granddaughter who was jumping up and down with excitement that we were at her house when she got home from school!

Thursday and Friday we worked through our "to do" lists alone and with our son who took the days off. He and Hubby installed a water hammer preventer thingy on the washer pipe and got it all leveled. Sounds easy but it is a stackable set in a very tight space. Then they dug out a drain pipe that comes from under a sidewalk, cut off the broken part, cleaned out all the composted leaves that were blocking the drain, installed a new extension and it works! Some yard trimming too.

I raked lots of leaves, did lots of dishes, went grocery shopping with our son, prepped food and kept the pets all happy and fed.

Saturday more food prep (did I mention my DIL is a major donor non-profit fundraiser and loves to plan and put on events?), the arrival of older son and DIL and creating party activities, etc.

Sunday I declared I was tired and went to watch our granddaughter at her pre-school gymnastics class which was a delight. Then came back and took a nap! Nana gets to take a break.

The party was a blast with lots of kids running around in the back yard doing activities, great food mostly an extensive taco bar and then the some-mores cake! The whole theme was around the show about Spirit the horse and her girl Lucky plus their other horse and human pals. A brave and resourceful girl gang.

We all had "Spirit" names from the game created by older DIL (check out her Etsy shop at Ice Breaker Printables for party name games for the holidays).

Our younger son started an Etsy shop too selling the large wooden serving platters/chacuterie boards he made (marks and daughter shop). He sold the first one 25 hours after opening the shop which was fun as we were all there to see him do the photo shoots and get the shop up and running.

The birthday girl had a grand time and no tears this year! In fact all the kids seemed to have a good time. So much noisier and more active than the 2 year old party.

Our and their dogs enjoyed hanging out during the visit as usual and the cat even made several appearances. She hisses at our dog (who likes cats and is gentle with them) and who she has known for at least 6 years. This time our dog just looked at her and kept walking. The cat backed up so it was a statement not a threat!

All in all a success. Now back to everyday life.


  1. Sure was a lot happening over there this week. It takes me a while to get my land legs back after a trip but you guys jumped right in. Sounds like a wonderful party and the Etsy shop sounds like a great idea. I'll keep it in mind for any gifts I might need.

    1. Thanks! I have to admit I am running on empty this morning.

  2. What a wonderful visit you all had! Love that you all, including the dog, had a good time.

    That cutting board is awesome.

    1. The dogs are so sweet together - old friends that they are they just hang out. They played wildly when young though.

  3. I am glad a grand time was had. The cutting board is lovely.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks! He has also made some lovely furniture for them and has much more planned.

  4. Three is suuuuch a fun age! But oh my but don't they have non-stop energy. 😅

    You are so fortunate to be within driving distance of your granddaughter, I'm a bit envious I confess. We'll see our girls next week, but if they were within driving distance we'd see them twice as often!

    1. Yes, the energy level at the party was VERY high but no little guest had a tantrum or cried so that was a step forward from last year LOL. I think you see your girls about as often as we see ours though I know your trip is longer and more expensive. Wish they were all down the street for us.


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